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Best of Watchville What's The Attraction To Mesh Watch Bracelets?

Best of Watchville What’s The Attraction To Mesh Watch Bracelets?

Over on Quill & Pad, Elizabeth Doerr has written a fascinating article around perhaps the most famous kinds of watch wristbands for enthusiasts. When I saw this story on Watchville, I quickly tapped on it. While I’ve never claimed any watches on cross section wristbands, otherwise called Milanese arm bands, they’ve for quite some time been a subject of my advantage and curiosity. 

I figure a Milanese wristband can add a scramble of old-world, dapper appeal to pretty much any watch. When I think about this kind of arm band in its optimal structure, I will in general envision it protecting a vintage chronograph with siphon pushers to my suntanned left wrist, just under a moved material shirtsleeve, as I pilot a wooden speedboat down a significant length of Lake Como. Or I think about the late Gianni Agnelli, one of the most sleek men of the only remaining century, who wore his Omega Seamaster Ploprof over a shirtsleeve.

The quality and cost of  mesh arm bands can change significantly; they can come on watches costing as little as a couple hundred dollars and as much as two or three hundred thousand. What sort of work goes into making a fine cross section arm band? What are the starting points of this slick watch frill? Elizabeth answers these questions in an article that makes them need to search out and purchase a watch with this kind of arm band so as to appreciate it this summer. 

Check out the article over at Quill & Pad.

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