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Hands-On The Seiko Presage Homage To The Crown Chronograph

Seiko just delivered three references — SARX069, SARX073, and SARX071 — from its Presage line as a respect to the Crown Chronograph around 1964. I got my hands on them, so here is my snappy Hands-On survey of the new tribute pieces.

The unique Crown Chronograph was created when Seiko turned into the authority watch of the Tokyo 1964 Summer Olympics, which were the primary games to be held in Japan. This watch is otherwise called the primary Japanese watch with a stopwatch complication, and it acquired the name “Crown” from the hand-wound (non-chronograph) piece of a similar name, which the Crown Chronograph was based on.

First Crown Chronograph ref. 5719A-45899

The first Crown Chronograph was a mono-pusher — working beginning, pause and reset capacities with one pusher — and the absence of sub-dials accentuated the spotless impression of the dial. It was furnished with a bidirectional pivoting bezel made of plastic going about as an hour long register when absolutely necessary. Practically speaking, you’d set the triangle at the 0/60 imprint to the moment hand and start the chronograph to clock the minutes.

Seiko really delivered another respect piece to this chronograph, Presage SARK015 (referred to outside of Japan as the SRQ031), last October to praise the 55 years of Seiko chronograph history. That part was a customary three-register chronograph outfitted with the brand’s chronograph development 8R48. One could say it was an exemplification of the mechanical headways throughout the most recent 55 years, yet a few lovers weren’t excessively content with its plan execution which just inexactly acquired the general look and feel of the first, for example, the dial tone. This new respect piece, in any case, follows the first plan language all the more intently, in spite of the fact that it is, indeed, a non-chronograph three-hander.

Let’s dive into the subtleties of the watch being referred to. Despite the fact that it isn’t furnished with a chronograph, the general plan surely intently looks like the first Crown Chronograph. I do believe being a three-hander without sub-registers is likely the main motivation for that, however the dark bezel, fresh files, lumed dauphine hands, and the actual dial all add to accomplishing the look. Notwithstanding the consistent with unique ivory dial model, Seiko presented green and dark dial varieties also (as a side note, the OG was accessible in dim too). The recently added green and dark references look current and polished, yet I for one kindness the ivory form the most. Seiko formally calls it “ivory,” yet the dial has to a greater extent a silver tone to it contingent upon how the light hits it. The profoundly cleaned records sit on the sunray-completed dial, and the fine depressions on the dial add some three-dimensionality to the generally speaking look.

The programmed development 6R35 ticks inside. Seiko uses this development in a wide assortment of watches, from the Presage line to the Prospex pieces. The Seiko Prospex Alpinist that we as of late presented likewise houses this development. In principle, you can leave the watch unworn for an entire end of the week, and the watch would tick fine and dandy on Monday on account of its long 70-hour power save. Be that as it may, this plan is flexible enough for business and end of the week circumstances the same, and you’d be enticed to wear it constantly. While the chronograph work is clearly missing, the watch acquired the date complication, which could be viewed as more valuable for some (over the chronograph work that couple of would use consistently).

On my wrist, I felt the case sat fairly more modest than the real estimation of 41.3mm across would recommend. The watch is just 11.3mm tall, and the carries intently follow the shape of the wrist. I think the measuring is right on target and a wide scope of individuals can appreciate this piece. The stock wristband functions admirably in fact, yet I’m very certain the watch sings on a bunch of cowhide straps.

All three variations are valued at $825 (in addition to burden), which is very receptive for some. This value point wouldn’t have been conceivable in the event that it was furnished with a chronograph development. Seiko had the option to steadfastly reproduce the first plan by discarding a complication that wouldn’t be utilized a ton, and the subsequent watch has current components in a bundle brimming with vintage enchant. In the event that you are intrigued, I wouldn’t stand by too long as it is a restricted version of 1,964 pieces for each reference.

Seiko Presage 2020 Limited Edition — 41.3mm x 11.3mm treated steel case. 10 ATM water opposition. Cal. 6R35 with 70-hour power save. Seiko Global Brand Core Shop selective. A restricted version of 1,964 pieces each. Cost: $825 (in addition to tax).

For more data about this watch, visit Seiko on the web .

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