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Auctions Single-Owner Rolex Submariner 'Explorer Dial' 5512 Sells For Over $250,000

Auctions Single-Owner Rolex Submariner ‘Explorer Dial’ 5512 Sells For Over $250,000

An unique proprietor Rolex Submariner 5512, Explorer Dial, coming available to be purchased is anything but a normal event, so when one shows up in the wild, it is definitely newsworthy. One such watch, purchased by a coal excavator from Nottinghamshire England 56 years back for a simple £70, came up at closeout at Gardiner Houlgate out of the U.K., and just sold for £217,000 (well more than $250,000). The evaluations for the deal went from £150,000 – £250,000, so it fell at the higher end. The hammer cost was £175,000, with the bigger sum mirroring purchaser’s premium and other related fees. 

According to the closeout posting, the proprietor of the watch was brought up in London. During World War II, he was recruited as one of the alleged Bevin Boys, who were youngsters picked by lottery to work in the coal mineshafts in the North of England as a feature of the war exertion (The name is taken from that of Ernest Bevin, who was Minister For Labor And National Service). The posting further shows that he bought the watch from Watches of Switzerland in London on December 22, 1964, as a 40th birthday celebration present to himself. At the point when he passed in 1995, he left the watch to his girl and child in-law, where it remained in the family until this deal. Remembered for the sale list for this watch was a variety of photographs of the first proprietor and his Explorer Dial Sub. This is one of those sorts of stories you barely at any point hear anymore.

Photos of the first proprietor and his Explorer Dial 5512.

The causes of the Explorer Dial Subs date back to the mid-1950s with the reference 6200, known for its enormous crown and no crown monitors (for a profound plunge into everything Submariner, including Explorer dials, Stephen’s Reference Points is an unquestionable requirement perused and an absolute necessity watch). We have seen a couple of instances of Explorer Dial 6200s in scenes of Talking Watches with both Mark Haddawy and John Mayer . You may likewise review a specific seven-figure offer of a reference 6538 Explorer Dial Submariner back in 2018. Pioneer Dial Subs were additionally delivered in both the reference 5513 and 5512. Strangely, the greater part of the 5512 harvest of Explorer Dials were made for the U.K. market, which positively clarifies the watch that just sold here. The entirety of this is to say that Explorer Dial Subs in any reference – yet particularly the 5512 – are incredibly rare.

Explorer Dial 6200

Explorer Dial 6538

Explorer Dial 5513

Speaking of which, I think the idea of this deal (regarding provenance and extraordinariness) puts it soundly in the class of a portion of the more insane discovers we have covered. I’m considering the LeCoultre Deep Sea Alarm found in a container at Goodwill for $5.99, or the later Antiques Roadshow scene with the unworn Paul Newman 6263 Daytona . Exactly when we think we have seen everything, something different comes along. In the case of nothing else, this is an incredible anecdote about a very much cherished watch. 

Photo of the very  Rolex Submariner Explorer Dial 5512 sold at sell off this week.

For more about this watch, and the whole sale, you can make a beeline for Gardiner Houlgate’s site for the full index . 

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