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Editors' Picks My Favorite Ladies' Watches Of SIHH 2019

Editors’ Picks My Favorite Ladies’ Watches Of SIHH 2019

Well folks, I may have missed SIHH this year, however fortunate for me (and you) I had the option to track with on old fashioned H.com to get the scoop on all the new deliveries. There were many stand-apart deliveries, including the Montblanc 1858 Split Second Chronograph Limited Edition and the Hermès Arceau L’Heure de la Lune . Generally speaking, seeing the trade show from a far distance permitted me to recognize the current year’s watch drifts all the more without any problem. What’s more, one of the patterns I need to zero in on is – you got it – women’s watches! So here is a gather together of my #1 women’s pieces from SIHH this year.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph 38mm

The new 38mm Royal Oak Chronograph on James Stacey’s wrist (not mine). 

As you may know at this point, I am a colossal devotee of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. A year ago I wore my ref. 15450 37mm Royal Oak in tempered steel consistently and I for one believe that it is outstanding amongst other extravagance sports looks out there. Also it looks great on nearly everyone (but really). In any case, I have consistently felt that the more modest choices from AP have missed the mark. There truly is just the 33mm (which is commonly quartz) or 37mm and the two sizes are only the standard Royal Oak which is fine however ladies need choices (amiright, women?). Sign the 38mm Royal Oak Chronograph in four setups –  stainless steel or rose gold with two dials variations for each. With the end goal of this rundown, I went with the rose gold rendition (since I love gold) and the silvered dial. This energetic chronograph with in-house type 2385 is good for any wrist and most events. I would even stoop to say that it matches the Rolex Daytona (heave!) – with the exception of the RBOW , I actually love you the most. The retail on the rose gold variant is $52,700 and you can peruse more about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph in 38mm here . 

The Richrd Mille RM 07-03 Marshmallow

The Richard Mille RM 07-03 Marshmallow from the Bonbon Collection.

Okay, so deciding from your comments here , the Richard Mille RM 07-03 Marshmallow from the Bonbon Collection is somewhat polarizing. To all you downers out there I urge you to expand your perspectives and give this watch one more opportunity, since this may be the wittiest (and yummiest) watch to come out of SIHH perhaps ever. While I completely comprehend that Richard Mille is far off, exclusive, and truth be told, a little gauche you can’t blame the man for making a line dependent on individuals’ number one desserts. That is to say, come on individuals, he made an assortment of wrist candy. Literally. Puns aside, this watch is likewise intriguing stylishly. The case is made of lavendar pink TZP earthenware and white ATZ artistic and the dial is 5N red gold with hand-worked lacquer. This may be the coolest committed women’s watch out there – presently if just it weren’t so costly (it’s $153,000, for the record). You can peruse more about the Marshmallow here . 

The Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Lady Opal

The Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Lady Opal.

Back in 2018, free watchmaker Romain Gauthier delivered their absolute first women’s watch, the Insight Micro-Rotor Lady . This was a generally welcomed watch that utilized a similar innovation, completing, and development as the first Insight Micro-Rotor. The watch is 39.5mm in 18k red gold with a 22k gold jewel set miniature rotor. This year rather than a mother-of-pearl dial the watch has an opal dial. Opals are famously delicate stones, so I can envision it was a test to get the correct cut (comparatively to hard stones yet for various reasons). I have a similar assumption as I did about a year ago’s delivery – it is as yet reviving to see autonomous brands proceeding to make ladies’ watches like the Insight Micro-Rotor and F.P. Journe Élégante . Also great is the way that Romain Gauthier has aided the plan of some of the Chanel watches that keep on establishing a solid connection in the watch business quite a long time after year. This piece is valued at CHF 95,000 and you can peruse more about it here . 

The Piaget Altiplano Ref. 44031 Flying Tourbillon With Full Pavé Dial

The Piaget Altiplano Tourbillon with diamondsssss.

What would a women’s gather together be without a full pavé flying tourbillon? Very little I advise you. Here we have the most recent from Piaget, a numbered (yet not carefully restricted) reference 44031 Altiplano completely frosted out, which means Piaget has finished the cycle from the super meager (and super downplayed) idea watch to the super shimmering. I love this watch for its audacious presence and keeping in mind that I am not a colossal tourbillon fan I regard that Piaget went all out with this one, utilizing the type 670P development (which comes in at simply 4.6mm thick). What’s more, on the off chance that you are asking why the dial show is lopsided (thus small) this is on the grounds that Piaget needed to keep the development as thin as could be expected. This magnificence conveys a cost of CHF 220,000 and you can peruse more about it here . 

The Cartier Panthère de Cartier Manchette Cuff Watch

The Panthère as a cuff. 

Last however not least, we have something new from Cartier. Consistently, I get eager to perceive what the French maison discharges. Not on the grounds that I realize it will be acceptable (it generally is) yet to perceive how they keep on rehashing their exemplary assortments, time and consistently. Sure it’s cool when they discharge stunning watches this way and this , however it’s their meat and potatoes that truly gets me. The Panthère Collection is no special case. They re-delivered this 1980s foundation assortment back in 2017. Its an obvious fact that I adored it at that point and my assessment has not changed. This year among the Santos-Dumont (another cool work of art) and the Santos Chronograph , an augmentation on the Panthère assortment was added including a progression of sleeve watches. While I didn’t will give these a shot by and by, my partners affirmed that the wristband is too developed as you would envision and a fantasy on the wrist. The development is quartz and the bezel is set with precious stones. As I would see it, sleeve watches have been misjudged since the time Piaget dropped them, harking back to the 1970s. The cost on this doggy is $43,200 which will surely hinder you, however #yolo. You can get familiar with Cartier here . 

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