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And Now, A Message From Ed Sheeran

And Now, A Message From Ed Sheeran

Editor’s Note: At the day’s end, HODINKEE isn’t anything if not an energetic community of watch sweethearts and fans. On the off chance that we are doing things right, this community is persistently developing – yet sometimes an authority of specific note goes along with us, and in this manner spreads that energy to a much bigger crowd. Today is one such time. If it’s not too much trouble, give a good welcome to a four-time Grammy Award-winning artist/musician, and watch fellow, named Ed Sheeran. Indeed, that Ed Sheeran.

Hello there, I’m Ed. I’ve been gathering watches since I was 20 years of age. Before then I had Swatches and so forth, yet I never truly knew the degree of watch gathering. I met a DJ at a celebration when I was 19 – he had a vintage some random thing on, and when he revealed to me the value, I thought, “That won’t ever be me. Why for heaven’s sake would you spend that sum on a watch?”

I’ve consistently been somewhat reluctant to do anything public about my gathering, since it’s very close to home and private to me. However, through John Mayer , I’ve become acquainted with Ben at HODINKEE throughout the most recent couple of years, visiting to and fro over email, and this seemed like the initial consistent advance into a relationship with the website.

As I said, the main watch I purchased was the point at which I was 20. I had recently released my first collection in September 2011; it had done very well, and I was on visit in Hamburg. My visit administrator had a TAG Heuer Monaco (precisely like the one Walter White has in Breaking Bad) – and I looked at it that day in Hamburg, and him saying to me, “Each man needs a decent watch. You ought to get one.”

Sheeran wearing the IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVIII Edition “HODINKEE.”

I didn’t actually understand anything about watches, so I went to a watch store, viewed, discovered one I liked, at that point discovered the cost, got put off right away, and left the store.

Throughout the visit, I continued pondering the watch, and ultimately convinced myself it was a coincidental, one-watch-for-life sort of thing. So whenever I was in Hamburg (which was around a month later, doing Christmas advancement), I went to the store and got it. It was a Hublot Big Bang (signal watch stiff necks commenting) – and I love it. I wore it for the whole visit – at that point in America, Australia, and Asia. Wherever I went on the principal leg of what was then the beginning phases of the Plus visit, which ended up continuing for two-and-a-piece years.

Anyway, this was me: I was set; I had my one watch forever. Until December 2012. I played a Bat Mitzvah in New York for a companion’s girl. There was no expense for the gig, as it was for a companion, however as a thank you, he gifted me a watch. It was a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A – which is still, right up ’til the present time, my top pick and most worn watch. I wore it on my wedding day. It’s simply awesome. 

An A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk purchased while visiting in Germany.

The IWC Big Pilot Sheeran purchased for his 22nd birthday.

I thought nothing about Patek, however before long wound up in a hare opening of the Internet, discovering increasingly more about them. And afterward I met John Mayer – who steered me along these lines and that in gathering, educating me on everything horology. He enlightened me concerning vintage stuff, about things with a Tiffany stamp, brand history, pieces uniques. The rundown goes on.

Since then I have purchased watches for huge events or pivotal things that have happened in my life and vocation. I can pinpoint each watch to an extraordinary second in my life. An IWC Big Pilot for my 22nd birthday, or a Patek Philippe 5004 for being nominated for my first Grammy. Numerous recollections and numerous watches, yet they are for the most part comparably exceptional and hold similarly as much meaning.

JS Watch Co. Sif North Atlantic Rescue Timer.

Sturmanskie Gagarin Vintage.

One thing I love doing on visit is discovering free watch brands from the nation I’m visiting, and afterward wearing them for the length of the visit in that country. Like JS Watch Company in Iceland, Sturmanskie in Russia, or a greater brand like Lange in Germany. It gives me a buzz doing it, and feels discreetly like accepting a country in my own mystery way.

The watch I wore most on the Divide visit was a Bamford Nautilus 5726A. I realize it’s wrong to pimp out a Patek, yet it truly is cool. 

What’s the story behind the watch? I met my melodic legend, who inspired me to begin playing guitar when I saw him on TV at age 11. I will not name him since I realize he enjoys his security. I realized he was a major watch gatherer, so I got him a Bamford 5726A uniquely designed before I met him, with his initials on the dial. Somewhat outrageous, I know, yet I was extremely excited to meet him. At any rate, after I’d offered it to him, I decided to return to Bamford and have the very same one made, however with my initials on the dial. From that point forward it’s become practically my principle visit watch, generally on the grounds that it’s a similar model as my #1 watch, however holds less nostalgic incentive than the first. It’s fantastic.

Sheeran’s Bamford-customized Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726A, complete with “E.S.” on the dial.

I like being an under-the-radar authority, however I generally get the odd individual I end up gathering out and about, who’s additionally into gathering, advising me to do a Talking Watches. Also, I guarantee I will one day, I simply feel odd about it. Watches can be used by many individuals to flaunt, and despite the fact that I realize I have a couple “hello, see me” watches in my assortment, I truly simply love all various sorts of brands and complications. Watches keep on intriguing me and mark dates and accomplishments of my life.

I trust whoever is perusing this has enjoyed it. It’s absolutely out of my comfort zone, however I’ve enjoyed composing it. Much obliged Ben, and everybody at HODINKEE, for the magnificent work you do. I love perusing everything.

Keep an eye out for me on Talking Watches – when the time is right.



P.S. I had a specially engraved Tudor Black Bay made for each and every one of my visiting group on the visit for the last gig – and it is at present my ordinary watch while off visit. There’s around 80 in presence, which I believe is very cool. 

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