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Davosa Apnea Diver Watch Review

Davosa Apnea Diver Watch Review

Davosa astonished me with the Apnea Diver since they really figured out how to accomplish something few brands can do nowadays. What’s that? Make a diver’s watch that looks decent, however doesn’t look like everybody else’s item. Actually more often than not when a watch brand needs to create anything besides a “me too” plan, the outcome feels lacking (or just monstrous). I can’t completely state that  Davosa ‘s Apnea is the first of its sort with regards to this plan, however it is unquestionably obvious that this incredible watch doesn’t look like everybody else’s submerged watch… and the reasonable value makes it an absolute necessity take a gander at model for anybody looking for esteem. It likewise serves as a little work area clock. The number of jump watches can guarantee that?

The term “apnea” is generally connected with a resting problem where one quits breathing during rest. Apnea jumping then again is clearly a term of free-plunging, where divers swim without air supplies, perceiving how profound and how long they can remain submerged. The “Apnea Professional” term on the dial may be somewhat deceptive as I am not mindful of an expert that requires normal free-plunging (it is by all accounts a diversion or game rather than something experts need). Shouldn’t something be said about the watch makes it useful for apnea divers? That is the place where the blue, white, and red dial rings come in. Not exclusively does this bright ring add welcome character to Davosa’s new jumping watch, yet it’s additionally utilized for breathing activities to help condition apnea divers preceding a plunge. The thought is that utilizing the seconds hand on the dial, one takes in a five second breath (the blue territory), holds it in for 15 seconds (the white zone), and afterward gradually delivers their breath for 10 seconds (the red area).

For every one of you who aren’t going to rehearse free-plunging breathing strategies with your watch, there are the beautiful tones to see, which obviously resemble a scope of banner tones (from the USA to France and some more). Davosa in any case decided to make the dial perfect and balanced. There is no date and readability is great gratitude to proper extents on the face just as great utilization of materials and difference. The dial itself is maybe somewhat less unique than the general composition of the Apnea Diver, yet it works pleasantly. Utilization of brushed hands was the correct call, and I like the thick volume of Super-LumiNova paint utilized on the hour markers. The external “apnea ring” is additionally applied, so it helps give the dial a pleasant feeling of profundity to it.

Inside the 200m water-safe case is a Swiss ETA 2824 (or Sellita SW200) programmed development. The case itself is fascinating on the grounds that it is intended to disengage from the tie. This adds an extra layer important to the watch. Davosa makes the Apnea Diver accessible with a dark PVD-covered steel case (as assessed) or a characteristic steel case for less cash. You can even settle on a dark or steel shaded external bezel, which implies that as of now there are three forms of the restricted version Apnea watch available.

Davosa made a decent showing guaranteeing a quality look and feel for the pivoting diver’s bezel. It moves safely with no squirm, and the inward piece of the bezel is dark clay. The solitary shortcoming I see here is that the little lume pip at 12 o’clock is simply painted on, and that implies with mileage it could focus on. The moderate plan of the turning bezel is alluring, and rather vintage in style. This is the place where Davosa still wasn’t ready to move away from their interest of Rolex jump watches. Over the dial is a level, AR-covered sapphire crystal.

On the rear of the watch case is a help engraved mark of Nik Linder, who is a notable freediver that Davosa built up the Apnea Diver watch with. He is among the couple of individuals wearing this watch that will utilize its highlights. Nonetheless, that doesn’t thoroughly clarify the motivation behind why Davosa incorporates the element where the internal case can be taken out from the tie. This likewise turns out to be the reason the watch is 46mm wide (12.5mm thick), however it really wears probably just as you would want. I likewise like how the direction of the watch on the wrist has the case propped up a smidgen, which makes it simpler to peruse at a glance.

The crown for working the watch itself is situated at 12 o’clock looking into it, though the crown at 3 o’clock is really a screw used to tie down the inward case to the external case. Unscrewing the 3 o’clock crown permits you to effortlessly eliminate the watch –even while wearing the tie. When the inward case is taken out, a ring-molded leg can be pivoted out from the case permitting you to put the watch on a table as a little clock.

For those individuals who regularly remove their watch at a work area and still need to peruse the time, I guess the clock alternative for the case is intriguing, however I don’t realize how frequently individuals will utilize this element. Of course, it helps make the watch remarkable, fun, and eventually to a greater degree a talking piece. What’s more, if there is anything us watch collector’s are attracted to, it is talking pieces… UPDATE: According to Davosa the expressed reason for the removable inward watch case with the stand is that it tends to be determined to a table and utilized during breathing activities which free divers can act to prepare themselves to hold their breath longer. So on the off chance that you utilize the Apnea Diver and are an apnea diver, at that point this particular utility may apply to you.

Davosa bundles the Apnea Diver pleasantly with two elastic ties (here, dark and red, however a few models additionally come with blue), and a lash changing instrument all within a nice looking Pelican style case. Davosa says the Apnea Diver is a restricted release on their site, however on the watch itself it is a “special edition.” More in this way, there are no specific restricted arrangement numbers communicated. That implies this is a restricted item, however I don’t think there is a sure number that Davosa guaranteed they will produce. Update: Davosa has explained that the Apnea Diver is certainly not a restricted version item. What truly makes this watch simple to recommend for anybody compelled by the plan and highlights is the cost. The all-steel Davosa Apnea Diver reference 16156855 has a cost of $999 USD; the steel case with dark hued bezel reference 16156955 is estimated at $1,049 USD; and the all-dark case and bezel Davosa Apnea Diver reference 16157055 (as tried) has a retail cost of $1,099 USD. davosa-usa.com

Necessary Data

>Brand: Davosa

>Model: Apnea Diver (reference 16157055 as tested)

>Price: $1,099 USD

>Size: 46mm wide, 12.5mm thick

>Would commentator by and by wear it: Yes.

>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Dive watch sweetheart looking for good worth and a pretty watch… who additionally can anticipate requiring a little convenient work area check once in a while.

>Best normal for watch: Attractive, clean dial. In general idea is particular and fascinating, particularly at this cost. Case framework probably won’t be especially valuable, yet it assists with making the watch distinctive.

>Worst normal for watch: No especially great clarification of why a watch like this necessities a removable inward case –as without it the size might have been somewhat more modest. In like manner this won’t work on certain wrist sizes, yet in any case it’s a pleasant timepiece.