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Breaking News A Prototype Patek Philippe Aquanaut Sells For CHF 401,000 At Antiquorum Geneva

Breaking News A Prototype Patek Philippe Aquanaut Sells For CHF 401,000 At Antiquorum Geneva

Heading into this closeout season, there was no watch that trapped my consideration more than this model Patek Philippe Aquanaut offered by Antiquorum. The watch sort of had everything –  tons of interest, all around interest, and a great deal of characteristics that would make it a close ideal tempest for the present gatherers. I spent the most recent couple of weeks asking fundamentally any individual who might say something their opinion about it, and you can find out about my discoveries here . The TLDR adaptation is straightforward however: There was no reasonable agreement and individuals I confide in said everything from “this will be the watch of the May 2019 sell-offs” to “it’s a phony and I’d never advise somebody to offer on it.” I really had no clue about whether it would sell for huge cash or pass altogether.

Well, today we got a touch of clearness, with the watch selling for a sum of CHF 401,000 (approximately $396,000) soon after 6:30 PM CET as Lot 726 . There was around 15 minutes of offering before the sledge dropped at CHF 330,000, with the greater part of the offering after CHF 100,000 coming from two individuals (I was watching on the web, so I don’t know precisely what their identity was). Keep in mind, the gauge on this was CHF 50,000-80,000, so that is an over-execution of in excess of multiple times the low gauge. To the extent I’ve seen, this is the principal watch this end of the week to go insane like that.

One thing to remember with this watch, similarly as with all special and abnormal pieces, is that it’s significant not to extrapolate the outcomes excessively far. Does this imply that the market will be more tolerating of rarities with not exactly wonderful documentation? Does this imply that Aquanauts are going to shoot up in worth? Does this imply that there are more bizarre Patek models out there standing by to be found? The response to those is a profoundly qualified “perhaps.” What we gain from this deal is that this watch, and just this watch, was viewed as genuine and exceptionally attractive by a small bunch of gatherers and, accordingly, it brought huge money.

Now we simply need to keep a watch out how the reestablished Rolex ref. 6062 at Christie’s tolls tomorrow…

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