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Hands-On The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox

Hands-On The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox

As we enter the second 50% of what has been an uncommon year for watch releases, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s revived Master Control line stands apart as one of my top picks so far. These humbly measured, reasonably estimated programmed watches incline toward the dressy, however I likewise think they have irrefutable day by day wear potential. They strike me as the sort of moderately styled, great wristwatches that can be foundations for a strong watch assortment. The plans here feel professional with the potential for immortality. What’s more, obviously, on the grounds that we’re discussing JLC, everything is in-house. I’ve just raved about the full schedule chronograph form.

Today, we will investigate another rendition of the Master Control that may have flown under the radar a piece. However, that is simply because it appeared close by the restricted version Master Control Memovox Timer with a striking blue dial. The Memovox is a since a long time ago tenured watch at Jaeger-LeCoultre, with the main models tracing all the way back to the mid 1950s. What’s intriguing about alert watches all the more extensively is that they are genuinely uncommon. All things being equal, I can’t consider numerous watchmakers at all that have made alert watches a critical piece of their indexes. Indeed, even still, in light of the fact that JLC is so huge and has really dominated such countless various kinds of complications, the Memovox, however extraordinary as it seems to be, doesn’t really come into view when my considerations go to the Grande Maison. I’ve yet to possess a Memovox, yet it’s a watch that I’ve for quite some time been keen on and have come near purchasing several events and may yet. I do have a connected thing as a 8-day LeCoultre work area morning timer that gives me heaps of fulfillment. Be that as it may, I digress.

The standard, non-restricted Master Control Memovox without clock that we see here has a comparatively grave silver dial with applied numerals, brilliant markers, and an outlined date window at 3 o’clock. The dauphine hands for the hour and minutes have a limited removed with a use of Super-LumiNova. It’s not really the sort of use of glowing material that one may expect of, say, a game watch, yet the lume is nonetheless valued. The Memovox’s focal component is, all things considered, an alert; and this is a watch that one would almost certainly keep on the end table and depend on to be woken up. This current watch’s sole dash of shading comes from its blued steel seconds hand. The dial has adjusted extents, a perfect plan, and scores well in my book for decipherability. Not many regions of watch configuration arouse contradicting interests very like the date window, and this watch obviously has a very noticeable one. It’s even outlined, causing more prominent to notice it. This is something I by and large cheer as a demonstration inclining in. In case you will have a date window, I’ve come to understand, there’s no compelling reason to cover up it. 

Following the conventional Memovox plan format, the new Master Control Memovox highlights two counterbalance crowns, one for winding and setting the watch and the other for winding and setting the caution. These huge, capricious crowns are a lot of a piece of the Memovox plan language and can be found on instances of this watch returning to the good ‘ol days during the 1950s, and the equivalent can be said of the inward dial with its pointer. This is utilized for setting the alarm. When the hour hand lines up with it, you hear the obvious sound of the Memovox alert. (Sorry that this Hands-On story needs audio.)

As an entire, the invigorated Master Control range has a beguiling structure factor because of their 40mm distance across cases with carefully bended and inclined carries. From that point, they veer somewhat regarding thickness, yet none feel even the slightest bit enlarged. That is the situation in the Master Control Memovox, which packs programmed winding, a date window, and a namesake alert component into a 50-meter-water-safe 12.39mm treated steel case. That case configuration has a mid-century vintage vibe to it, however the genuine extents are unequivocally inside what I would call the humble sweet spot of current watch size. 

Whereas past Memovox models have come with shut casebacks with the gong fastened to the back to help in the transmission of sound, this new model has an open caseback, which permits the wearer to see the sledge as it strikes the gong. Doing this required an upgrade of the striking component, and now the gong is appended to the side of the case.   

On the wrist, the freshest Memovox strikes a genuinely moderate look, however I feel that this frees it up to more noteworthy flexibility. The shade of the dial and its hands and markers is comparable as you can see, yet the unobtrusive differentiation in completions makes for a watch that is both decipherable and, I think, pretty excellent. It functions as a dress watch, as you can see beneath, however the decision of the provided tie envisions this watch being looked to for heaps of more easygoing wear too. 

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Memovox Reference: Q4118420: 40mm x 12.39mm hardened steel case with water protection from 50 meters, sapphire precious stones on front and back. Programmed in-house type 956  with 45 hours of force save running at28,800 vph in 24 gems. Hour, minutes, seconds, date, caution. Silver sunray dial. Cost: $11,600. For additional, visit Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Photos, Tiffany Wade

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