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Auctions Christie's Sets World Auction Record For A Yellow-Gold Cartier Crash

Auctions Christie’s Sets World Auction Record For A Yellow-Gold Cartier Crash

With a gauge of $70,000-$90,000, a 18k yellow gold Cartier Crash offered at Christie’s has set another sale record, hitting a noteworthy $225,000 before expenses. The deal occurred the previous evening and, gratitude to a few high-performing parcels, Christie’s added up to nearly $7.75M while praising a small bunch of records – including one from the offer of this notorious model from Cartier. 

This explicit Crash traces all the way back to 1990 and incorporates both box and papers. Being of the previous assortment (pre-1991, however its guarantee was dated in February of 1991), this crash is 43mm long (post ’91 models utilize a refreshed case that is 38mm long), has “London” on the dial and, similar to all such Crash models, was sold only by means of the brand’s London shop. Curiously, regarding conceivable Crash esteems, this model probably exists some place in the center scope of potential outcomes in spite of being a record-setting deal. It gets a critical knock for being a pre-1991 43mm model, in any case, being a particularly late model, it doesn’t share precisely the same dial plan as the first that was dispatched in 1967. 

An illustration of the previous dial plan (left, picture given by Eric Ku) and (right) the 1990/91 record-setting Crash sold by Christie’s. 

To comprehend the allure (and estimation) of the more established dial plan, I contacted the Crash-Whisperer himself, watch seller and super gatherer Eric Ku , who advised me, “The outcome accomplished at Christie’s shows the expanded interest in vintage Cartier pieces, particularly like the Crash. Had it been a ’70s or ’80s variant with the first style dial, it might have effectively done almost twofold the outcome.” So, an incredible outcome for the Crash, yet doubtlessly there is gigantic potential among the prior (and more extraordinary) examples. 

Given the overall uncommonness of the Crash, comparable outcomes are restricted. Not exactly a month back, at Sotheby’s November 11 “Significant Watches Featuring Masterworks of Time” sell off, a 1991 Paris model (some portion of the 400 unit restricted release) sold for CHF 90,720 . In 2012, Sotheby’s sold a 1989 model (nearer to that appeared here) for $43,750 . Returning even further, in 2005, Sotheby’s sold a 1986 Crash for $39,000 . Taking a gander at a more present day result for a London model, Phillips offered a 1987 Crash in October of 2017, and it sold for $175,000 . 

As with numerous vintage watches, on the off chance that you think once again into the mid 2000s, evaluating was, by comparison to later outcomes, low. All things considered, the Crash – particularly pre 1991 London models –  has been moving for pretty much 10 years. The previous outcomes at the Christie’s deal just affirm that the market is more than prepared to work in the six-figure domain with regards to the Crash, however the truth will surface eventually where the roof truly sits for these positively lively and perpetually collectible weirdo Cartiers. 

Click here to see the parcel posting.

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