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Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC Watch Review

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC Watch Review

Since the presentation of their most punctual watches back in 2005, Christopher Ward has been making extraordinary steps to bring to the table variety, capacity, and quality in the items they produce. At the very center of their line-up is the Trident assortment, a group of watches that has developed to incorporate an apparently endless choice of jumpers, GMTs, and chronograph watches. In all honesty, it’s somewhat disgusting to genuinely attempt to keep up yet in any event, in my brain, the Trident will consistently be a plunge watch and one that has truly gone all the way for Christopher Ward. This late spring, the brand presented the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC, a restricted release jumper that is probably as simple as you can get while considering a portion of the new models in Christopher Ward’s index. Yet, with 2017 basically remaining as the undisputed year of the plunge watch, should you truly mind all that much?

Right now, the greater part of you are presumably nonchalantly clearing your path through this audit without really thinking about it. Some of you may very well avoid through it, perhaps looking at the photographs and not in any event, perusing this part. You probably won’t know how you arrived – the web is an unusual spot, I get it. Be that as it may, a great deal of you (I know you’re out there) can hardly wait to enlighten us concerning the amount you scorn the new Christopher Ward logo and you may even have a portion of your best images bolted and stacked for the comments segment. Indeed, dread not. We’ll get to that in a touch yet for the present, I need to state that by and large, I’ve made the most of my experience with the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC and believe there’s a ton of significant worth to consider here.

On paper, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC may be the principal watch from the brand that truly provoked my curiosity. Beforehand, I had thought that it was hard to move past a portion of the brand’s tasteful decisions, yet the greater part of the watch’s plan components really agreed with me. Also, the watch is powerful, really very much built, and pulls off a cool difficult exercise of serving its wearer as a pleasant instrument watch and a dressy jumper. Quite a bit of this is because of the wristband and case development, which we’ll get into now.


At 43mm wide, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC’s 316L treated steel case is practically at my breaking point regarding size – except if we’re looking at something like a Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days , which I’d absolutely wear given the opportunity. It’s both brushed and cleaned with a fascinating flare to the hauls that bend down and put forth the defense size sensible. While the bezel – with its zirconia clay embed – doesn’t actually distend past the case limits, I discovered it a delight to work and I’m really appreciative for this plan decision. Every reformist and material “click!” is as brilliant as the following one in its 120-click arrangement, which is something I’ve been very condemning of in my watches lately.

Water opposition is 600m and I’m discovering this increasingly more comical subsequent to seeing how insane far certain brands are taking the subject of water protection from. By and by, it’s a comforting indication of solidness in our watches, if we like to let it be known. At 104g, you truly feel it on your wrist yet fortunately, the watch is adjusted enough that I could wear it for extensive stretches without feeling any strain. The caseback was additionally flawless, with a profound trident etching that would frequently have an effect at the highest point of my wrist. Perhaps I wear my watches excessively close? At last, Christopher Ward finishes it off with a level sapphire precious stone that has in any event a solitary utilization of AR-covering and a decent red emphasize at the 12 o’clock bezel pip. I wasn’t sufficiently valiant to truly mishandle the scratch obstruction of both the bezel and the precious stone, yet I’m certain they’ll perform well under intense conditions.


Here we go… All things considered, I really found the dial of the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC to be more neat than I at first envisioned. Splendidly cleaned, dainty twirly doo hour markers on a white dial with semi-cleaned hands seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen. In any case, I didn’t wind up having an excessive amount of trouble rapidly perusing the time. My main thing from the dial must be the guilloche wave design. This sort of extravagant, ostentatious completing isn’t generally something I care for in watches living under “apparatus” umbrella yet I found the execution unobtrusive enough that it was satisfying each time it figured out how to get my attention. It likewise took me some time to warm up to the Christopher Ward handset in general – a turning trident on my watch can feel somewhat gimmicky. In any case, something about the red form of the seconds hand felt, kinda cool, and truly flies with the assistance of the white dial.

Both the hour and moment hand include Super-LumiNova SLN-T-C1 and conveyed a delightful sparkle in obscurity. They likewise expand a ways into their own relating tracks, so you never truly need to speculate at what you’re taking a gander at. The more basic I am of this, the more I understand that a huge load of watch brands are simply making their hands excessively short. Over at 3 o’clock, we have a pleasantly incorporated day/date window with a cleaned opening. No complaints here (I’m not actually a date window hater) and it was consistently amusing to observe the day and date component fit properly directly at 12 PM. It’s in reality beautiful boisterous, yet satisfying.

Dial text is no frills, with “Chronometer 600m/2000ft” down at 6 o’clock and the fresher Christopher Ward logo at 9 o’clock. Presently, this logo has been the subject of the absolute most warmed conversations I’ve ever seen since getting into watches. I can say that I likewise fall in a similar camp that discovers it, a touch of disillusioning. This isn’t really on the grounds that I think that its sluggish or shoddy. I super preferred a portion of the more seasoned emphasess of the logo and would’ve jumped at the chance to see Christopher Ward stay with something. This gets significantly additionally confounding when you consider a portion of their fresher watches that, don’t even truly have ‘Christopher Ward’ on the dial. I simply don’t get it. However, truly, it doesn’t destroy the watch for me to where I sense that I need to seethe vomit on some web discussion, profound fry my console, and eat it. We as a whole realize that Christopher Ward has the capacity to deliver great watches (you’d know, on the off chance that you dealt with one) and I essentially think these are simply developing torments. It’s a youthful brand that I’ve been eager to follow and they’ll hit the nail on the head, eventually.


The wristband is a zone I thought I’d be frustrated with however I was immediately refuted in the wake of wearing the watch long haul. I’m not normally one for cleaned focus connects but rather on the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC, they just fit. Is anything but an overly high clean, yet a level of cleaning that fits perfectly with the case and other brushed components found all through the watch. Measuring wasn’t awfully troublesome however I would have liked to see screw-set connections on a watch in this cost range.

It’s additionally 22mm, tightens to about 20mm, and has a pleasant three-overlay catch. Here, Christopher Ward additionally incorporates a jump expansion component, which is something you never truly will in general focus on until you at long last use it during every day wear. Everything fits and there’s a pleasant combination with the case. My lone complaint – and this could be exceptional to the press test I was furnished with – was a periodic squeaking sound coming from some place on the arm band as I’d move my wrist around. This isn’t actually a serious deal, yet something I saw in the wake of wearing the watch for a while.


Powering the watch is an ETA 2836-2 tried and ensured by COSC to perform inside the scope of – 4/+6 seconds out of each day in various positions and temperatures. They even remember the COSC administrative work for the bundling, which is a pleasant touch. I can likewise like the extra cost that Christopher Ward brings about when sending these developments for testing and affirmation. It isn’t actually a drive-through cycle and thinking about the watch’s value, I think Christopher Ward is giving a valiant effort to convey something significant here. Just 200 of these watches are being sold, so it’s apparent that the brand is sending developments over in little groups for COSC certification.

There isn’t a lot to state about the ETA 2836-2 that hasn’t been said as of now. It’s trustworthy and the additional COSC accreditation settles on it a strong decision for the Trident, or any watch (I did it! I didn’t state “workhorse!”). Specs are plain as potatoes however I’ll simply say that it’s a beautiful average ETA development with 25 gems and a 4Hz operational recurrence. Force hold is 38 hours. There’s no tenacity to the crown activity, hacking and hand-winding turn out great, and the example I was endowed with ran at around +2 seconds out of every day. Not awful. This is actually what I’d need in a plunge watch.


Like a great deal of more youthful brands, Christopher Ward has a long, difficult task coming up for them. With no old-world watchmaking history or brand provenance, each and every move they cause will to be met with impressive investigation on account of incredibly, basic aficionados. Yet, isn’t that the most ideal approach to become your brand?

Aside from the issues I called attention to, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC was a satisfying watch to wear. Certainly, I’d change a few things, however in the wake of perusing their list once more, I think this is the plunge watch worth hopping on in case you’re interested about getting into the brand. Perhaps it’s the bulky case, hyper-responsive bezel activity, or the arm band’s bank vault construct quality. Whatever it is, I met the watch with a grin each time I peered down at my wrist, regardless of whether I was looking at it through a basic focal point. What’s more, as dressy as it seems to be, this thing would execute it on a NATO or one of the fancier elastic ties Christopher Ward offers through their web store. The Christopher Ward C60 Trident Day Date COSC is restricted to 200 pieces and at present accessible at the cost of $1,100.  christopherward.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Christopher Ward

>Model: C60 Trident Day Date COSC

>Price: $1,100

>Size: 43mm wide

>Would commentator by and by wear it: Yeah. This thing’s a money making machine with roll wheels.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Dive watch sweetheart that’s disappointed with today’s microbrand contributions and looking for an incredible worth piece with a fun design.

>Best normal for watch: COSC-ensured development, weighty case development, in addition to the look and feel of the watch’s zirconia fired bezel.

>Worst normal for watch: Logo text, noisiness coming from the wristband, and the polarizing handset.

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