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Announcements An Update On Vintage Watches At HODINKEE

Announcements An Update On Vintage Watches At

Hey folks, Ben here. It’s been a moment, I know. Yet, I needed to require a subsequent today to impart to you a few changes – I accept for the better – to how HODINKEE handles something that is important to me, and the hearts of a significant number of my partners here, and surely you, our perusers – vintage watches. 

Vintage watches are at the actual center of this company. They were, after my granddad’s Omega , my first love in quite a while, and from various perspectives, it was the tutoring I mastered considering vintage watches without anyone else for those numerous years that instructed me to have the eye that I do on the whole types of gathering. Past that, the community that encompasses vintage watches is pretty much as dynamic as any – and as I’ve said ordinarily, the thing I am generally glad for following 12 years of HODINKEE has little to do with the actual watches, and altogether to do with the home that we’ve helped work for the time being a huge number of individuals simply like us. Also, having said that, I need you to know that all of these progressions we’re reporting today is an immediate consequence of tuning in to you, our dear community. So what’s going on here? How about we get into it.

What You See Is What You Get

Three blue-chip vintage watches, from three of watchmaking’s top brands, all accessible now in the HODINKEE Shop .

More vintage watches, more straightforwardness, more input. At the point when we dispatched our online vintage watches program in 2016, we needed to take care of the issues of the day – vendors expecting you to get in touch with them to ask about a cost, or make a buy. Individuals disregarding what was wrong with watches with interesting verbiage. What’s more, to be honest, an absence of accountability. 

We think we helped push the whole market to be more spellbinding and more fair about what a vintage observe truly is, and our “Things To Love” and “Things To Know” on every individual piece – a plain, legitimate appraisal of the great and the bad of each watch – is as yet something we get astounding input on. Since there’s nothing of the sort as an ideal 50-year-old watch – and that is alright! The scratches and wounds are all essential for what makes vintage watches intriguing. On the off chance that you need a mint condition watch, purchase a spic and span one. It’s simply that simple.

You’ll discover what we love about each watch…

…and what you should know about it on each posting – regardless of what.


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We've Expanded Our Team

Since 2016, we’ve recruited more picture takers, essayists, and specialists to assist work with excursion the vintage division considerably further. Presently helmed by the stunning Logan Baker (ex-WatchTime), Brandon Frazin (ex-Christie’s), Saori Omura (ex-Antiquorum), and oversaw by the man himself, Mr. Russell Kelly (ex-Tudor/Rolex), you were unable to request a superior group to guarantee the highest caliber of watches, narrating, and administration. The measure of checking that each watch experiences by Brandon and Saori is out and out noteworthy – and all that we sell is supported completely by us. You’ll never be left in the breeze should something turn out badly. Which, coincidentally, it can, on the grounds that these are abnormal old watches! Furthermore, that is OK. On the off chance that something turns out badly, we need you to know our group is behind you, and without a doubt, our whole occupation is to fulfill you. You’ll see much a greater amount of that to come soon.

One of the complaints we hear regularly is ‘I need to purchase a vintage watch from you, yet when I get to the shop every Wednesday, they’re completely sold out.’ 

That sucks, and trust us, it’s not by design.

With our extended group, we’ve chosen to up the amount and nature of the watches we’ll be offering available to be purchased on the web. We’re doing this since we’ve tuned in to you, and the interest is there. Indeed, one of the complaints we hear regularly is “I need to purchase a vintage watch from you, yet when I get to the shop every Wednesday, they’re completely sold out.” That sucks, and trust us, it’s not by plan. However, with the degree of detail we go into for each piece, it was preposterous to expect to put up additional looks for sale to the public with the degree of checking we demand. Presently, with our extended group, we can. So there will be more watches with more noteworthy assortment than any time in recent memory. Simply hold on to perceive what we have below.

We select each new lash that is combined with a vintage watch in the HODINKEE Shop by hand, since, for what reason wouldn’t we? 

We Want To Hear From You

Oh, and on the straightforwardness thing. We know you folks have considerations. Loads of them. On everything. Also, we know you love to get them out into the world. So beginning today, every time we drop some vintage looks available to be purchased, the comments are on, infant. The objective here isn’t to permit a stage for squabbling or inconsiderate comments, a certainty of in a real sense all computerized stages across the world, but instead to take part in significant exchange that pushes the discussion and grant of watches forward. More comments, we accept, will prompt a more noteworthy comprehension of watches in general. 

Buying a vintage watch online can be intimidating. 

That’s the reason we need to show you each angle. 

So you can purchase in confidence.

Every time.

With the extended combination of vintage observes every week, our group of editors will moreover be dealing with some more vintage-weighty content for you. We know the kinds of stories you love, and you’re going to get a ton of them. Profound jumps, Reference Points, and so on. It’s all coming to you soon.

But before we do that, we should discuss today. Since we’ve felt free to locate some remarkable looks for you, going from high to low, and all very special. 

This Week's Highlights

A 1950s Vulcain Cricket In 14k Yellow Gold

First, we needed to praise a watch we’ve discussed for 10 years in addition to on HODINKEE as something we simply love – a Vulcain Cricket. You know, the watch of Presidents, and perhaps the most enchanting vintage keeps an eye out there. This one is imperative in that it’s strong 14k gold, and genuine. It’s more modest at 34mm, however so beguiling, and exceptionally exquisite. Additionally, the sound of the caution is simply magnificent. You can investigate this Cricket right now in the HODINKEE Shop .

A 1960s Zenith Cairelli CP-2 Chronograph For The Italian Air Force

We at that point go into a watch that we actually accept has far to go regarding appreciation and worth – the Zenith Cairelli CP-2. As you probably recall from the story we composed numerous years back, this is a genuine Italian Air Force-gave watch, and this specific model is only executioner with a solid case, profound caseback inscriptions, and pleasant matured dial, hands, and bezel. You can study this Cairelli, here .

A 1960s Heuer Carrera Ref. 2447N 'First Execution'

To balance it, we should discuss all out blue-chip, leader vintage watches. In the first place, we have one of my number one chronographs ever, the mid 1960s Heuer Carrera Reference 2447N. This watch, as expertly nitty gritty by our old buddy Eric Wind in this 2013 story , has such a lot of character and appeal, also mind boggling quality and incentive in it, it’s an unquestionable requirement for a genuine vintage chronograph gatherer. As we’ve frequently said, this watch is a lot of an early Daytona 6239 by an alternate name. This one, obviously, has the first unsigned crown, similarly as it ought to. See it for yourself .

A 1974 Rolex 'Red' Submariner Ref. 1680 With Box And Papers

Next, what’s more blue-chip than a Red Sub? What about one with a thick case, a unique collapsed 9315 arm band, unique inward and external box, and PUNCHED ensure card (little tip for you – written by hand papers on a vintage Rolex are acceptable, punched papers are GREAT). This watch has the perfect look, and it tends to be yours today .

A 1960 Omega Speedmaster Ref. 2998-1 With Tropical Dial

Finally, how is it possible that we would at any point talk vintage watches without a KILLER Omega Speedmaster? Indeed, this person includes the amazing 321 type. Indeed, this is a 2998-1, also called the actual establishment of the Speedmaster as far as we might be concerned, and this one is complete with uncommon base-1000 bezel, unique arm band, remove from the Omega Archives, a substitution gem and the first precious stone, totally exquisite hands – and did I notice the dial is an exceptional shade of dim chocolate earthy colored? This is a fantasy Speedmaster, and one we are excited to offer to you all in the HODINKEE Shop .

Stay Tuned

These watches aren’t all we have for you, yet they’re a portion of my undisputed top choices during the current week (you can look at the remainder of the current week’s setup, and the entirety of the vintage observes at present accessible in the HODINKEE Shop, here ). Once more, we trust that the expanded consideration we’ve given to vintage watches, just as the way that we currently support input on all that we do openly underneath, is something you folks appreciate. Goodness, and don’t think since we’re increasing the game on vintage that anything will change on the cutting edge side of the house. We have some mind blowing things coming to you very soon. I’d give close consideration to this space on October 27 in the event that I were you …

Until next time,


Questions? Send us a note , or let us know in the comments. Need to sell your watch through the HODINKEE Shop? Snap here


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