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Culture Of Time Why 'On The Rocks' Is The Watch Movie Of The Year

Culture Of Time Why ‘On The Rocks’ Is The Watch Movie Of The Year

“I had him followed. Do you know where he came from the other evening? 52nd and 5th…It’s Cartier.” 

That one line, spoken by Bill Murray in Sofia Coppola’s new Apple TV+ film On the Rocks, makes way for a romping father-girl frolic through moneyed Manhattan, with emblematic watches conspicuous at each turn.

Rashida Jones stars as Laura, an essayist who presumes her significant other’s engaging in extramarital relations – a suspicion abundantly empowered by her father, a New York workmanship seller and socialite played by Murray. The plot rotates around Laura’s birthday, and the two watches she gets as presents. It’s about fathers and girls, married couples, and the progression of time – how our lives essentially change. There’s no more excellent item to show those thoughts than a watch (or for this situation, watches plural). In any case, Coppola’s content – she composed the movie in addition to guiding it – didn’t generally indicate the specific make of the watches. For that, she required a prop master.

Director Sofia Coppola (left) wearing a gold Cartier Panthère on-set while working with the movie’s stars, Rashida Jones and Bill Murray.

Which is the place where David Schanker comes in. In spite of the fact that not a watch fellow himself (“It’s simply essential for the film cycle for me,” he says), Schanker unquestionably realizes how to pick them. He and Coppola worked together to pick numerous watches during pre-production, showing up at an assorted cluster furnishing virtually every chief character. Here, Schanker takes us watch by watch.

Cartier Panthère

This watch (which, spoiler, shows up in the absolute last scene) holds the most importance. It without any assistance opens the mystery of Laura’s adulterine suspicions about her better half. The Panthère De Cartier fills in as the film’s McGuffin , taking Laura and her father on an experience which in the long run – and indirectly – drives back to the watch. 

The Cartier Panthère. The two-tone model presented above is the variation found in the film.

As Schanker clarifies it, “the last watch, the Cartier, might’ve been the only watch scripted. Cartier had a say in what they needed us to utilize, and afterward we let Sofia settle on a definitive decision. One option was the Panthère, and the other, the Tank. Eventually, she picked the Panthère.” While it’s intriguing that Coppola picked the Panthère over the Tank, it’s not altogether astounding. The Tank is the easily recognized name – it has that deco, exemplary, mid 20th century pizazz. The Panthère addresses a more up to date generation. It’s a watch brought into the world during the 1980s, highlighting a smooth wristband and concealed catch. Puncture Brosnan and Keith Richards wore one. It makes sense that the head of Marie Antoinette – a period piece set to the hints of The Cure and New Order – picked this watch for Laura.

Sofia Coppola coordinating a scene with entertainer Marlon Wayans (left) who is wearing a Swatch. Coppola is, once more, wearing a gold Cartier Panthère.

Cartier was not just an installation in front of the camera, yet additionally behind. While coordinating, Coppola wore a Panthère de Cartier that she got as a blessing herself in 2017, in the wake of coordinating a Cartier promotion for the watch’s reintroduction.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date

As with any film, certain material breezes up on the cutting room floor. For this situation, one watch didn’t get the opportunity to make its on-camera debut. That watch is a vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date given to Sofia by her father, chief Francis Ford Coppola, the maestro behind The Godfather.

A comparative tempered steel, silver dial, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date to the one possessed by On the Rocks chief, Sofia Coppola.

“Originally,” Schanker says, “the arrangement was that the watch Bill provides for Rashida for her birthday is an old Rolex. Sofia requested it to be an old Rolex. So I showed her photos of old Rolexes in light of the fact that, indeed, that could mean a great deal of things, ‘old Rolex.’ I needed to ensure it fit in view of what she had. I showed her photos, and she said, ‘Guess what? I have a watch much the same as this. I will acquire it.’ And that was the one we initially proposed to use.”

Tonneau-Shaped Jaeger-Lecoultre

As it ends up, they rejected Sofia’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date when it came nearer to the day of shooting. In light of Jones’ personal style, Schanker and Coppola presented an alternate watch: a vintage, tonneau-molded, Jaeger-LeCoultre on a leather tie. Schanker sourced – and leased –  this watch himself, and introduced it to the team at starting show-and-tells during pre-production.

Rashida Jones, during a scene, wearing a Tonneau-formed Jaeger-Lecoultre

While a Rolex with Coppola family provenance is cool, an old patinated JLC may be much cooler. “Your watch! I used to cherish this watch,” Laura says, as she opens her present. “You used to very much want to wear that. I figure it may fit you a little better now,” her father answers. “I purchased that after my first huge deal.” Right there is the distillation of all that makes watches uncommon: treasures, recollections, and family. In contrast to a Rolex, this watch has an uncommon look, the caring a youngster would recollect on her father’s wrist. 


Prior to accepting her birthday watch, Laura wears a less complex one with a charmingly explicit backstory. 

As Schanker reviews, “We took a gander at an entire pack of options and discussed what the watches in the film could be. In a conversation, Sofia said, ‘Guess what? Possibly we could utilize a Swatch.’ And I answered, ‘A Swatch?’ And she said, ‘Definitely, you know, perhaps she and her better half wear Swatches, as though the children got them for them.’ And I said, ‘Gracious, that is acceptable, in light of the fact that there’s another generation of watch-giving worked into the story.’ That was a talk she had, so I contacted Swatch and requested a ton of various watches – on the grounds that when you say Swatch, the assortment is endless.”

Rashida Jones (right) wearing a Swatch in On the Rocks.

As a consequence of that conceptualize, both Jones and her on-screen spouse (played by Marlon Wayans) can be seen wearing Swatch watches – thus can one of their youngsters. This is fascinating on the grounds that it modifies conventional watch-giving practice. Ordinarily, the parent picks the watch for the kid, similar as Murray giving his JLC to his girl. Yet, here, that is flipped completely around, making these Swatch observes even more special.

Secret Watch

There is, notwithstanding, one watch that even Schanker couldn’t distinguish – the one worn by Bill Murray. “I’m enticed to say that he brought his own watch, however I’m not certain about that.” You can see him wearing it twice in the film. Press stop at the 0:20:32 imprint. Look carefully. On the off chance that you want to distinguish this watch, share it in the comments below.

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