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Auctions Philippe Dufour Simplicity No. 100 Sells For $662,698 At Sotheby's Hong Kong

Auctions Philippe Dufour Simplicity No. 100 Sells For $662,698 At Sotheby’s Hong Kong

Yesterday, I educated you concerning another restricted release arrangement of Simplicity watches from Philippe Dufour and referenced that a couple of the OG adaptations would be sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong only a couple brief hours after the fact. Indeed, the sledge has fallen, and kid are the outcomes fascinating. Notwithstanding what their assessments determined, the two watches blew past records for Simplicities sold at closeout, and the 34mm Simplicity, number 100 in the arrangement, acquired a totally unimaginable $662,698 at current trade rates (5,136,000 HKD). The 37mm Simplicity, which initially conveyed a higher gauge, likewise got huge dollars, selling for $455,217 (3,528,000 HKD). Like I said: Very interesting.

That “N.100” looks quite extraordinary on the development, doesn’t it?

It was just four years back that the absolute first Simplicity sold at sell off, so this market is incredibly youthful, in light of everything. In November 2016, three instances of the Simplicity came to sell inside a 48-hour window, however they introduced three unique setups of the watch: one was 37mm in white gold, one was 37mm in rose gold, and one was 34mm in white gold. From that point forward, we’ve seen the market have a solid inclination for the bigger white-gold pieces, henceforth the equilibrium of the appraisals for the present deal in Hong Kong. Be that as it may, it would seem that having the option to seize no. 100 was excessively charming for gatherers (recollect, the Simplicity was initially expected to be a progression of only 100 pieces, so this would have been the last watch), driving the cost of the 34mm watch higher than ever. That is to say, that “N. 100” looks pretty damn cool on the development, doesn’t it?

The question you’re presumably asking right presently is how this affects the market on Simplicities all the more for the most part. Also, frankly, I don’t think the no. 100 outcomes mean much by any stretch of the imagination. This is an exceptional watch, and I think the cost is for the most part down to that. Perhaps assuming no. 200 or no. 1 were to show up at sell off, it may have some effect, however else, I figure we can regard this as an edge case. The outcome for the 37mm white-gold watch is the thing that we ought to be focusing on. It addresses just about a half expansion in cost when compared to the two 37mm white-gold models sold at Phillips a year ago (both sold for around $325,000, here and here ), and we’re beginning to draw near to the watch multiplying in an incentive since the first sold at closeout in 2016. 

Ultimately, I think the offer of the 37mm Simplicity discloses to us more about the market.

If you had asked me yesterday what the presentation of 21 new Simplicities would never really sell off market for the first models, particularly when declared only a day prior to two of them hit the square, this certainly isn’t the outcome I would have anticipated. I presumably would have disclosed to you costs would remain for the most part level, particularly given the more extensive worldwide setting at the present time, yet this simply demonstrates that occasionally gathering watches isn’t pretty much as clear as it would appear. One thing is clear: Demand for amazingly extraordinary watches like these two is as yet solid and gives no indications of easing back down. It will be intriguing to check whether this substantiates through the remainder of the 2020 sales – fortunately, we will not need to stand by long to discover out.

For more, check out the full outcomes from Sotheby’s most recent Hong Kong deal right here

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