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Breaking News Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime For Only Watch 2019 Sells For CHF 31 Million, Becoming The Most Expensive Watch In The World

Breaking News Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime For Only Watch 2019 Sells For CHF 31 Million, Becoming The Most Expensive Watch In The World

Well, this is a major one! In front of Only Watch 2019, occurring right now in Geneva, there was theory that the one of a kind treated steel Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime ref. 6300A may become the most costly wristwatch to at any point sell at closeout, and incidentally, that was very much established. It simply occurred. The watch, with its two dials, reversible case, and 20 complications, sold for CHF 31,000,000, formally making it the most costly watch in the world. 

This watch selling for enormous cash isn’t an astonishment by any stretch of the imagination. Verifiably, Patek Philippe watches perform especially well at Only Watch, and the most recent couple of years it’s constantly been a Patek selling at the greatest expense of the bundle. In 2017, the last Only Watch closeout, an irregular ref. 5208T (a fantastic complication in titanium) sold for CHF 6.2 million . Two years before that, an extraordinary, tempered steel ref. 5016A brought CHF 7.3 million, which, at that point, made it the most costly wristwatch on the planet. (From that point forward, the record has been broken twice – first by a treated steel ref. 1518 out of 2016 and afterward again by Paul Newman’s Paul Newman Daytona in 2017 .)  We could return much further, as well, with a titanium ref. 5004T selling for almost $4 million out of 2013 and a steel ref. 3939A selling for almost $2 million of every 2011. You get the idea.

Until only a couple minutes back, the crown for “world’s most costly watch” was held by an alternate Patek Philippe, the Henry Graves. Jr. Supercomplication , which sold for $24 million at Sotheby’s Geneva in 2014. It’s amusing that these two watches share a great deal for all intents and purpose, while likewise being totally different. The most costly wristwatch until today was the previously mentioned Paul Newman Daytona that had a place with Mr. Paul Newman, which pulled in $17 million when it sold in 2017. Regardless of your point of view, the present outcome is a major one.

There have been various records set, broken, and broken once more in the course of the most recent couple of years, yet this one is clearly the granddaddy of all. It’s intriguing that the watch that is held the crown for quite a while was a pocket watch from the 1920 and it was at last unseated by a cutting edge, remarkable complication, additionally from Patek Philippe. This is the first run through the record is held by an advanced watch, in any event in late memory. Nonetheless, with regards to the record for being the most costly wristwatch, it’s somewhat more nuanced. As verified over, the record was held by an alternate novel Patek, which was unseated by an uncommon vintage Patek and a special, provenance-driven vintage Rolex in turn. That the title has been retaken by an advanced watch – and an interesting adaptation of Patek’s most complicated piece –  isn’t too amazing. The pendulum has quite recently swung back the other way.

Until today, this was the most costly watch in the world.

Now, this watch is a polarizing one. A few people love it, some people…don’t. On the off chance that you need to get some more knowledge into precisely what this watch is, the reason it sold for a particularly critical whole, and where it finds a way into the setting of Patek Philippe assortment, look at my involved report from a week ago .

Impressions from the Auction Floor

The offering up to around 20 million was a race, at that point it eased back down to a legitimate deadlock, tightening up… and up…and up. It went from a drumroll to a consistent, moderate, beat. Unmistakably a significant segment of the group was just in dismay. However, that didn’t make any difference to the bidders. They were completely connected with; the salesperson realized that nor was able to withdraw. Furthermore, that was simply in the room. Each couple of seconds a call would come in and raise the stakes significantly more. The state of mind bobbed between anticipation, at that point energy as it broke all assumptions, at that point tension again as the barker choked up the degree of fuel to the fire that was made by the offering war. 

Oddly, nothing occurred as the piece took off right by the $17.8 million imprint. I examined the room expecting a horde of confounded countenances gazing back. Nothing. It seemed like people realized what may have been coming. 

The higher it went, the more contributed the group became. It had figured out how to quietness the steady soundtrack of gab that generally occupies the room. When it went to CHF 28 million a couple of cheers and salutary applauds interspersed the progression of the closeout until it seemed like everybody got comfortable with the possibility that this would have been the most costly watch ever sold

When I gave the watch a shot the other week I didn’t build up an enthusiastic association with it immediately – yet who cares, on the grounds that there was an outright excess of it in the room when this Patek Philippe set a world record. 

You can see all the outcomes from Only Watch 2019 here. We’ll have more inclusion live from the deal coming to you later today.

Editor’s Note: A prior form of this story reference an inconsistency between the sledge cost of the watch and the cost appeared on Christie’s site. The Christie’s site has since been refreshed and now mirrors the right price.

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