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Hands-On The Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

Hands-On The Hublot Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic

Back in the year 2006, I ended up finding face to face an extremely surprising watch from an exceptionally sudden company. The watch was the Quenttin Tourbillon, from Jacob & Co., which was (and is) a huge watch with a then-extraordinary 31-day power hold and vertical tourbillon. The Quenttin commenced an entirely different class of competition among watchmakers. The longest force saves in watches preceding the Quenttin were normally found in pocket watches, for which eight days was by and large pushing it. Long force saves mean either various heart barrels, or one exceptionally walloping huge one, and the long force hold commonly implied problematic chronometry at one or the other extraordinary of the running time. The company that at last left with the record was Hublot, whose La Ferrari was dispatched in 2013 with a 50-day power save; apparently, nobody has made an endeavor on a flat out record for a long force hold in a wristwatch since then. 

There is, obviously, the Vacheron Constantin Twin Beat , which has two separate oscillators between which you can switch and, with the lower recurrence balance (1.2 Hz) being used, the watch will run for 65 days. It isn’t, nonetheless, intended to be worn in this mode, nor to keep time particularly exactly; all things considered, this is essentially a reserve mode for the watch, expected to stay up with the latest if the watch is unworn for an all-inclusive timeframe. Indeed, even with current innovation, surpassing the La Ferrari’s record would almost certainly bring about an unwearable watch (La Ferrari is now a watch of ursine haul, to acquire an expression) and would presumably require advancements in escapement technology. (The Parmigiani Fleurier Genequand oscillator idea watch had a hypothetical force save of 70 days, however Parmigiani has clearly dropped the task, at any rate for now.)

With the metal ring solidly close by, Hublot appears to have ventured back a piece from seeking after any further outright records as far as force save, however it actually is dynamic in the specialty of long force save watches. Their leaders for the second are the MP-11 watches, which have seven in-arrangement heart barrels and a force save of 14 days. While still very enormous, at 45mm x 14.50mm, they are nonetheless generally undeniably more wearable than something like the La Ferrari (or the Quenttin). The MP-11 has showed up in a few diverse case materials since it was presented as a stage for the type HUB9011, and it was dispatched for the current year at LVMH Watch Week in Dubai in January in Hublot’s protected Red Magic ceramic.

Now, prior to going any further I believe that the point should be made that a long force save observe unquestionably doesn’t need to be a fire-motor red visual paean to obnoxious horological extroversion. Vacheron makes a long force save watch that is pretty much as good as a seat on the leading body of a white-shoe banking firm (or possibly, as decent as such a seat used to be). While a heftier size is pretty much a given with a long force hold watch, the reality stays that the Hublot MP-11 Red Magic looks the manner in which it does, not out of any specialized need, but since that is the way Hublot wants it to look (and likewise, one expects, how Hublot thinks its clients need such a watch to look). 

The reason I’m going on about this a little is on the grounds that while you can draw a comparison between the Vacheron and the Hublot from a specialized watchmaking viewpoint, I think it is incredibly impossible that there is anyplace on the planet, presently or ever, anybody scratching their head as they battle to pick between the two. The customer for the Hublot is likely a recurrent Hublot customer, however one for whom the consideration looking for parts of its plan are not an obligation, nor accidental, but instead a resource and for sure, the whole raison d’être of the watch.

While it is a specialized record-holder, I don’t figure anybody would call the La Ferrari a high point in current watch plan from the angle of style. While the gigantically long force save is unquestionably great, the plan consistently struck me as somewhat cursory close to the specialized complexity of the watch, and the biomorphic case appeared to be a fairly hackneyed endeavor to look cool and futuristic. 

The Big Bang MP-11 Red Magic, along these lines, amazed me when I saw the primary pictures in Jon Bues’ Introducing post from January . I would have expected, had somebody recently depicted the watch to me, to discover it, if not forgettable in any event not horrendously compelling. In any case, it appeared some way or another to work, to cling as it were – but in its own extremely peculiar manner – that a portion of the other MP-11 watches, and surely the La Ferrari, had not. Face to face – in the earthenware, so to speak – I discovered it figured out how to convey the day, at long last, through the sheer strength of its own convictions.

I have a favorable opinion of the achievement of the MP-11 Red Magic is inferable from the astounding profundity and extravagance of the red fired. In an alternate material, the general plan probably won’t be as fruitful (the Red Magic earthenware rendition is the just one I’ve really gotten an opportunity to see and deal with), and it gives the watch all the daintiness and simplicity on the wrist you would anticipate from a clay case (I’m talking in relative terms, obviously – this is as yet a 45mm x 14.5mm watch and no slip-up). The material has a portion of a similar feeling of unpretentious grain and surface you get in a terminated lacquer dial, and it gets the light, and moves in tone as the light changes, in a pleasingly diverting style – not that this is a watch that was ever not going to cause to notice itself, yet as it does, it is decent that there is a ton to look at.

I’ve said that the MP-11 Red Magic looks the manner in which it does in light of the fact that that is the way Hublot needed it to look. This, obviously, is evident on one level, but on the other hand the facts demonstrate that only one out of every odd plan endeavor prevails with regards to arriving at its objectives. Making a watch like this is a considerable amount more hazardous than making, say, something like a level time-just dress watch in a valuable metal, or making a jumper’s watch (the two classes for which there is a grounded plan jargon). Regularly, such a watchmaking that the MP-11 Red Magic addresses doesn’t exactly satisfy its desire, however in this occurrence, I think the combination of unsuspected profundity and wealth to be found for the situation material, in combination with the specialized parts of the watch, make for a watch which I think has a very decent potential for success of proceeding to be engaging – and fun, which after everything is the purpose of the entire exercise – long after the curiosity has worn off. 

The Hublot MP-11 Red Magic: case, red fired, 45mm x 14.5mm, with uniquely formed sapphire precious stone to accommodate the fountainhead barrels. Development, Hublot 14-day type HUB9011, running at 28,800 vph in 39 gems; seven fountainhead barrels running in arrangement. Restricted release of 100 pieces around the world; cost, $86,000. For additional, see it at Hublot.com.

All photographs, Tiffany Wade.

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