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Hands-On The Seiko Prospex SNJ029 Solar Diver

Hands-On The Seiko Prospex SNJ029 Solar Diver

I have an admission to make: I’ve never seen Predator. Or then again Commando, so far as that is concerned. Remove my man card and consider me a Communist, I simply didn’t watch a ton of activity films during the 1980s, despite the fact that I was a red-blooded American teen when those motion pictures came out, nor have I had a craving since. In those days, I was either finding out about experiences in the wilderness, the desert, at the Poles, or under the ocean, or I was out in the forested areas with my companions having undertakings of my own. What’s more, I generally needed a major watch. All the cool wayfarers in the magazines and on TV wore huge watches. It was an image of high experience, derring-do, and crude capacity. No mysterious capsule molded associated watches back then. It was all enormous jumpers, generally Seikos, Citizens, and the odd Rolex, seething with catches and sub-dials and saw-tooth bezels. In secondary school, I set something aside for, and purchased, a Pepsi-bezel Seiko jumper. My closest companion had a simple computerized Citizen Aqualand. We were our own activity heroes.

No watches were hurt in the making of this article.

No question you resulted in these present circumstances audit of the new Seiko Prospex SNJ029 Solar Diver hoping to peruse some Austrian-complemented helicopter commands. In any case, given the hole in my film seeing history, you will not perceive any “get to da choppa” references here. At any rate, this stout Seiko remains all alone, no rocket launcher or sweat-soaked python of a wrist required. At the point when the pair of Prospex “Road Series” simple advanced jumpers known for their olive and khaki colorways as the “Safarnies” (“Safari” + “Arnie”) were reported recently, I didn’t spare a moment, and got one, the khaki-clad SNJ029. I surmise the teenager matured me never truly developed up.

As some foundation for the other seven individuals who didn’t see two of the 1980s’ greatest activity flicks, Seiko’s developing assortment of these simple advanced jumpers are enlivened by the H558 jumper that Seiko presented in 1982, a watch that got celebrated for its appearance on the wrist of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the previously mentioned motion pictures. Yet, that big-screen distinction dominates the meaning of the actual watch. The H558 was the world’s first simple advanced alert chronograph. It commenced a rich time of this very 1980s kind that brought forth such symbols as Citizen’s Promaster Aqualand and Altichron, and the Breitling Aerospace, which all came out a couple of years later. 

Like a large portion of Seiko’s “fish can” jumpers, the 47.8mm SNJ029 really wears compactly because of entirely round extents (7.5″ wrist for reference).

These watches were the stature of usefulness, an eminent combination of simple neatness and the improved list of capabilities of the advanced showcase, all pressed in a covered jump watch case water safe (at that point) to 150 meters. There essentially was nothing better for all-around adventuring in those days. Mechanical watches were antiquated and delicate by comparison. The G-Shock was a year away, and the Suunto Vector not so much as a flash in a Finnish architect’s eye. The H558’s caution could wake you for an early culmination endeavor toward the beginning of the day, the chronograph could follow your ski plunge from the top, and the pivoting bezel could time your make a plunge the evening. The Seiko H558 was, truth be told, worn on campaigns to the highest point of Everest and to the two Poles before the finish of the ’80s.

Despite this celebrated history, it was all the while amazing, and without a doubt chronologically erroneous, for Seiko to deliver new simple advanced watches when patterns favor extravagance mechanical or forefront associated watches. At Baselworld in 2019, the company drew out the dependably “tacti-cool” SNJ025 and afterward followed it up with a completely dark cased form and a Pepsi-bezel “PADI” variant. At that point, this spring, we saw the two “safari”- shaded versions, the olive dull SNJ031 and the subject of this survey, the khaki SNJ029.

For all these new watches, Seiko didn’t simply tidy off the old H558 ana-digi module. The cunning minimal engine inside is currently the sun based charged type H851, with a rest work, offering synchronized simple and advanced time setting and a superior backdrop illumination. You actually don’t get movement following, Bluetooth availability, or satellite timekeeping. Yet, in the event that it had those highlights, I’d likewise have likely not gotten one. It’s just not the purpose of this watch. Notwithstanding what it can do, the SNJ029 likewise gets moved up to 200 meters of water opposition and a more malleable silicone-mix lash in khaki. The lash holds the exemplary level vent shape that Seiko spearheaded, considering the compression of a neoprene jump suit sleeve, and is long enough for a strong wrist or femoral vein tourniquet should the need arise.

Is this the main khaki elastic jump strap?

Most watch audits focus on wearability, precision, highlights, and wrapping up. Yet, this watch is more about how it affects you when you wear it. Directly out of the container, it’s not difficult to set, synchronizing the advanced time with the simple hands with a spin of the crown and the press of a catch. I set the subsequent time region to that of my parents in law in Sri Lanka (with a 30-minute balance, mind you), checked the battery power with a long press of the top catch, and headed outside. What’s more, that is the place where this watch flourishes, if not has a place. Perhaps it’s the Serengeti shading way or the defensive cover, yet the SNJ029 asks to follow along on outside undertakings, enormous and small. 

Don’t fail to remember, this is a Seiko dive watch, first and foremost.

The best stuff is what doesn’t request consideration, unique consideration, or divert you based on the thing you’re doing. In case you’re stressed over your watch, you waver, you move in an unexpected way, less normally. You neglect to check your pressing factor measure, your profundity, your handhold, your foot situation, and before you know it, you’ve gotten the curves or broken a collarbone, or essentially appreciated the action less. This is a watch that you determinedly don’t need to stress over. I would say this watch dominates because you can do anything while at the same time wearing it. Numerous mixers are exhausting, unsurprising – you know the standard suspects. This new safari-conditioned Seiko is dynamic, bright, and fun. In and out sun based charging and a $550 sticker price don’t hurt either.

Within the principal seven day stretch of possession, I went kayaking, trekking, outdoors, and scuba plunging with the SNJ029 on my wrist, also did a decent proportion of rebuffing yardwork that would have had any of my mechanical watches asking for leniency. Around evening time in a tent and inside the entrails of a destroyed clipper, the hands were typically Seiko brilliant. I utilized the alert for a campground wakeup all together not to sleep late our jump sanction. Relocating bushes and hacking buckthorn in the nursery left the watch covered in mud. I will not venture to such an extreme as to say I need to manhandle it, however not spoiling a watch that is as yet agreeable to wear has been a joy. I’ve never been a G-Shock fellow, and my Garmins come out for the most part for movement following, so this Seiko is a fine other option and one I likewise wouldn’t fret giving up for extensive stretches. I know as long as it has some sunshine to remain charged, it will be running and precise when I hit it up for unpleasant duty.

Even when put away in complete murkiness, the watch has a six-month power hold in the event that it was completely charged.

But the SNJ029 isn’t only a great mixer. As a component of Seiko’s ” Street Series ,” the company probably expected the watch to have a specific metropolitan style, separate from the passed out commando vibe of the first and of the reissue. There’s an attractive interaction of tones on this watch that rises above the common codes and nautical tints of jump watches. Tan nylon or material ties have been around some time, yet I can’t say I’ve at any point seen khaki utilized on an elastic plunge lash, and it sets off well against the dull dark, nearly gunmetal, steel of the clasp, attendant, and wraparound case cover. The brushed rectangular hands are a pleasant change from the more “plunge style” hands from the 2019 releases. What’s more, the traces of orange on the range hand and pushers hold the range back from being too sterile.

Speaking of those pushers, they’re large and material, simple to work while the watch is on the wrist. Rather than screwing down close against the case to bolt out the pushers, the collars unthread outward to bolt, and clockwise in to deliver. The orange collar shows when a pusher is opened and in this manner less water safe. I keep mine opened more often than not for brisk admittance to the advanced capacities. In any case, when plunging, I bolted them for secure water opposition. I normally keep the date noticeable on the computerized show for everyday value, except have in any case utilized the chronograph a small bunch of times. Seiko calls the subsequent time-region work “Nearby Time,” and the digits have an “L” close to them thusly, yet on the off chance that I were voyaging, I’d be more disposed to utilize this capacity for my home time and utilize the simple hands for neighborhood time for fast, instinctive reading.

Instead of screwing down close against the case to bolt out the pushers, the collars unthread outward to bolt, and clockwise in to release.

The computerized show has a backdrop illumination, which is far better than that of the first H558 jumper of the 1980s or some other advanced watch of that time. In any case, it actually could not hope to compare to the enormous splendid dials of current associated or digitals, because of the minuscule LCD screen. Likewise exceptional, as James called attention to some time back , squeezing the top catch turns on the backdrop illumination, however it is additionally used to begin and stop the chronograph, so you can disregard seeing a pursuing chronograph dull, since squeezing the catch will stop your slipped by time. A little annoyance. I call it interestingly nostalgic, a token of a time when we set up with the restrictions of the innovation in light of the fact that there essentially wasn’t a thing better.

Given the noticeable pushers, thick case, and long khaki lash, this watch matches best with pants or shorts and a T-shirt. Hence, the circumstance of its delivery during a stay-at-home pandemic summer has settled on the SNJ029 an ideal decision for thumping around, and it’s been on my wrist for as long as a little while, practically relentless. From the spec sheet and photographs, I calculated this 47.8mm distance across watch would be a door jamb buster for Austrian weight lifters as it were. However, as the vast majority of Seiko’s “fish can” watches, it really wears compactly on account of its entirely roundabout extents and is light on the wrist. Still it’s no shaking bloom and makes its essence known.

Commando gardening.

There’s a notable saying among photographic artists that goes, “the best camera is the one you have with you.” I figure a similar way of thinking can be applied to watches: The best watch is the one on your wrist, one that moves you to go out and be daring, get outside of your comfort zone, encouraged by the bold walk of a seconds hand even in dim, cool, wet conditions. A watch you don’t need to stress over, so you can focus on the actual undertakings, regardless of whether that is exploring the great outdoors with your children, jumping a wreck, or racing to a holding up helicopter. The SNJ029 Prospex is one of those watches. Go on, be your own activity hero.

Don’t be hesitant to get your hands (or your watch) dirty.

The SNJ029 Prospex Solar Diver retails for $550 and more data can be found on Seiko’s website

Photography by Gishani Ratnayake.

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