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Hands-On The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection SBGK009

Certain observes simply stay with you. As you can envision, I see a ton of watches, as there are bounty that come across my work area, possess my considerations for a couple of days, and are gone as fast as they came. Yet, consistently, I wind up engrossed with a little small bunch, contemplating them long after they’ve gotten back and tales about them have been distributed. The Grand Seiko SBGK005 was unquestionably one of those looks for me in 2019. Truth be told, two months into 2020, it’s as yet on my mind. 

There’s a ton to like about the SBGK005. You can peruse my full audit for the subtleties, yet everything from the case profile, which references exemplary vintage Grand Seiko models, to the unbelievable dial finish, a gesture to Japan’s Mt. Iwate, caught my creative mind. Wearing the watch was as pleasurable an encounter as you can request from a mechanical watch. So when Grand Seiko came out with a couple follow-up models, I realized I needed to look at them. The SBGK007 , with its gleaming white dial, certainly addressed me, however it was the SBGK009 that I eventually discovered compelling. I brought in an example for a concise preliminary, and kid am I happy I did.

The SBGK009 has a similar case and a similar type as the other SBGK models dispatched early a year ago. What’s more, that is something worth being thankful for. There’s nothing amiss with both of them, truth be told, and I’m a major defender of the, “on the off chance that it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” reasoning. The two major updates here are the dial and the arm band. The previous is presently a dull dark tone and the last is a nine-interface arm band that is supplanted the lashes found on the other SBGK models. Each is intriguing in its own particular manner, however I think the genuine force comes in their combination.

Let’s beginning with that dial. Fabulous Seiko calls it “dull dark,” and that is actually evident. In brilliant light, it peruses like a matte charcoal or perhaps a shade lighter than that. Be that as it may, the second you begin getting into blended lighting or faint lighting, I would depict the dial as a “delicate dark” all things being equal. To call the dial chameleon-like may be an exaggeration – I don’t know about such a large number of greyscale reptiles – yet it’s something toward that path without a doubt. Here and there dark dials can be a little unforgiving, however this specific shade of dim gives you a great deal of the potential gains of a dark dial without that expected entanglement. It’s exquisite, and it’s smooth, yet it actually has a huge load of lavishness and profundity to it. The way that there’s a lot of open space and no lume enhances the impact too.

And at that point there’s the arm band. Fanatics of vintage Grand Seiko will value this new alternative. While it is anything but a straight diversion of a specific vintage GS bracelet, it certainly shares a plan theory with large numbers of the exemplary Grand Seiko arm bands from the 1970s. In the event that you do a snappy Google look for “Stupendous Seiko 56GS wristband,” you’ll understand (this way and this , for instance). Those arm bands shared a refined reasonableness that kept them far away from the common ’70s sport watch wristbands. These had a lot slimmer connections, and the differentiating completes gave them a huge load of character. I think adding a wristband like that to the SBGK is a characteristic fit, particularly since the watch’s case shares such a huge amount in common with vintage GS watches of that period. Furthermore, goodness no doubt – it’s excessively comfortable. It seems more like a tie on the wrist, yet one that you can shake free in the event that it begins to feel somewhat contracting. I’m a fan.

I would prefer not to pester the point excessively, yet I do think the comparison to 1970s sport watches is one worth investigating a piece. I presumably don’t need to reveal to you that there could be no more blazing class of watch at this moment. You fundamentally can’t get one – in any event not from any semblance of Patek Philippe or Audemars Piguet –  and each brand is attempting to gain by this prominence. Stupendous Seiko might have done likewise, however all things considered, they decided to drop something that is enlivened by a similar time yet in a totally different manner. This is unquestionably a dressy wristband watch, not a game watch. Without a doubt, I figure it would look incredible with a shirt and pants, however in a somewhat intrusive way. With formal attire, it looks totally right on the money. The vast majority zig, Grand Seiko crosses. That is continually going to gather my applause.

While the SBGK005 was the watch that made me look to the SBGK009 in any case, it currently feels amusing to me to put them next to each other. For two watches that share so a lot, in both design and motivation, the encounters of wearing them are a lot further separated than I anticipated. The SBGK005 is about that splendid blue dial, the minuscule subtleties it contains, and how you can best set it off with a pleasant lash or the correct outfit. The SBGK009, then again, is a touch more solid and somewhat more unobtrusive. The shades of the dial change gradually and delicately; the vibe of the arm band provokes you to think more diligently about what separates a dress watch from a game watch; its capacity to find a way into any climate is a demonstration of its lucidity of vision.

Ultimately, both are remarkable watches. Yet, while I at first idea the SBGK005 would remain my inclination between the two, the SBGK009 found me napping and refuted me. It’s a special watch that is both striking and unobtrusive, and I believe it’s an awesome illustration of Grand Seiko doing what it excels at: Being Grand Seiko and making an effort not to be anybody else. 

The SBGK009 retails for $7,700 and is a piece of the primary Elegance assortment (i.e., it’s not restricted). For additional, visit Grand Seiko on the web .

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