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A Quick Note To Our Readers: Travel Clock Edition

A Quick Note To Our Readers: Travel Clock Edition

To Everyone In The HODINKEE Community,

Some of you may not know who I am, so I need to take this second to present myself. I’m Eneuri. I’ve been perusing HODINKEE since 2011 and have been important for the group for a very long time presently driving tasks as our COO. I work intimately with Ben – who all of you probably know – and Russell – the head of the HODINKEE Shop – to manage our developing company with an end goal to give the most ideal experience to you, our perusers and allies. I contact a tad of everything around here, from article to restricted version activities to the shop. I’ve met a you few at our meetups and H10 occasion, and I desire to meet a greater amount of you in person some time or another soon. 

I’m here to discuss something we did a week ago that has hit a nerve with some of you. We dispatched a restricted release clock and, indeed, you have considerations on it! At this point, I would expect nothing less.

We’ve spent the most recent couple of days tuning in to your feedback and, in the soul of straightforwardness, we figured we would compose this letter and answer a portion of the inquiries you have.

But first, we need to furnish you with some background on how this item became. However long I’ve known Ben, Stephen, Jack, and the soonest colleagues of HODINKEE, they’ve generally discussed the amount they cherished those mid twentieth century collapsing morning timers made by any semblance of Asprey, LeCoultre, Cartier, and then some. To such an extent that there are a few of them lounging around our office. It’s for some time been a fantasy of our own to resuscitate this idea, however with our own contacts and sensibilities. So for quite a long time, we tried to discover somebody that could assist us with doing this. At that point, one day we did.

During an outing to Switzerland a few years back, a couple of us were adequately fortunate to meet with the great people at L’Epée 1839 . You may know them as one of the most seasoned Swiss-made clockmakers and for making the absolute most wonderful time machines on the planet. They’re the folks behind those stunning clocks with Max Büsser and the overly cool vehicle clock we expounded on a year ago. You can find out about them here and here . 

The L’Epée Time Fast D8 Clock.

During that gathering, the discussion prompted what an undertaking among HODINKEE and L’Epée could resemble, and we cooked up something that would address our adoration for everything vintage, reconsidered in a cutting edge way. En route, we found that L’Epée knew about only 96 developments, made by Pontifa, left over from a venture by another significant brand that they had helped organize a very long time previously. These developments were out of creation, never to be made again. Also, we realized we needed to get them.

The early plan renderings.

And so the possibility of the HODINKEE Eight-Day Travel Clock was conceived. We went through hours examining travel clock plans from the 1920s and 1930s. We planned a spic and span case to house the developments – one that was more powerful than those from the only remaining century. The thirty or more year-old developments were dismantled, overhauled, and reassembled. We sourced leather and different materials from a portion of the top providers in the business. We needed to refresh the whole feel of the clock, so as opposed to doing a current typeface, we worked with the astonishing Jonathan Hoefler, seemingly the world’s most noteworthy typeface originator, to utilize his then-unreleased Decimal. It was, obviously, a completely new typeface planned with motivation from twentieth century watchmaking . 

The caseback with winding stems.

The whole thing was designed and built by hand in Switzerland, similarly as it ought to. The convey cases, which are made of high-grade shell cordovan leather, were hand-sewed in the USA, again completely uniquely crafted for us to fit this object.

In short, similar to each other HODINKEE marked item, we attempted to make something uncommon and smart. What’s more, we are truly glad for the outcome. What’s more, founded on how quick it sold, we realize that a few people feel the equivalent way.

So with that background, we should get into a portion of your most as often as possible posed inquiries about the HODINKEE Eight-Day Travel Clock Limited Edition.

The dial utilizing the Decimal typeface by Jonathan Hoefler.

No one can travel at this moment, why a “travel clock?” 

As I referenced, this undertaking was conceived years prior, and the main bunch of clocks was conveyed to us in January of this current year. Like the remainder of the world, there was only no real way to realize what was in front of us in 2020. And keeping in mind that large numbers of us are not voyaging now, we long for the day when we can. It was in that soul that we dispatched the clock. On the whole truthfulness, it was not our plan to limit the more significant occasions happening internationally. What’s more, while the clock was enlivened by movement, it is surely not restricted to being utilized when voyaging. Additionally, it very well may be difficult to accept, yet we’re a little company. What’s more, we truly simply needed to get these out to the world.

The hands – made in Switzerland for this item only.

How’d you come to this price?

We invest a ton of energy pondering and creating one of a kind items at different value focuses in light of the fact that we really accept that there are extraordinary brands accomplishing astonishing work in each value class in our industry. A portion of the feedback we’ve gotten over the course of the years is that our restricted release items are too limited, thus a couple can appreciate them. So we attempt to walk a scarcely discernible difference of offering items that we could all appreciate, while simultaneously appreciating genuinely recondite and specialty corners of the watch world.  

We comprehended this item would not be for everybody. Rather than doing a mass item with computerized fabricating in Asia, we settled on a choice to do a little bunch creation run utilizing a development we thought was unique, gathered by hand in Switzerland by perhaps the most inventive companies in the business. There is no economy of scale. This sort of specific creation isn’t reasonable to execute. View a portion of their other products…

The case for this clock didn’t exist, and must be re-designed and created for only 96 units. 

OK fine, yet for what reason did you turn comments off on Instagram?

That was an error. We chose to kill the comments not on the grounds that we needed to quiet your feedback or stay away from negative comments. Indeed, we’ve left comments open on each post since, and you haven’t kept down! We have additionally built up a truly vigorous community stage here on this site where you can openly leave your comments and feedback however you see fit! That incorporates analysis of the item and us, on occasion. This is not normal for most other media sites in this industry and those contiguous, and we love that you draw in with it.

Our thinking for killing the comments was two-crease. For one, we genuinely needed everybody to pass judgment on the movement clock on the benefits of its uniqueness. In past supported content and restricted version posts on Instagram, we have eliminated the comments to permit the community to make up their own psyche on in the event that they like it or not. Notwithstanding, we have not been steady with the comment evacuation, and that is on us. Yet, a piece of our main goal is to urge new individuals to join the watch diversion and community. What’s more, once in a while, when the comments turn dreadful, we don’t feel that is extremely welcoming to newcomers. This should be fun, after all. I imagine that is truly imperative to remember.

Secondly, a portion of the comments basically went excessively far. Before, we’ve seen comments go from honest prodding (which we’re absolutely cool with – you can’t work with a person like Jack and not expect a couple of jokes to a great extent) to individual assaults against our colleagues, and that disapproves of us. We don’t uphold digital harassing. While we are altogether up for a conversation, in any event, when it is reproachful of us, the idea of the internet, specifically Instagram, will in general dehumanize individuals, and none of our colleagues pursued that. It additionally doesn’t help this diversion one bit. 

In knowing the past, there would have been no chance to get for you, our community individuals, to realize that, and we might have made a superior showing clarifying our reasoning. We comprehend that activity conflicts with one of the rules that makes HODINKEE incredible, which is considering an open trade of thoughts. Later on, we will be more insightful before we make that sort of move. Notwithstanding, we will keep on eliminating any comment that we consider as scorn discourse or digital tormenting, of us, or anybody in our community.

OK, yet what might be said about items for everyone?

A reasonable point. In any case, kindly recollect that the prior week we dispatched the clock, we dispatched a $170 Swatch and a $40 Flik Flak. Same group, same site, same shop. See, you know us and what we do. Our central goal is to help make the individuals who couldn’t care less about watches like them, and the individuals who like them love them. We adore and expound on watches all over the value range. Same for the watches we sell in the shop. An update: We put a couple million expressions of watch content into the world each and every year, regardless of whether you purchase a tie, watch, magazine, or clock from us by any means. We cover the entire space, start to finish, much the same as we have from day 1.

That said, we realize that occasionally insight can be reality. So realize that we acknowledge your feedback, and in the event that you do feel this path about us, we trust you offer us a chance to alter your perspective. As we look forward to the restricted versions coming in the not so distant future, we have put forth a cognizant attempt – in view of your past feedback – to make more available items. We are amped up for the pleasant stuff we have coming. Also, we figure you will be too. 

OK, so what next?

So how about we have an exchange. We have been working for quite a while on a superior route for us every one of us communicate, so kindly don’t hesitate to drop your feedback either in the comments, or you can email us at community@hodinkee.com . For those that email us, we will start facilitating every other month meet-ups (by Zoom for the present) starting this Wednesday at 4:00 PM facilitated by our Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Russell Kelly.

And on the off chance that you at any point need to share your feedback straightforwardly with me, I’m paying attention. You can contact me at eneuri@hodinkee.com .

With appreciation, 

Eneuri Acosta

Chief Operating Officer

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