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Editors' Picks Twenty Classic Stories To Read If You're New To Watches (And HODINKEE)

Editors’ Picks Twenty Classic Stories To Read If You’re New To Watches (And )

One of the most energizing things about HODINKEE is the way in which our community continues to grow. With the growth in readership has additionally come an increment in those meeting the site maybe interestingly, or maybe right off the bat in their relationship with watches. HODINKEE is, we feel, a fabulous asset regarding both quantity and quality, with almost seven thousand stories distributed since the site initially went live in 2008 as a one-man side task for author Ben Clymer. The sheer number of stories and shifting interests of editors and patrons implies that you truly can discover something here for pretty much everybody, paying little mind to your specific horological interests.

However, it tends to be exceptionally difficult to know where to begin, and it takes a little effort to become acquainted with HODINKEE and what the site can offer. To help both those new to watches and watchmaking, just as those new to the site, the HODINKEE publication group has assembled twenty articles that we think give an extraordinary preview of what we’re about, just as offering adroit investigates the absolute most huge crossroads in gathering history, how watches are made, what authorities think about when purchasing a watch, and maybe in particular, how watches are essential for a bigger world. We trust you’ll appreciate them, and discover this assortment of stories on watches valuable. Regardless of whether you’re a long-term peruser, we trust you’ll appreciate seeing a portion of these old companions, just as maybe make new discoveries.

1. The In-House Vs. Provided Movement Controversy

One of the first and most essential realities we realize when we initially get into watches and watchmaking is that there are two sorts of developments – the mechanisms inside the wristwatch which are really answerable for keeping time. These two sorts are supposed in-house developments, which are made generally by the company whose name shows up on the dial, and provided developments, which are given by an outside producer. The got wisdom for a long time was that an in-house development is superior to a provided one, however whether that is valid, and what “better” signifies, is a subject of consistent conversation. Numerous newcomers are shocked to discover that for the greater part of the historical backdrop of wristwatch producing in Switzerland, provided developments were the standard, not the exemption – in any event, for probably the bluest of blue-chip brands. HODINKEE investigated this question back in 2015, and the discussion is as new today as it was at that point, and in past decades. 

In-house development: the Seiko 7S26.

For a prologue to the whole question, and a gander at a wide scope of views in answers to the story, check out Letter From The Editor: Has The Term ‘In-House Movement’ Become Obsolete?

2. Choices, Decisions: Picking An In-House Automatic Wristwatch

Let’s say for contention that you do decide in-house matters to you – and it could matter for quite a few legitimate reasons. You may feel that it’s more esteemed, or that an in-house development is normally going to be the beneficiary of more consideration and thought in development. Well, while the facts confirm that there are various executions of provided developments that are somewhat in a hazy situation between generally unmodified, thus exceptionally altered that it’s apparently a completely new development, it’s additionally evident that there are a few companies which are much more vertically coordinated than others and make practically all components themselves. Three of these are the business titans Seiko/Grand Seiko, Omega, and, obviously, Rolex. Every one of the three companies use in-house types and each of the three production basic, high-accuracy components such as equilibrium springs and escapements. 

All three companies likewise have some automatic watches which are solid competitors for the title of first genuine watch – and the extraordinary thing is, they could all be your last watch too. Not very far in the past, HODINKEE editors Jon Bues, James Stacey, and Jack Forster plunked down to take a gander at three of them – and the unique highlights of each watch make this Three On Three (a standard HODINKEE video segment) particularly fascinating. For additional, check out Three On Three: Comparing Entry-Level, In-House Automatics From Grand Seiko, Omega, And Rolex.

3. There Can Be Only One … Or then again Can There?

Own one watch, and you have a watch. Own two, and you have an assortment – or if nothing else, the potential beginnings of one. You additionally have the beginnings of an acknowledgment that if two watches are superior to one, three may be stunningly better than two – and before you know it, you’re on discussions and websites like HODINKEE, figuring what it is you should own straightaway. However, there is another way – a cleaner, maybe more stark, yet potentially really rewarding way to follow. This is the way of the One Watch Only – a way which few if any who frequent HODINKEE track, yet it is one about which a considerable lot of us are curious.

Jason Heaton’s GMT-Master, top; one from 1974, bottom.

Back in 2013, when HODINKEE was only five years of age, benefactor Jason Heaton (co-creator with James Stacey of the web recording, The Gray NATO , which is a normal weekly element on HODINKEE) wrote about an experience with a man covering a watch occasion in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico. The gent in question had been wearing a similar Rolex GMT-Master since getting it in Kinshasa in 1974. It was his lone watch, and seeing it, and envisioning what it had experienced, made Jason (always one of our all the more insightfully slanted writers) wonder what it would resemble in the event that he’d gone the equivalent way.

For a gander at what a deep rooted traveler and watch devotee (in case you’re not effectively acquainted with Jason’s work, he’s an incredibly experienced jumper who seems to invest as much energy lowered as on a superficial level) considers the Way Of Only One, check out Fantasies Of Being A One Watch Guy, Inspired By A GMT From The Jungle.

4. Traps, Perils, And Pitfalls: Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Out

Here’s the thing: the watch world is huge. There are many brands and many long periods of history. The great Lord alone knows what number bits of both information and misinformation are coasting near. Likewise with any aficionado field where dependable documentation at times doesn’t exist and energetically solid assessments can frequently frame without realities, it’s not difficult to take hold of what seem like basic answers for the issue of information overload.

The issue is, this can lead one to frame firm assessments a little rashly, and since such a large amount of the talk around watches is social and happens on the web, you can get yourself increasingly more immovably safeguarding a perhaps wrong viewpoint essentially in light of the fact that it’s your perspective. HODINKEE’s Ben Clymer thought about to this issue four years prior, in 2016, and compiled a rundown of twelve common slip-ups now and then made by newcomers to watchmaking. It’s not comprehensive, normally, but rather it’s an incredible, intriguing look at common mix-ups, yet additionally how they can now and then mean missing fascinating encounters and watches.

If you’re beginning, this could actually be quite possibly the most intriguing and helpful stories you’ll peruse anywhere on HODINKEE. Discover more about avoiding the spiked rocks of misinformation waiting to make you organizer, horologically talking, with Ben’s In-Depth: Twelve Mistakes New Watch Guys Make, And How To Avoid Them (From Someone Who’s Been There).

5. Water Resistance: The Battle Against A Relentless Foe

For the greater part of the historical backdrop of watches and watchmaking, water obstruction was a confusing expression. It was uniquely with the advances in making fixed cases, in the creation of gaskets, and the innovation of things like screw-down crowns, that it got conceivable to portray a watch as genuinely water safe. However, not all water opposition appraisals are made equal. A few watches are tried in extraordinary pressing factor chambers, to pressures that would break the body of an atomic assault sub; a few, then again, appear to be unfit to experience something so exceptionally slight as a somewhat damp day. 

The issue is compounded by the way that misinformation about things like “unique versus static pressing factor” and how water obstruction evaluations ought to be deciphered is perhaps the most common wellsprings of disarray among watch gatherers. Is a 200-meter rating the base worthy for sporting scuba plunging? Would you be able to keep your 30-meter safe watch on while you wash your hands? What are you expected to do in the hot tub, for God’s sake?

Left, unbelievable oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle; right, Jason Heaton (Dr. Earle jumps with a gold Datejust).

As it ends up, water opposition evaluations for watches do mean something, and additionally, they mean something by and large steady (pretty much) for any brand utilizing them. Discover more about exactly how protected or dangerous you are when dampness (or worse) strikes, with Technical Perspective: A Tale Of Two ISOs, Or What Water Resistance Ratings Really Mean.

6. It's All In The Details: Speedmasters

There are sure interminable adages in numerous branches of life – it is said, for example, by the individuals who should know, that one of them is “everybody loves Italian food.” In the watch world, a comparative chestnut is, “Everyone adores the Omega Speedmaster.” Now, similar to all axioms, it isn’t altogether obvious – I am certain that there are people out there who don’t give a honk or a tinkle about the Speedmaster. In any case, its significance horologically and verifiably, just as its relationship to other incredible mid-century chronograph watches, has made it particularly ardently collected.

The challenge, obviously, is that it tends to be difficult to disclose to them separated for a non-master. However, what appear to an amateur to be minor and, to be sure, paltry contrasts can be of colossal significance to an authority. It’s a characteristic of watch gathering that can be astounding to find as you begin to get further and more profound into it – in addition to the fact that details matter in the theoretical, they can have a gigantic effect in the estimation of a vintage watch.

Reading any HODINKEE Reference Points story – our segment for going ridiculously profound on’s what for explicit, exceptionally collectable models – is schooling in the amazing significance of apparently minor subtleties to prepared authorities and fans. To get a thought exactly how profound it’s conceivable to plunge, check out Ben Clymer’s 2015 work of art, Reference Points: Understanding The Omega Speedmaster.

7. Briggs Cunningham, Car Guy, Patek Enthusiast

One of the most wonderful things about watches is that they touch many worlds. One of the worlds outside watches, fundamentally, that they touch is the world of Briggs Cunningham. Cunningham was what you may call a character – the scion of the Proctor & Gamble fortune, he would proceed to characterize himself as an individual separated from his legacy. He was an Americas Cup captain, the primary American Ferrari owner (we should pause for a minute here and consider what kind of individual turned into the main American to own a Ferrari) and, incidentally, a quite genuine watch fellow who had a great deal to do, numerous many years back (we’re talking the 1950s) with laying the groundwork for what today is a gigantic inclination, with respect to gatherers, for haute horlogerie in impeccable steel.

Briggs Cunningham with dashing legend Phil Hill, situated in a Mercedes 300 SL

If you’re generally new to watches (and conceivably to vehicles), this is an entrancing story on various levels – not the least of which is the way it allows us to perceive how extremely top of the line watch gathering was only one piece of a bigger world. It wasn’t only a world characterized by cost, either – as you can find in Ben Clymer’s In-Depth: The Incredible Watches (And Cars) Of Briggs Cunningham , it was a world characterized by exceptionally refined taste from one perspective and very competitive people on the other.

8. A 2013 Story About A Very Public Clock

To me, something that has always characterized HODINKEE is the way in which the site can take watches and checks and spot them in the bigger setting of culture and our every day lives. Submitted for your thought, at that point, is a story created by Stephen Pulvirent back in 2013 which takes a gander at a somewhat momentous piece of the neighborhood scene down in the stretch of New York known nonchalantly as Wall Street by its denizens.

The clock that he uncovered is no normal clock. Public tickers have been characterizing highlights of public life since the 1300s at any rate, if not previously, and their ringers would ring to advise workers and aristocrats the same that the time had come to go out to the fields, future time home from the fields, and time to make their every day dedications. This check specifically, however, in lying underneath, reminding those going back and forth in Maiden Lane that hurrying around as they may, time waits for no one.

Curious? I was as well, and Stephen had me at “sidewalk clock.” To discover more about this little marvel of horological life span, check out The Story Of New York’s Sidewalk Clock, from SJP, vintage 2013.

9. No Moon, No Records, No Certainty

If you have gotten this far, you have likely previously sorted out that the world of watch gathering can be the most inside sort of inside baseball that there is. The code-word language of textual styles, typefaces, Geiger counter readings, and god knows what else, makes for a shadowy maze in which the sky is the limit and nothing is certain.

Enter HODINKEE Special Projects Manager and Editor Cara Barrett, who came to HODINKEE from the crude closeout world where notorieties are represented the moment of truth in a moment. In 2017, she investigated, an accomplished salesperson’s viewpoint, at the Patek Philippe Reference 3448 and the secrets encompassing it. In her own words:

“At this point, I’m left asking myself a ton of inquiries that start with ‘why.’ ‘Why do the dials of these six watches change? Why do the concentrates not note the dials in any important way? Why were half evidently made for people, while the other half were important for a model arrangement? Why wouldn’t Patek Philippe, a company known for its due perseverance and noteworthy archive framework, not have any record of these dials? Why did six up to this point incredible watches come up at closeout in a range of eight years? Why haven’t we seen a Senza Luna at closeout in almost 10 years? What’s more, above all, why is nobody in the closeout world willing to say anything freely about any of these watches?” 

Yes … questions. She didn’t have answers, and neither do I, however the way that there are so numerous unanswered, and unanswerable, questions around perhaps the most outlandish and attractive Patek Philippe watches ever, is something intriguing to consider. Peruse more about the presumably unsolvable secret here, with In-Depth: The Curious Case Of The Patek Philippe Reference 3448 ‘Senza Luna.’

10. A Long Journey Home

Watches, it should be said, are intriguing on the grounds that they come alongside us on life’s excursions – and those excursions can be euphoric, they can be horrible, and they can be everything in between. Under the most awesome aspect conditions, however, and considerably under the worst of conditions, watches can be much more than machines for reading a clock. They can become, once in a while, charms – mystical items that associate us to a period and place.

One such watch is this one. It was on the wrist of a Marine lieutenant one pivotal day in 1968, and in the wake of being wounded, he gave the watch to the Navy corpsman who treated his wounds. The two men went their different ways after the war, however after fifty years, they rejoined – and the Tudor Submariner 7928 was there as well.

HODINKEE has always attempted however much as could reasonably be expected to show not simply the technical, recorded, or plan parts of watchmaking. We’ve always attempted to associate watches to the bigger world and to individuals and purposes they serve. To see a greater amount of this stunning story, check out our video highlight, The Long Return: Two Men, Fifty Years, And The Tudor That Took A Bullet In Vietnam.  

And, we have one more extraordinary glance at a serviceman with a surprising story to tell, and a little assortment of watches which accompanied him through his administration as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam and past. It’s one of our most-watched and adored video scenes: Talking Watches With Moki Martin.

11. HODINKEE Radio

HODINKEE’s primary vehicle for sharing the best in class in the world of watches is our website, however notwithstanding the every day stream of news, views, and reviews from our article group, we likewise have HODINKEE Radio, our digital recording, which broadcast its first scene in July of 2018. Now well into its subsequent year, HODINKEE Radio, facilitated by Stephen Pulvirent and delivered by Greyson Korhonen, keeps on giving weekly experiences into what’s hot in the horological world, however in the worlds to which it associates. We’ve conversed with individuals from callings as wide-running as film, TV, architecture and plan, business, and that’s just the beginning, all associated by a common interest in horology.

With 83 scenes delivered as of the hour of writing, there is a ton to choose from. Be that as it may, we think an incredible way to begin appreciating HODINKEE Radio is to start toward the start. The primary scene includes in all honesty HODINKEE organizer Ben Clymer, and host Stephen Pulvirent, thinking back about the good ‘ol days at HODINKEE when the whole group comprised of simply those two individuals. Hear firsthand what those first years resembled, on HODINKEE Radio Episode 1: Ben Clymer.

12. Four Revolutions That Shaped The Modern Watch Landscape

HODINKEE Executive Editor Joe Thompson has been watching the development of the watch business intently since the time 1979, when he went to his absolute first Baselworld. From that point forward, he’s seen the business through a portion of its most outrageous changes – great and terrible. For a considerable lot of us, the historical backdrop of watchmaking starts, pretty much, when we started getting inspired by watches, obviously, watches have been around for something like 500 years, and wristwatches for over a century. Much of what can appear to be confounding, dumbfounding, or even mystifying about watches begins to bode well when you comprehend the set of experiences behind the business – and beyond a shadow of a doubt, industry it is.

Right, HODINKEE Executive Editor Joe Thompson, at his work area in 1979.

In an interesting arrangement of four articles, which take a gander at everything from the purported Quartz Crisis, to the renaissance of mechanical horology, Joe paints in striking strokes the account of an industry which, to endure and afterward thrive, needed to re-concoct itself despite rehashed challenges from propelling technology – not once, yet a few times. Peruse his arrangement, Joe Thompson’s Complete Guide To The Modern Era Of Watchmaking , and you’ll never take a gander at things quite a similar way again.

13. The HODINKEE Shop

One of the most particular highlights of HODINKEE has been, and keeps on being, the HODINKEE Shop . The Shop was intended to accomplish something we felt was colossally significant – supplant what’s regularly the torment and vulnerability of purchasing a new or vintage watch with as much assurance, and satisfaction, as could be expected. In spite of the fact that HODINKEE has been selling watch extras and lashes for a long time, as of late, the Shop has become a full-highlighted objective. You can likewise locate a huge number of assets there for both the easygoing and truly committed fan or collector.

A HODINKEE Shop selective: The TAG Heuer x HODINKEE Carrera Skipper.

The Shop complements the endeavors of the HODINKEE article group by not just showcasing what we feel is perhaps the most differed and fascinating assortments of new and vintage watches accessible anywhere on the web, yet in addition books, devices, and, obviously, HODINKEE restricted version watches, just as joint efforts with top-level brands such as Leica (to name only one). HODINKEE’s watch coordinated efforts are associations with a portion of watchmaking’s most celebrated names, including Vacheron Constantin, Heuer, and more.

Although the Shop and article groups work independently from each other, they’re joined in HODINKEE’s general commitment to bringing knowledge, esteem, extraordinary narrating, and inside and out information. To discover more about what the Shop intends to HODINKEE and to comprehend where it fits into the general design of the company, check out author and CEO Ben Clymer’s post, Introducing The New HODINKEE Shop , on the event of its launch in 2016 (and perceive how far it’s come in three years here ).

14. The HODINKEE Community

An fundamental piece of the HODINKEE world for large numbers of our normal perusers is the HODINKEE Community. The Community grew out of our agreement that piece of what makes the world of watches and watchmaking so pleasant is having the option to share the delight we take in watches with other similar people. The Community was a characteristic outgrowth of the first and straightforward HODINKEE comments framework, and since Community was launched in 2017, we have seen a blast in association between both individual perusers and HODINKEE staff too, who regularly join discussions occurring about probably the main occasions occurring in watchmaking today. This is halfway gratitude to the way that posting comments was, interestingly, made conceivable from the HODINKEE application (which is now accessible for the two iOS and Android ).

Being part of the HODINKEE Community implies being essential for perhaps the most crucial, intrigued, stubborn, and vocal watch communities in the world – and it implies you’ll be the first to catch wind of and appreciate new Community highlights as they turn out. To discover more about how it began, check out our 2017 post presenting The All New HODINKEE Community Features, Including User Profiles, Commenting Tools, And Collection Sharing.

15. The HODINKEE Magazine

Twice a year, HODINKEE distributes a magazine that takes a gander at the world through the viewpoint of the HODINKEE article group’s aggregate vision and individual interests. The magazine offers a wide scope of narrating – since its launch we’ve taken a gander at everything from style to architecture, to gatherers and gathering (and not always watches), to the automotive world, and on and on.

The center of HODINKEE’s content, however, is and keeps on being watches and how they associate with the occasions and individuals around us. Perhaps the most charming and powerful stories we’ve distributed in the magazine is likewise accessible to peruse on the web. It’s the narrative of a watch – but at the same time it’s simply the tale of how the watch turned into a key opening a whole shrouded world, and a disastrous mystery mission which occurred numerous years back and which appeared to be bound to stay unheard. HODINKEE’s Cole Pennington has the story; check out (and tune in to his perusing of) The Watch That Came In From The Cold.

16. Talking Watches: Where It All Began

Take two people who both love watches – one of them is a rising hero in the world of online watch news-casting, and the other is, well, a demigod. Put them both before a camera to discuss watches and watch gathering and will enchantment happen?

IWC “Huge Pilot’s Watch” from the assortment of John Mayer.

The answer evidently is a reverberating indeed, yet that wasn’t a hundred percent clear to Ben Clymer when he plunked down in 2013 with John Mayer to discuss the last’s watch assortment. Yet, it was the beginning of something important. Talking Watches from that point forward has conversed with authorities whose preferences range across the whole range of horology and the whole range of gathering. We’ve conversed with gatherers who center narrowly around a particular model or scope of models, and we’ve conversed with watch darlings whose incorporation standard for the assortment is basically purchasing what they go gaga for (which can be anything from a Casio G-Shock to a Lange Datograph, some of the time in a similar collection!) And we’ve logged more than 50 scenes .

To perceive how everything began, set aside an outing back in effort to 2013, for the absolute first scene: Talking Watches With John Mayer (and, as a little something extra, perceive how his assortment advanced throughout the long term, in the follow-up scene from 2019 ).

17. Secrets to success

Though a few of us purchased our first spring-bar instrument such a long time ago we really can’t recollect when it was (much less where the darned thing is now), there is a first an ideal opportunity for everything. Watchmaking is an interesting endeavor in that it is brimming with exceptionally explicit devices that are totally vital in the event that you want to complete something without harming the watch, your fingers, or your pride.

Bergeon spring-bar forceps: the Cadillac of spring bar tools.

Though utilizing instruments on a watch is to a great extent the region of genuine watchmakers, watch lovers actually appreciate choosing how to store their watches, finding optical gadgets to help them better appreciate the fine subtleties of watches, and obviously, changing lashes which means connecting with an extremely astute yet little article called a spring-bar , which holds the wristband or tie to the watch. Equipping yourself for the last errand – just as investigating other little yet imperative upgrades to getting a charge out of watches and watch gathering – is the subject of a post by HODINKEE Shop editorial manager Logan Baker, who offers a little however fundamental variety of Essential Tools All Watch Enthusiasts Need.

18. Inside Rolex

In ongoing many years, many watch brands have opened up their workshops and slowly allowed an ever increasing number of guests to come through their entryways and see exactly how watches are made. What that resembles can differ colossally starting with one brand then onto the next, contingent upon things like the number and assortment of watches made, just as the complexity, level of development completing, without any end in sight. One company, however, has just made its ways for guests as of late: Rolex, which for a large portion of its set of experiences has been broadly cryptic about, well, pretty much everything. (When I originally began writing about watches, the joke among columnists was that the whole Rolex PR office comprised of one individual in a windowless room in Geneva, with an elastic stamp that said, “no comment.”

In 2015, Ben Clymer was ready to join a tiny gathering of guests who were given voyages through one, however each of the four of the major Rolex creation offices in Switzerland – which, in the watch world, is kind of comparable to a protection writer being given a nitty gritty visit through the most recent super quiet ballistic rocket submarine. His record of the visit offers multitudinous interesting bits of knowledge into both Rolex producing practices and techniques, and furthermore into how all the various components associated with making an advanced, technical mechanical wristwatch come together. Discover more in his story, Inside The Manufacture: Going Where Few Have Gone Before – Inside All Four Rolex Manufacturing Facilities.

19. The Most Talked-About Watch Auction Of All Time

It’s completely conceivable that in the event that you got inspired by watches as of late, this is on the grounds that you knew about a record that was set at closeout back in 2017. It was, at that point, the greatest cost at any point paid at sell off for a wristwatch, and it was essential for an authentic marvel in watch gathering which had actually at no other time been seen. The cost paid was $17.75 million, and the watch was an alleged “Paul Newman” Daytona, which alludes to a sort of Rolex Daytona chronograph, with bizarre dials, one of which was owned by Paul Newman himself (consequently the nickname). 

Auctioneer Aurel Bacs at the Phillips offer of Paul Newman’s “Paul Newman” Daytona.

Understanding what makes a Rolex Daytona a Paul Newman, and understanding which ones are viewed as the best, is a profound make a plunge itself and recognizing different models is something many, numerous gatherers have been busy with for a long time. However, the conditions encompassing the deal at closeout of Paul Newman’s own Daytona, made for a wonderful examination by HODINKEE’s Cara Barrett, on an occasion that was at any rate as intriguing regarding human sciences as horologically. For additional, check out In-Depth: The Sale Of Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona, The Most Expensive Wristwatch Ever.

20. Breaking: Man Wears, Writes About Watch

HODINKEE by and large glances at a watch at three distinct degrees of detail. In the first place, there’s for the most part what we basically call an Introducing post, in which we declare the launch of a new watch (or changes to a current model); these are less reviews than revealing the essential realities around the launch. We begin to become more obstinate in our Hands-On and In-Depth stories, which are expected to offer direct early introductions of the watch “in the metal” (Introducing posts are regularly founded on press images, as the genuine watch is frequently not accessible for photography when the launch declaration is made). 

Our most profound plunges, however, are held for our accounts which march under the standard, A Week On The Wrist. One exemplary example of the class was from HODINKEE’s Stephen Pulvirent, who took an exemplary example of present day watchmaking for a turn back in 2014 and lived to tell the story. It’s perhaps the most available, yet additionally top to bottom, examples of what A Week On The Wrist is proposed to offer. In spite of the fact that the arrangement started with Jason Heaton back in 2011 , it stays one of our generally envisioned and widely read includes today. To consider going all in, check out Stephen’s A Week On The Wrist: The Rolex Datejust.

With the sheer expansiveness, degree, and number of HODINKEE stories that have been distributed throughout the long term, this is fundamentally a little sample of stories which could be of interest and of particular use to somebody beginning on HODINKEE or in horology, or both. On the off chance that you have a story that, when you initially visited, established a major connection with you and extended your interest with watches, let us know in the comments!

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