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Auctions Antiquorum Sets Three New Rolex World Records

Auctions Antiquorum Sets Three New Rolex World Records

This past Sunday, Antiquorum held its Important Modern & Vintage Timepieces sell off in Geneva. The occasion end up being very earth shattering, setting three new world records for a threesome of vintage Rolex models. The record-setting watches were a rose-gold Oyster Chronograph 6034 from 1955, a COMEX Submariner 1680 from 1979, and a Mark II Red Submariner 1680 with a tropical dial from 1969.

This is anything but an aggregate accomplishment, but instead three particular and individual world records set for every one of the previously mentioned references with each watch far beating closeout gauges. Presently, no one can really tell how a watch will perform at sell off, so it is frequently best to project fairly unobtrusively. For this situation, every one of the watches surpassed the evaluations by a serious sound edge. How about we investigate every one of these pieces and the individual records they broke. 

Ref. 6034 Oyster Chronograph in 18K Rose Gold

It isn’t regularly you see a rose-gold 6034 appear at sell off. We last saw a comparable model, claimed by Eric Clapton , available to be purchased a few years back, however appearances of this reference in pink gold are genuinely rare, and the bartering costs are hard to foresee. The past record held for this reference was from Christie’s “Night of Exceptional Watches” from 2017 where it acquired $552,500 (around CHF 525,600). That watch, nonetheless, was a treated steel example. 

Now, at this past Sunday’s bartering, this specific 18k rose-gold model was assessed to go anyplace from CHF 250,000 – 350,000. It wound up selling for CHF 600,000 which, as is clear from the title of the article, is another world record, surpassing the past record-holding steel model by about CHF 75,000.

Just to show how seldom these models spring up, a rose-gold 6034 was available to be purchased numerous years prior – in 2006 (preceding the hour of the iPhone) –   as a component of the “Mondani Collection of Rolex Wristwatches.” around then, the watch – fitted to a calfskin lash –  brought in CHF 137,700. 

Needless to say, this new illustration of a pink-gold 6034 is an extraordinariness on the closeout circuit, and its cost is the most elevated for any 6034 reference in any material. The 6034 reference – otherwise called a “pre-Daytona” –  serves as the participant into what might become the notable Cosmograph/Daytona cycles of the Oyster Perpetual Chronograph line. This specific watch was introduced at the bartering in “Concours” unrestored condition, which is evidenced by the trademarks on the carries and on the rear of the case and which are uncommon to see as they would typically blur with wear. The dial has a decent patina and highlights dauphine iridescent hands. The watch sports a gold bolted arm band with no closure joins, in full vintage style. The general state of this 6034 in rose gold unquestionably addresses the last world-record deals price.

Ref. 1680 COMEX Submariner from 1979

Who doesn’t cherish a COMEX Submariner? These stepped dial variations, made for the French Compagnie Maritime d’Expertises, have demonstrated to be endlessly collectible as the years progressed. The watches are a quite incredible illustration of the force of the stamp, as the actual watches were made for a specific subset of jumpers with a specialization in submerged designing. It is far fetched (in spite of the fact that I’ll never say never) that any gatherers of these watches have utilized them for their unique expected purpose. You additionally may recollect that in the absolute first scene of Talking Watches, John Mayer gave us a gander at a COMEX Submariner 1680 from his own collection.

Now, regarding records set at sell off, we should initially think back to 2008 when a Rolex COMEX Sea-Dweller 1665 sold at  Antiquorum’s Evolution deal in New York for $248,800. In any case, on the off chance that we are talking explicitly COMEX-dial Submariner 1680’s, the realized record happened in 2014 at Christie’s , where the watch acquired CHF 191,000. This carries us to the record-setting model from Sunday’s Antiquorum closeout, which sold for CHF 524,000 –  more than twofold the standing record for a COMEX Submariner 1680.

It is said that just regarding 60 instances of the COMEX-stepped 1680’s were at any point delivered, making them very uncommon. Adding to the extraordinariness is the way that, of those 60, large numbers of the watches were overhauled and the dials supplanted with standard non-COMEX dials. This specific watch is novel a few reasons. To begin with, it was never utilized for plunging. Clearly, it was intended to be, however it never made it into the water. Additionally, this watch had the first punched guarantee card, an accompaniment only occasionally seen among COMEX-stepped watches since they were ordinarily held by COMEX and never given to a definitive proprietor. Obviously, this is an uncommon illustration of an all around really uncommon watch. Here and there, it takes an ideal tempest to establish a precedent, which gives off an impression of being the case here. 

Ref. 1680 Mark II Meters First Red Submariner

It would be a huge misrepresentation of the truth to announce that the Red Submariner is an attractive watch. You need look no farther than the actual watch to perceive any reason why – that inconspicuous red content basically lifts the watch to an alternate stratosphere. The Red Sub was the main emphasis of a Submariner with a date and was delivered from 1969 – 1973. For a watch with something of a short creation run, it has various variations, making it one of the more collectible watches in vintage Rolex. When available to be purchased, it is the slight varieties that can have a genuine effect. Strangely, we don’t need to look excessively far into the past to see the last exorbitant cost for a Red Submariner 1680. 

Almost simultaneously with this closeout, at the Geneva Watch Auction: XI, Phillips brought this very reference home at CHF 72,500 . Inside what seems to have been one day’s time, Antiquorum checked on the planet record at CHF 103,750 with this tropical model. Presently, this may appear to be a huge spread regarding the distinction between the consequences of these two watches, yet this specific Red 1680 has some remarkable properties which add to its record-setting cost tag. 

The entire watch, bezel, and dial have matured to a uniform tropical earthy colored patina. The watch includes a Mark II dial, which is connoted by the meters first setup underneath the Submariner wordmark. Other Mark II pointers are the open number six and the stretched “f” in “ft.” This specific watch comes complete with right punched Chronometer certificate and its unique period-right fitted wristband from 1971. One thing we should note, nonetheless, is that the bezel doesn’t give off an impression of being unique to the watch. The posting at Antiquorum for this part, incorporates a “save blurred bezel embed” which is by all accounts the genuine unique bezel. The case number given by Antiquorum is indistinguishable from that given by a posting at Phillips from 2017 , which seems to show the watch with its unique bezel; the outcome at Phillips for this watch was CHF 52,500. 

Times are odd, and it truly is a wonder that in the midst of incredible vulnerability in the watch world – and this present reality, besides – that three world-record-setting Rolex deals would happen all the while in a similar sale. It is reckless to coat over exactly how independently exceptional every one of these watches is regarding condition and individual extraordinariness, so it is difficult to blame the outcome here. On that note, in any case, with regards to vintage Rolex jump watches, the high-dollar deals costs quite often will in general go toward early plated dial emphasess. These two 1680 models are not overlaid, yet in addition matte dialed with dates. Previously, these would have been fairly unfortunate from a closeout viewpoint, which talks considerably more to the meaning of the costs they acquired. Adding to the entirety of this is a report from Rolex Passion Report – yet unverified  –that Rolex may have contributed to the aftereffects of this sale having straightforwardly offered on, and effectively won the offering for, both the 18k rose gold 6034 and the COMEX Submariner 1680. While we don’t know without a doubt if this did to be sure happen, it positively stirs up the flares of energy and interest encompassing the record-breaking weekend. 

Now, an “un-plunged with” COMEX Submariner 1680, a Tropical Red Submariner, and a 18k rose gold Oyster Perpetual 6034 is no assortment to laugh at, so these three pieces are without a doubt deserving of their recently delegated titles. Obviously, records are intended to be broken. According to how rapidly the Red Submariner, for instance, set the new world record, the truth will surface eventually how long these three pieces will hold every one of their individual mantles. Until next time.

Editor’s note: This story has been refreshed to mirror the way that the Antiquorum parcel 345 was likewise sold at Phillips in 2017 and that the bezel in the Antiquorum posting isn’t unique to the watch (the first bezel embed was incorporated by Antiquorum in the sale).

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