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Hands-On The Rolex Submariner Date Reference 126619LB

Hands-On The Rolex Submariner Date Reference 126619LB

The Rolex Submariner is the most renowned plunge watch on the planet. It’s ostensibly the world’s most popular watch. The Sub has developed throughout the years to incorporate various sizes, date and no date variants, just as different materials for its case, its wristband, and its bezel. It’s been an extreme and strong device watch, and it’s been an image of extravagance at the same time. The Submariner can be at times inconspicuous, now and again not. This year, we were offered a brief look at the fate of the Rolex Submariner in a refreshed assortment that utilizes a somewhat bigger case size – it’s presently 41mm in measurement, circling back to the 40mm instance of the past age. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the ref. 126619LB, the all-white-gold Submariner with blue Cerachrom bezel, dark dial, and 70-hour programmed development with date.

The new ref. 126619LB isn’t the principal white-gold Submariner Date to highlight a blue bezel in Cerachrom, obviously. Most perusers will be acquainted with the past emphasis of this watch, the ref. 116619 “Smurf,” which the watch you see above replaces. In any case, while the Smurf had a coordinating blue dial that appeared immediately to pass on that it’s substantial white-gold extravagance, the watch you see here figures out how to hold a smidgen a greater amount of its apparatus watch character by ideals of its comparatively severe dark dial. Spot it on your wrist, obviously, and you’ll in a flash know precisely what you’ve found yourself mixed up with. There’s bunches of gold all things considered and bracelet. 

As a Batman GMT sweetheart, this is a shading plan that I can undoubtedly get behind. To my eye, it’s an improvement over the Smurf that better accomplishes what, in any event in my brain, individuals searching out a strong white-gold game watch need. Or, in other words, relaxed extravagance. That is to say, there are a lot of yellow-gold alternatives out there.

Two of the most discussed parts of the new Submariner watches are their usage of another case size, which highlights more slender hauls, which I think make for a more adjusted watch, just as the execution of a programmed development including the more effective Chronergy Escapement and a force hold that has been loosened up to 70 hours. While the development in the new no-date Sub (which was likewise found in a scope of new Oyster Perpetual models) was surely new, appearing simply this year, the development in this and the few other Submariner Date models is one that we know well, the cal. 3235. It’s in the most recent age Sea-Dweller, numerous executions of the Datejust, and other Rolex observes as well. Nonetheless, it’s new to the Submariner Date, a watch that was expected for the Chronergy redesign, and it addresses a huge overhaul over the past age Submariner Date.

The blue Cerachrom bezel offers a pleasant highlight, however the general impact is significantly more calm than it was with the blue-dialed Smurf.

There was a touch of debate encompassing the arrival of the 41mm Submariner, obviously, originating from the way that Rolex’s most right away conspicuous watch had crossed the 40mm Rubicon. I, at the end of the day, need to concede that I was really stunned when I read the feature to our own underlying inclusion of the 2020 Sub dispatch. Wasn’t 40mm a holy number when it came to watch size? For what reason would they do this? In the wake of perusing a large part of the inclusion and considering it myself, I reached the resolution that Rolex is most likely a smidgen more inspired by how its watches wear than in the mental impact, positive or negative, that one millimeter may have on stalwart devotees. The drags are currently slimmer than they were on the past variant of the Submariner, and some have seen that the new form wears more comfortably than its 40mm archetype, too.

Hallmarks on the undersides of those somewhat slimmer carries reveal to you that this new watch is strong 18-karat white gold, yet I feel that numerous easygoing spectators new to blue-bezeled Submariners would most likely accept that it’s made of treated steel. To my brain, this is probably as calm a valuable metal Rolex sports watch as I have seen since the first white gold, Oyster-braceleted Pepsi GMT when it appeared with a dark dial. 

In request to accommodate the marginally svelter drags and the way that the case is a touch bigger, Rolex has drawn on a more extensive wristband (the carry width is 21mm now, rather than 20), which makes for a more steady wearing experience. The arm band has a slight shape to it, as you’d expect, just as the natural Glidelock catch, which permits on-the-fly changes of up to 20mm in 2mm additions without an apparatus. Similarly as with the “Smurf,” the white gold Oyster arm band has joins highlighting a brushed completion to the external connections and differentiating cleaned finish on the focal links. This contrast is especially observable in the two photographs above.

I accept that on a philosophical level, you’re either in the gold games watch camp, or you’re most certainly not. I’m not exactly there yet. And keeping in mind that I figure I could be convinced toward that path, this current watch’s sticker price is sufficiently high that, until further notice, it stays an absolutely scholarly inquiry. Try not to misunderstand me, I believe it’s a cool watch and lean toward it to the Smurf, however the no-date Submariner is a watch I’d sooner search out. What’s more, that is coming from someone who purchased a Black Bay Fifty-Eight as of late and considered his dateless plunge watch tingle scratched. What I will say is that I can see the new white-gold Submariner changing over individuals who had been orbiting the around the Smurf with looking interest, maybe kicking a tire or two, however couldn’t get down with the full blue treatment.

The Rolex Submariner Date ref. 126619LB. White-gold case with dark dial and blue Cerachrom bezel. Water protection from 300 meters. Rolex make cal. 3235 with Chronergy escapement and 70 hours of force save vibrating at 28,800 vph in 31 gems. White-gold Oyster wristband with Glidelock clasp. Price: $39,650. For additional, visit Rolex .

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