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Hands-On The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A For Only Watch 2019

Hands-On The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A For Only Watch 2019

On November ninth, at the biennial Only Watch good cause sell off held in Geneva, this erratic Patek Philippe, the Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A For Only Watch 2019 , may become the most costly watch at any point to sell at closeout. This implies it might actually depose the well known Paul Newman Daytona. 

It may seem like an impossible situation, however the financial matters of the circumstance do in reality bode well: The world’s most esteemed assembling, Patek Philippe, takes the most complicated wristwatch they’ve at any point delivered, the 6300G, and make a particular execution in hardened steel with a dial that is even denoted, “The Only One.” Talk about a not really unpretentious flex. 

And I got the opportunity to step through it for an exam drive. 

It’s monstrous. The case quantifies near 48mm, and the 16mm tallness doesn’t cause it to feel any more modest; it wears considerably bigger than it looks. The long, articulating drags do assist with the manner in which the tie twists around the wrist, in any case. One of the fundamental highlights of the watch is a reversible case, and one of the overflow advantages of the turning around component is that it positions the sping bars far enough from the case to where the tie consummately contacts the wrist and keeps the guilloché hobnail case right where it ought to be. Patek claims that it took more than 100,000 worker hours to build up this watch. Nothing about it is unintentional, and it shows. 

On one side of the case is a certainly delightful salmon dial. It’s trimmed with complications on each square millimeter, and that is only 50% of the full cluster. That is the most noteworthy piece of the watch, as I would like to think. Patek has figured out how to press more into half this watch than practically some other watch out there, and they put everything for a situation that is about the size of any of the uncontrollably mainstream yet inadequately proportioned plunge watches that a few authorities enjoy.

The other half of the 20 complications are found on the contrary dial in dark. The two dials inconspicuously reflect each other outwardly, like a whole other world, or “dim mode” on an advanced iPhone application. The brilliant rose-gold dial is referred to on the coal black dial by the warm shade of rose gold hands and a salmon-tone yearly presentation window. The dark dial appears as a four-register plan and is shockingly readable given how much data is displayed. 

When I put it on my wrist it didn’t energize me in the manner I figured it may. I experienced difficulty finding the why in the watch. It has everything, and I imply that in a real sense – it has 20 complications and five ringing modes, however it simply wasn’t clicking. Indeed it didn’t inspire such a passionate reaction whatsoever. A line from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy comes to mind: “Briefly, nothing occurred. At that point, following a second or somewhere in the vicinity, nothing kept on occurring.” This should be the watch. The one watch to run them all. Eventually, however, there’s no stunt to falling head over heels in love. It simply wasn’t intended to be.

But this shouldn’t imply that it isn’t absolutely noteworthy. Contemplating the gravitas of the watch constrained me to look past its style, a simply close to home matter, and rather consider how it affects the bigger community. Patek has been the foundation of high horology for a very long time. Eleven of those 180 years were spent idealizing the unfathomable type Caliber 300 GS AL 36-750 QIS FUS IRM fueling this watch. Actually, it is interesting by an impressive edge; this very watch addresses the zenith of about a century and a portion of the company’s work making tolling complications. 

The Only Watch Patek is initially gotten from the reference 5175, acquainted in 2014 with mark Patek Philippe’s 175th commemoration. Six pieces were offered to lucky gatherers for $2.5 million. After two years, the watch reappeared as Reference 6300G in white gold, and estimated at $2.2 million. The Only Watch Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A could be the watch’s steely swan song. 

The most costly watch at any point sold, the “Paul Newman Daytona,” sold for $17.8 million in October 2017. The watch initially retailed for around $200. The deal shows the force of an incredible story; it completely rises above the watch world and outlines the thought that what makes something significant isn’t what it’s produced using or who it’s made by, yet rather who made the watch. As in, “the man makes the watch,” and not the reverse way around. This was the King of Cool’s watch, and putting it available to be purchased measured the theoretical thought of what “cool” is worth. Also that it additionally supercharged the whole subculture of vintage Rolex gathering, and explicitly the Daytona’s desirability. 

The steel Grandmaster Chime doesn’t have any of that provenance. Also, I envision that the convergence of qualified purchasers and purchasers with an exceptionally nuanced enthusiasm for Patek’s most outrageous articulation of high horology is generally little. However, think about this: the watch is coming up at closeout in a room loaded with bidders who might be acquainted with paying tens – at times hundreds – of millions for a piece of compelling artwork. The entirety of the unexpected, the Patek appears as though an arrangement for what must be viewed as the best watch, or “horological workmanship,” at any point delivered. There’s consistently another level.

And this may be The Only One to get there. 

For more, visit onlywatch.com .

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