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Hands-On The Ianos Avyssos

Hands-On The Ianos Avyssos

When it comes to plunge watch plan , it frequently appears there is just the same old thing. All things considered, with a set number of components to work with, genuinely exacting prerequisites, 60 years of history, and incalculable existing models, it’s hard to be unique any longer. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where you think back, route back, a long time before the principal plunge watches, or even the innovation of scuba, for motivation. That is actually what Jacob Hatzidimitriou, the organizer of Ianos Watches, never really up with his first jumper: the Avyssos. 

If the names “Ianos,” “Avyssos,” or the organizer’s family name didn’t part with it, this is a watch with Greek roots, which is fitting for a plunge watch. Greece has a long undersea legacy, from the legendary lost city of Atlantis about which Plato composed, to the conventional freediving wipe jumpers, to combat jumpers from the fourth century BC through two World Wars (stories recount Greek jumpers cutting the Persians’ anchor lines in the fourth century BC). However, inarguably the most captivating part in Greek underwater history was the revelation, by wipe jumpers, of an antiquated wreck off the shore of the island of Antikythera, wherein was discovered maybe the world’s most seasoned clock component , that right up ’til today stays a wellspring of secret and continuous interest among archeologists and horologists alike.

You need vintage-enlivened? What about 100 B.C. inspired?

The name “Ianos” (YAWN-os) means “Janus,” who was the old divine force of, in addition to other things, time. “Avyssos” means our English word “chasm.” And consistent with its name, this watch is an appropriate plunge clock. The steel case is water impervious to a solid 300 meters, the circumstance ring ratchets counterclockwise, and the brilliant hands and dial are profoundly neat, night or day. In any case, it’s the various subtleties that different the Avyssos separated from the armies of other plunge keeps an eye out there. 

The case is 44 millimeters in width however doesn’t actually wear as extensive as you would anticipate. The shape isn’t not normal for a large number of the 1960s jumpers that used the supposed “Skin Diver” case, with a pleasantly bended profile and short, cut-in carries that give the Avyssos a start to finish measurement of 54 mm. The bezel is brushed steel, with scalloped edges and engraved numerals and five-minute hashes. Regardless of the smooth scallops, the bezel is not difficult to get a handle on since it overhangs the sides of the case, being the largest piece of the watch. The general impact is nostalgic without referring to a particular recorded diver.

At 44 x 54 millimeters, the Avyssos fits an assortment of wrists.

The dial is the place where things get truly intriguing. Built in the stenciled “sandwich” style, the luminiscent layer is noticeable through the removed markers. Numerals are huge and circling, while the five-minute markers are oval. The states of these unpretentiously reference the state of the “kampanelopetra,” or plunging stones utilized by Greek jumpers as counterbalance when they slid to gather wipes on the seabed, a smart gesture to this set of experiences without being silly or overwrought.

A piece of the Antikythera component that roused the running marker of the Avyssos.

Similarly referential is the running marker at 6:00. Coming up short on a compass seconds hand, this capacities as a methods for telling if the watch is in reality running, an essential component of a jump watch. The rotating white and hued circular segments move behind the gap on the dial. While the absence of a compass hand doesn’t consider precisely setting the watch, or timing decompression stops, the tradeoff is an astute visual component that really references the Antikythera system, that had an also noticeable pivoting plate. When you see this, it is self-evident, yet even with no information on its motivation, it very well may be valued. The sanded surface of the actual dial is additionally an unpretentious gesture to that archaelogical treasure, which was crusted with coral and hundreds of years worth of erosion. With the rich marker tone, sanded dial and remarkable running pointer, the Avyssos has an ageless, practically old fashioned quality, some way or another accommodating its connect to antiquty and its sources in Greece, the support, some say, of innovation and culture.

Then there is the decision of the development. The Avyssos runs a hand-winding ETA 7001 development, with no date. Beside Panerai’s at some point utilization of hand-turned types, it’s an uncommon decision in an advanced plunge watch. Perfectionists will contend that a self-winding engine is more qualified for a plunge watch since it requires no utilization of the crown, the “frail” right on target a watch as far as dampness entrance. In any case, truly, the danger is negligible, except if you are plunging routinely, and at any rate, this watch has a screw-in crown, so isn’t simply dependent on a stem gasket for water obstruction. There is a fairly perplexing tightening click, notwithstanding, when fixing down the crown after full winding the development, which is a grasp that keeps you from over wrenching the origin while fastening the crown.

The channel on the caseback offers perspective on the ETA 7001 development and holds the lash back from adding stature to the watch.

This decision of development separates the Avyssos from not just some other microbrand jumper I can consider, yet additionally pretty much every other plunge keep an eye out there. It additionally takes into consideration a thin case profile of under 10 mm. Flipping the watch over yields one more astonishment. The caseback is calculated carefully in from its flanks to a focal longitudinal channel cut out to give perspective on the development behind a mineral glass window. Unquestionably, the ETA 7001 is certifiably not a flawlessly improved development, however I actually appreciated seeing the extensions, winding pinion wheels, and enormous equilibrium wheel of this uncommon development. The pattern channel likewise was planned with a get through “NATO” style tie as a main priority and the one provided with the Avyssos slides totally in it, without adding any extra tallness to the watch’s profile.

The lash furnished with the Ianos Avyssos is produced using a layer of delicate sueded calfskin and a base layer of water (and sweat) safe polyurethane. While maybe not the most ideal decision for a jump watch, these lashes were tried in the ocean on the wrists of Greek wipe jumpers and got through good. A nylon NATO would be a simple enough trade for wet work. 

The decision of development holds the thickness to an honorably slender 9.54 millimeters.

I’ll concede that when I previously saw renderings of this watch, I was not exactly intrigued. In any case, active is a completely unique matter. At that point the surface of the dial and the profundity of the markers, the inventiveness of the cut-out caseback and the nature of the tie are clear. The Avyssos is a reviving watch, so special from the generally subordinate field of jumpers out there. The chronicled motivations of the watch likewise urged me to dive in somewhat more to the historical backdrop of Greek wipe plunging and the revelation of the Antikythera wreck and its component, which some way or another saturated the watch with additional, ahem, profundity. I like watches with great back stories and this one, regardless of being another brand, has a rich one. For of all the “vintage” and “retro-propelled” plunge keeps an eye out there, the Ianos Avyssos figures out how to be the most retro of all, while simultaneously, appearing to be completely new and new.

The Avyssos will be dispatched in mid-February, with a cost of 725 CHF for the steel references (three dial tones) and 760 CHF for the one PVD form. More data about Ianos and the Avyssos can be found here .

Photos: Gishani Ratnayake

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