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Hands-On The Casio G-Shock GM-6900 Metal Lineup

G-Shock has encountered a few floods in fame throughout the years since its introduction in 1983. There is no uncertainty we are as of now in one of those minutes, which commenced with the 35th commemoration of the 5600 line a year ago. The GM-6900, an enormous round advanced watch with an exceptional three-peered toward configuration, is denoting its 25th commemoration this year. My absolute first watch given to me 25 years back was in all honesty this three-looked at Casio. Its extraordinary and very digital running seconds marker (the left and center eyes combined check as long as ten seconds, at that point one fragment of the 1-minute register on the privilege gets filled) and the extra capacities like alert and stopwatch energized me continually. I didn’t comprehend the idea of “hostile to stun property” in those days, yet as a child of a fairly actually dynamic age, the watch turned into an ideal companion, I actually recollect putting it on when I returned home from school each and every day.


Fast forward a quarter century, the 6900 reappears with a touch more develop metal bezel with a generally moderate plan approach. Expanding upon the experience and achievement of the square-molded DW5000 arrangement, the bezel (actually a cover instead of a bezel), which is made of produced metal, amazingly reproduces the three-dimensional presence of the first. The silver variation uses a glossy silk and cleaned finish combination, which upgrades the look and feel of the piece. (Of the non-uncommon release varieties, this silver one is my own favorite.)

That all being said, the underlying impression upon really giving the watch a shot my wrist was both positive for its incredible workmanship and furthermore this weird vibe that I couldn’t promptly understandable. I believe it’s the size. A quarter century prior, G-SHOCK was at the pinnacle of its fame in the U.S. Planning a model that addresses this flourishing business sector was one of the missions for the 6900 arrangement. This system functioned admirably, and it is currently a piece of the G-Shock legend that the reimported 6900 watches turned into a crushing hit in the Japanese homegrown market. You could say the general size of this model is altogether too huge for normal Japanese clients even by the present norm. It’s one thing to wear a curiously large easygoing watch in a tar case, and it is very another thing to wear the 6900 with an in-your-face metal bezel.

Does that mean this watch will not fly in Japan? Indeed, an incredible opposite. Much the same as notable shoes, for example, Air Max and New Balance 1300, the 6900 is a natural face to the Japanese of our age. The unaltered style from 25 year back, executed in the material that I can unquestionably wear as a grown-up, make this watch a moment exemplary and an encapsulation of extreme wistfulness. Practically everybody will perceive the notorious feel of this watch and will comprehend that you, the wearer, intentionally decided to wear this watch with an aim. You could say that this watch individualizes its wearer.

All that aside, somebody of my age – perusers in their 30s and 40s – I think will comprehend that the updates given to this GM-6900 are very imperative. For instance, the exchangeable lashes — something that Casio has been executing to the G-Shock line for about a year now — are available on this watch also. You can essentially slide the switch on the underside to trade the ties, and this component unquestionably empowers another approach to appreciate the watch.

I think picking the tone and finish from the three variations will be an intense choice. As I referenced before, just the silver one highlights a glossy silk finish on the bezel like the region encompassing the G-Shock logo, while the other two variations are completely cleaned. It’s additionally important that the cleaned dark IP covered rendition may look somewhat plasticky from distance, and I think you’d be more joyful with the silver or gold variation on the off chance that you need to completely appreciate the metallic idea of the watch. Then again, the dark model is the just one highlighting clear red elastic ties; the other two variations stay with essential matte dark lashes. Each of the three models utilize rearranged dark predominant LCD screens, yet the gold model alone highlights a gold-colored data show (i.e., the positive piece of the display).

Although the most adaptable decision would probably be the silver form, every one of them are evaluated under 30,000 yen (MSRP $180 – $230 in the U.S.), which is an astonishing offer. With that sticker price, I’d say it’s not very hard to settle on a choice to go with, for instance, the dark and red model just to have some fun.

Lastly, I think we need to address the joint effort model that is going to some degree unnoticed. The watch in the photograph beneath is a joint effort piece with American retailer KITH, which we detailed here . This watch includes a rose-gold IP covering, and the catch at six o’clock bears the KITH logo. All markings on the bezel are left unfilled, and the general presence is very moderate. A positive LCD design additionally adds to the clean look.

With some assistance from our companions in the business, I figured out how to buy this model for myself. There was a delight in chasing something uncommon, no uncertainty, however I was undoubtedly taken by a plan that is conclusively underplaying the marking perspective. The watch looks as though KITH ended up getting their hands on a G-Shock tooling kick the bucket and just continued to make a few watches all alone, and I really discover this plan very lively. Clearly, this plan execution was conceivable as a cooperation piece, and I wouldn’t anticipate this kind of treatment in the standard arrangement. All things considered, this nearly mockup-like watch shows the genuine strength of the 6900 as a genuine icon.

GM6900-1 (Silver): $180, GM6900B-4 (Black IP): $220, GM6900G-9 (Yellow Gold IP): $230 [Editor’s note: the U.S. market references are recorded here rather than the JDM partners in the first article.] Resin and treated steel case. Case size: 53.9 x 49.7 x 18.6 mm. Weight: 96 grams. Water opposition: 20 ATM. For more data, visit G-Shock .

This article first appeared on HODINKEE.jp, which you can visit clicking here .

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