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Friday Live The Return

Friday Live The Return

Hey Gang! We’re formally back with your number one live-streaming watch television show, FRIDAY LIVE! Throughout the following not many weeks (months, a long time… .?) we will present to you a similar fun content we brought to the old show , however now on another configuration: Instagram Live.

The old fashioned days.

In the present show, I welcomed on my regarded partner and host of HODINKEE Radio Stephen Pulvirent. Together, we covered a couple of features from the site this week including “Watch Madness” (our Talking Watches competition) and the consistently edifying comment section.

We additionally appeared what will be a week by week repeating portion: Things That Made Us Smile. In these difficult occasions, we need this show and HODINKEE everywhere to be a sparkle of happiness for every one of you out there. Tell us what you’d prefer to see and get with us going forward. 

Update: Due to some specialized challenges, we were unable to insert the current week’s Friday Live beneath. Yet, tune in one week from now on Instagram , and we ought to have the file set by then.

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