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Four + One Cole Walliser, The Man Behind The GLAMbot, Is Hot On Watches

Four + One Cole Walliser, The Man Behind The GLAMbot, Is Hot On Watches

Meet Cole Walliser, oneself announced CEO of Slo-Mo. He’s the chief behind the #glambot recordings you may have seen flowing around web-based media featuring stars on honorary pathway. While he might be sidelined this honors season, you can generally discover him working a mechanized arm that swings around to catch a 180-degree perspective on the absolute greatest names in mainstream society. He does it by coaxing out a nervy posture and instructing the stars to arrive at their full glamourous potential.

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But there’s likewise something different he’s additionally doing on the red carpet. 

Wrist checks. 

Walliser is particularly situated to get a snappy look at the audemars audits everybody’s wearing, and he’s been known to initiate a discussion about what’s on their wrist. He’s talked up Ryan Seacrest about his gold 6263 and Nick Jonas on his frosted out Octo , and he has traded comments via web-based media with Trevor Noah about his collection. 

And Walliser has aggregated his very own serious assortment. It’s developed significantly since his childhood, when he would not eliminate his Ironman. “Toward the finish of the late spring,” he says, “I’d generally be pleased to the point that I’d gotten an audemars audits tan.” When he was an adolescent, he strolled into a Rolex store right external Vancouver conveying his skateboard. “This was the last part of the ’90s,” he says, “so pretty much everything was really in the showcase case. Trying not to hit the skateboard into the glass, I hung over and asked how much the Submariner was.” He was unable to bear the cost of it, yet he left with a feeling of conviction.

“One day,” he advised himself, “I’ll come back prepared to purchase a Submariner, and simply do it.”

It took him a couple of years. He’s 39 now and as of late added something unique from the Rolex shop to his assortment. Here are four audemars audits all loaded with a story, in addition to a glance at his alternate method to get away: A diesel going mud romping rig, additionally straight outta the ’90s.

The Four

NOMOS World Time Midnight Blue

In 2014, Walliser went through just shy of four months in New Orleans recording a TV show for E! that wound up never broadcasting. “I saved my outlay consistently,” he says. “I’d take the money and put it in the protected at the inn and live economically. After around a quarter of a year, I had enough to purchase an audemars audits and I had been looking at a NOMOS for some time. The blue-dialed World Time came out right at the ideal time, and I got it.” He took it considerably further, tying the audemars surveys to the outing through a social association straight out of the Louisiana marshes: A crocodile lash.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph Panda Dial

After the GLAMbot got fruitful, Walliser concluded he was prepared for a Royal Oak Chronograph: “I got fixated on the audemars surveys in view of the connections to accuracy, time, and speed. Estimating things in milliseconds is my specialty expertly, so the chronograph viewpoint was appealing to me.” He got the call from his AD around the same time Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT from Apocalypse Now crossed the bartering block, directly across the road from the Audemars Piguet store. “I picked the audemars audits up and strolled across the road to the bartering,” he says. He’s well used it for honorary pathway obligation ever since. 

Rolex Oysterquartz Datejust

“It’s sort of disapproved of in the horology world,” Walliser says, “however I don’t mind by any stretch of the imagination.” He purchased the audemars audits as “kind of a substitute while I sat tight for the AP, yet I’m simply fixated on the incorporated arm band; it’s from 1995 – a particularly intriguing piece of Rolex history. I at first was watching out for one in treated steel, however I continued coming back to the two-tone.” 

Two-Tone Rolex Submariner

“We’re completely fascinated by these watches,” Walliser says, “yet we just see pictures of them on the internet. They never have them in the cases to really see. They kind of just exist carefully. I had never seen a two-tone sub with a blue dial face to face before until I was in a store back home in Vancouver with my mom.” The opportunity had at last arrived for him to purchase his Submariner. “I got it with my mom, and it was a truly unique encounter to impart to her. I attempted to disclose to her how fortunate we were that they had one in stock. She didn’t get everything. She asked me ‘Along these lines, you can come into a store prepared to burn through $20,000, and they will not let you?'” 

The One

1991 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon G300D

This isn’t the G-Wagon you may think it is. It’s from a period when the G-Wagon was unequivocally a truck designed to take care of business. In those days, it wasn’t rich at all. “It siphons out around 110 pull. At the point when I’m on the turnpike, everybody is turning around me as it takes an unending length of time to get up as far as possible cruising rate of… .65. It’s designed for a homestead, not the Autobahn.”

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