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Breaking News Four Of Jean-Claude Biver's Patek Philippe Watches Fetch $8.76 Million At Phillips' Geneva Auction

Breaking News Four Of Jean-Claude Biver’s Patek Philippe Watches Fetch $8.76 Million At Phillips’ Geneva Auction

Back in February, Jack broke the news that watch industry legend Jean-Claude Biver would leave behind four totally staggering Patek Philippe watches from his own assortment by means of the Phillips Geneva Watch Auction: XI. All things considered, in spite of a COVID-related deferral, the last mallet just fell at the deal and kid did these watches command some genuine coin. The four watches sold for a combined complete in abundance of $8.76 million. Wow.

Alright, how about we separate this somewhat more. The main watch to sell was the pink gold 1518 with the pink gold dial, as parcel 38 . There are just nine instances of the alleged pink-on-pink 1518, and this is the solitary known model with blued hour and moment delivers spot of the typical gold hands (these are believed to be a custom solicitation from the first proprietor, who needed something higher differentiation for simpler perusing). This watch sold for $3.57 million all-in (CHF 3.38 million), which is an exceptionally solid outcome. Considering the way that a “typical” pink gold 1518 is a $1.5 million watch and that the keep going pink-on-pink guide to sell freely acquired $2.3 million at Phillips in December 2019,  this isn’t anything to laugh at. The last half-decade has been thoughtful to costs for such watches, with a pink-on-pink with a coordinating arm band having for CHF 1,445,000 at Phillips in May 2015. While this is a record for a pink gold 1518 at closeout, there is as yet one 1518 to have outperformed it: the incredible steel 1518 that sold for $11 million at Phillips in 2016.

Next up we saw the littlest watch of the bundle, a 31mm ref. 96HU worldtimer, pull $408,805 (CHF 387,500) as part 64 . This is an outstandingly uncommon watch, with just two all out models known, including the watch you see here. This is an early Patek worldtimer, fitted into a little ref. 96 Calatrava case. It unquestionably shows its age, yet there are a wide range of cool little interests with this one (notice that the urban communities ring shows London and Paris in a similar time region – Google it). It’s hard to sort out how this bartering result affects the more extensive market, just on the grounds that there truly are no comps at all. The best anyone can hope for at this point is to glance back at past outcomes for the two watches, which, oddly, both sold in 2011: The watch you see here got $482,500 at Sotheby’s New York only a couple a long time after its accomplice got CHF 411,000 at Christie’s Geneva (it’s presently in the Patek exhibition hall in Geneva). I’m a little astounded that the cost on this watch plunged this way, particularly looking at that as a Patek worldtime pocket watch sold for CHF 1.16 million only two parcels prior , yet the writing is on the wall. Now and then everything you can do is shrug.

It feels exceptionally bizarre to call this incredibly lovely 2499 “the most un-energizing watch” here, yet that is a demonstration of how totally crazy this group of four of watches is. This yellow gold, second arrangement 2499 is a shocker, with an amazingly sharp case, and today it sold for $2.74 million (CHF 2.6 million) as parcel 155 . Of the multitude of watches here, this watch likewise has the most purposes of comparison –  but that can now and then be more confounding than supportive. The 2499 came in four diverse arrangement, every one of which additionally has miniature in-arrangement contrasts, and regularly the watches brought to sell have extraordinary qualities, twofold marks , and other separating components. The current watch is an exceptional model, in incredible quality, and with significant provenance. Phillips’ Aurel Bacs noted as he commenced the offering that this watch went into today having recently established the world precedent at the greatest expense accomplished by a yellow gold, second arrangement 2499 – and with the present outcome, it has set that record a third time.

And, at long last, we have the last part of this current end of the week’s deal: the platinum ref. 1579 chronograph with insect hauls. As parcel 214 it pulled in a last cost of $2.05 million (CHF 1.94 million). This watch is somewhat of an ideal tempest: It’s a vintage Patek chronograph, it’s a remarkable watch (just three were made, all with various dials), it’s platinum, it’s in incredible, legit condition, and it comes from the assortment of Mr. Biver. You can’t actually look for considerably more than that. To consider what was happening on the planet in 1946, in the wake of World War II, and to believe that Patek thought to make this absolutely liberal, standout watch, is simply insane. In view of that, a $2.05 million outcome is clearly nothing to laugh at, however it is important that the last time a platinum 1579 sold openly, at Christie’s in 2012, it commanded CHF 1,539,000. The last time this 1579 sold, at Christie’s in 2011, it sold for CHF 1,987,000. Along these lines, this is actually an increment in worth, however I was anticipating that the bidding should climb a little higher. 

Now, those of you who have been following HODINKEE for quite a while might recollect that three of the four watches sold this end of the week have been highlighted on the site previously. Jean-Claude Biver shared the pink-on-pink 1518, the yellow gold 2499, and the platinum 1579 as a feature of his Talking Watches route back in 2014 . In the event that you need somewhat more setting for these watches and need to get Biver’s own interpretation of every, I energetically recommend you look at that too.

To look at all the outcomes from this present end of the week’s deal, visit Phillips on the web .

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