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Found A New Limited Edition Philippe Dufour Simplicity At Phillips Geneva

Found A New Limited Edition Philippe Dufour Simplicity At Phillips Geneva

Some moderately large news for admirers of autonomous watchmaking emerged from Geneva today: Philippe Dufour will create a restricted version run of 20 Simplicity watches to commemorate the watch’s twentieth commemoration, and the absolute first model is available to anyone at Phillips in November. With regards to present day watchmaking, it doesn’t beat this, and I’ve been on the record prior to saying that Dufour’s interpretation of basic yet standout watchmaking is something that truly evokes an emotional response from me actually. In light of the entirety of that, here’s a first glance at this unique watch and a few musings on how it finds a way into Dufour’s bigger oeuvre

First, some foundation on the Simplicity: After making his name by making incredibly complicated striking watches, Philippe Dufour made his first evident serialized model in the Simplicity, paring the watch back to only three hands and a fabulously enriched take on a conventional Swiss development style. Between roughly 2000 and 2014, Dufour made around 200 of these watches. The thought was initially to make a restricted arrangement of 100, however he multiplied it to 200 in the wake of understanding the interest that was out there. Most fit a genuinely straightforward recipe, with one of two case sizes (34mm or 37mm) delivered in white gold, rose gold, or platinum, and with a couple of dials, a white veneer and a silver guilloché. There are a couple of custom pieces drifting around out there as well , yet they’re probably as uncommon as possible get.

A take a gander at the totally unimaginable development hiding inside the Simplicity.

The watch introduced here to a great extent fits that recipe, however with a couple of little changes. The case is rose gold, and the development is actually the equivalent, yet the dial is another thing. It’s dull dim with applied Breguet numerals and a guilloché design at the middle, yet it additionally includes an enormous “PD” logo at 12 o’clock that you will not discover on prior models. That logo helps through to the crown, just as to the underside of the pivoted caseback. That pivoted caseback is another first for the Simplicity, as most element a plain sapphire caseback, allowing you to respect the development inside. This watch is additionally checked number 00/30, adding to the appeal for collectors.

One thing to note is that there are really 21 watches in the restricted version in case we’re checking carefully. There will be seven each in white gold, rose gold, and platinum, with this no. 00 including as the twenty-first. Also, Dufour himself will keep one of the platinum watches, so for the rose gold and platinum pieces, there might be six of each accessible secretly, while every one of the seven of the white-gold pieces will be sold that way.

For the first run through, these Simplicity models have a pivoted caseback with a commemorative etching underneath.

Phillips is likewise promoting this arrangement of looks as the primary at any point restricted release by Philippe Dufour. While that may be genuine relying upon your meaning of “restricted release,” I believe it’s reasonable for consider fundamentally every watch made by Dufour as a restricted version. More than thirty years of making watches under his own name, Dufour has delivered less than 250 watches (more like 230 by most tallies), however the specific number fluctuates, contingent upon who you ask, and many are one of a kind pieces. That implies that this restricted arrangement will represent around 8% of the all out number of Dufour watches in the market when the arrangement is complete. Does any of this make the watch on proposal here pretty much special? Not truly. However, I believe it merits slicing through the showcasing language so potential purchasers understand what they’re really getting into.

The crown is set apart with the equivalent “PD” logo that you’ll discover at 12 o’clock on the dial and within the caseback.

The gauge on this watch is CHF 200,000-400,000, which is about $218,000-436,000 at current trade rates. Continue to peruse underneath at additional up for sale costs for Simplicities in the course of the most recent couple of years, however this would put the watch soundly in the reach that prior pieces have been bringing. Regardless of whether it sells in that range or for a genuine premium is yet to be seen, however it’s positively something to watch out for as the bartering date approaches next month.

There is no data accessible yet on how you can put orders for different watches, on the off chance that you’d lean toward an alternate colorway or on the off chance that you’d preferably stay away from the sale scene, however Phillips is saying that this will be the absolute first piece conveyed. The watch is accessible as a component of Phillips’ Retrospective: 2000=2020 deal, which takes a gander at the initial 20 years of 21st-century horology, occurring in Geneva on November 8, 2020. The list isn’t yet on the web, yet keep your eyes on Phillips’ site , as it ought to show up soon.

Two More Dufour

A 34mm platinum Simplicity and a 37mm white-gold Simplicity at Sotheby’s. 

As if the watch above wasn’t sufficient, there are really two more Philippe Dufour Simplicity watches available to anyone at barters at this moment. Tomorrow in Hong Kong (in a couple of hours, really), Sotheby’s will sell a couple of more fundamental Simplicity models. The first is a 34mm platinum model with a guilloché dial that is number 100 in the arrangement ( part 2152 ), and the second is a 37mm white-gold model with a guilloché dial that is number 68 in the arrangement ( parcel 2151 ). Simplicities have been coming available to be purchased at sell off at a lovely consistent clasp throughout the most recent couple of years (particularly as costs have gone up), however to have three of them, including two especially extraordinary models, available to be purchased simultaneously is no joke. 

Likewise, the appraisals on these two watches are quite genuine. The 34mm no. 100 watch is assessed at roughly $205,000-310,000, while the 37mm watch is assessed at around $258,000-413,000. You may expect to be that no. 100 in platinum would be the more costly of the two, yet the 37mm is for the most part viewed as more wearable, and the bigger size makes it more famous with most present day purchasers. In case you’re searching for unadulterated gathering esteem, that causes the more modest watch with the more attractive number to appear to be something of a deal. 

This 37mm white-gold Simplicity was the absolute first to come to sell, hitting the square at Christie’s in 2016.

There are two things to remember here: 1) It wasn’t that quite a while in the past that the absolute first Simplicity came available to be purchased in 2016 . Before that, not a solitary one had been sold openly, so the closeout market is moderately juvenile for these pieces when compared to that of other autonomous watchmakers and the enormous brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe. Furthermore, 2) Prices have consistently ascended, with that first watch bringing simply more than $250,000 in November 2016 and a couple of 37mm white-gold models selling for $325,000 and CHF 325,000 at Phillips in late 2019. The strength of this bartering market is surely part of the explanation Dufour is making another arrangement of watches, however it will be intriguing to check whether the flood of new pieces impacts the closeout market down the line.

For more on this triplet of Philippe Dufour watches, visit Phillips and Sotheby’s online.

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