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Announcements Omega Opens New Museum In Biel, Switzerland

Announcements Omega Opens New Museum In Biel, Switzerland

In 2019, the watch world turned its concentration to one significant piece of Omega’s set of experiences in watchmaking and how it meets with space investigation and mainstream society (which you can find out about here and here ). Yet, as you begin taking a gander at this brand, it isn’t some time before you notice that the lunar landing, NASA, and the Speedmaster Professional are only a piece of Omega’s story. Since 1984, the company has worked a museum, which is available to general society and assembles a considerable lot of the main watches and ephemera from significant minutes in it’s famous past. Under the bearing of Omega master Petros Protopapas, the Omega museum is effectively among the most comprehensive and vivid watch museums on the planet, and an absolute necessity stop for any watch lover visiting the city of Biel. Presently it has another home.

Omega has formally opened the freshest cycle of the museum in Cite du Temps, Swatch’s recently introduced corporate base camp in Biel, Switzerland. The structure was planned by Japanese star planner Shigeru Ban, who likewise planned Omega’s best in class fabricate, additionally in Biel, which opened only a few of years ago.

The new museum not just exhibits large numbers of the main watches from Omega’s set of experiences, including those claimed and worn by world heads of state and U.S. presidents, yet in addition offers vivid encounters intended to bring guests into a world that goes past watches worn on the wrist and reaches out to Olympic games, film, and television.

Visitors can likewise run along a nine-meter track outfitted with Omega’s Official Timekeeper innovation – a similar tech used to time olympic style sports occasions in the Olympics, and they can even get a printout of their “near tie,” taken at the specific second they cross the end goal. Another display drenches guests in the Omega wristwatches worn by James Bond, beginning with 1995’s Goldeneye. What’s more, a gigantic copy of the restrictive, George Daniels-planned co-hub escapement assists guests with seeing how this extraordinary system, which mixes the upsides of the detent and switch escapements, makes Omega observes more powerful and accurate.

For more on the new museum, visit Omega on the web .

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