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Hands-On Naoya Hida & Co. NH Type 1B

We revealed about the NH Type 2A , a 2020 oddity from Naoya Hida & Co., simply some time back. The Type 1B is the brand’s introduction piece that came out a year ago, and I saw this watch in the tissue interestingly about a year back during its official statement. I just had ten minutes or so with the watch at that point, and that simply wasn’t sufficient to notice all the subtleties. Incidentally, the NH Type 1B as of now has its replacement: NH Type 1C.


NH Type 1B

Naoya Hida & Co. is another Japanese watch company dispatched in 2018 by Naoya Hida, a notable figure in the Japanese watchmaking community. Hida has held unmistakable jobs in deals and showcasing at Japanese merchants for a few top brands (Jaeger-LeCoultre, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, F.P. Journe) since 1990. Hida established his own watch image in Japan with the mission to make his optimal wristwatches.

The NH Type 1B’s tempered steel case has a thin and vintage-motivated extent of 37mm across and 9.8mm thick with a 20mm carry width. The watch takes after the old style look of vintage pieces from the 1930s to the 50s. Hida picked to utilize 904L steel rather than the more regular 316L for the case, as the previous is exceptionally erosion safe and frequently utilized in tech, aviation, and compound ventures. Rolex was the primary watch maker to use it. The 904L is more costly than the 316L, and tooling is a lot harder also. Hida was met with numerous dismissals when he contacted fabricating sellers, however he in the end found a company (which ordinarily makes auto and computer parts) that can machine this difficult material with an exactness down to only a couple microns utilizing its own ultra-accuracy micromachining equipment.

The larger than average crown stands out.

The tongue clasp is additionally made of 904L steel.

A clean round case in 904L steel sits on sharp hauls with articulated edges, making a high visual difference. The front essence of the watch may propose the whole piece is cleaned, however you will discover the sides of the center case are to be sure brushed. The vintage-roused oversize crown is saved cleaned and unsigned for a more circumspect look. You will value the material feel of the 18 teeth on the crown when you wind it.

The German Silver dial highlights fascinating Breguet-style numerals, and the blued handset and the little seconds at nine o’clock further improve the extraordinary look. Ordinarily, files are either applied or printed, yet the NH Type 1B adopted a little unique strategy. The numerals are all hand-engraved by talented craftsmans and loaded up with a manufactured cashew urushi. You’ll locate this sort of execution on some classical pocket watches, however it is essentially nonexistent today because of its restrictive assembling cost. Each watch is independently special with a slight variety in etching thickness and profundity as the whole interaction is finished by hand.

Another stand-apart angle on the dial is the three leaf hands. They, as well, are machined out of metal like the case to accomplish a three-dimensional look, and they get heat-blued after hand cleaning. The hands are long and contrasty against the silver dial, giving superb legibility.

Blued steel leaf hands

The cal. 3019SS hand-winding development drives the watch. This development depends on the Valjoux 7750, yet it’s been changed over to a manual-winder with the programmed winding components and chronograph module eliminated. Presently, for what reason would you experience all that inconvenience? There were for the most part two explanations behind that decision:

1) To house a huge development that JUST fits in a 37mm case.

2) To accomplish his optimal little seconds dial position.

Hida says that he took the Patek Philippe Calatrava ref. 96 as a kind of perspective point for the plan. The ref. 96 estimates 30.5mm across its case and houses a 27mm development. That is probably really enormous for the given case size, and that would bring about the little seconds dial not being excessively near the focal point of the dial. Subsequent to considering a few existing hand-winding developments, Hida at last picked the Valjoux 7750, which is 30mm across (13.25 ligne) against the 37mm case, as a beginning stage and selected to eliminate the undesirable components from it. What’s more, the snap and its spring were recently intended to accomplish Hida’s optimal material criticism on the winding activity. You’ll feel a slight opposition when you begin winding, and your fingers will get a light and fresh criticism as you continue onward. This sort of scrupulousness is quite valued, particularly on a manual piece that requires a normal hand-winding.

NH Type 1B retails for 1,800,000 JPY (roughly $16,765), and the sticker price isn’t something you see each day on a tempered steel three-hand watch with an ETA-based development. Frankly, I don’t figure anybody would discover this watch to be an incentive. You don’t need to add a lot to your spending plan to arrive at Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin domain. Be that as it may, we are discussing a miniature brand here. Significant brands can get more forceful evaluating through bigger scope material buys and other expense decrease measures underway. Hida’s utilization of bleeding edge advancements and one of a kind techniques to accomplish his optimal vintage-motivated feel is unquestionably critical. At the point when you understand the underlying creation was restricted to only seven pieces, I think you’ll comprehend that his way to deal with watchmaking, which could well be marginal frenzy, is something of a power to be figured with.

37mm case wears amazingly simple and comfortable.

NH Type 1B had a restricted creation of seven pieces, and every one of them are as of now represented. You can in any case buy its replacement, NH Type 1C, which was presented for this present year. Visit the authority site for more details.

This article first appeared on HODINKEE.jp, which you can visit clicking here .

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