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Hands-On The Serica W.W.W. William Brown Edition

Hands-On The Serica W.W.W. William Brown Edition

Old propensities stalwart. While the truism is frequently considered as an insulting (like if I somehow managed to apply it to the “old propensity” of new vintage watch plan), the saying could likewise go to feature the allure and enduring impact of any exquisite old thing. Utilizing the W.W.W. for instance, newcomer brand Serica has tried to make a cherishing and insightful gesture to the easygoing, classy, and flexible appeal of mid-century military field watches. 

General considerations on new-vintage aside, there is still a lot of good work being created inside that overall milieu. Serica is a watch brand brought to reality through a coordinated effort between the folks behind Les Rhabilleurs (an incredible French watch blog) and The WM Brown Project . In the event that WM Brown sounds recognizable, that is on the grounds that it’s the brainchild of one Matt Hranek, a man known for his Negronis and tweed, yet in addition for composing A Man And His Watch (also a strong appearance on HODINKEE Radio).

Born of interests both style and horological, Serica’s first contribution is the W.W.W. William Brown Edition. Named for the military qualifiers “Wrist Watch Waterproof,” the W.W.W. looks to channel the style of mid-40s wristwatches delivered for the British armed force (think The Dirty Dozen ). The thought was not to make a through and through praise, but instead to artfulness the possibility of a military field watch into a work of art and simple wearing, water-safe plan with an exquisite wrist presence and a moderate cost point. 

That impact comes together rather pleasantly in a 37.7mm steel case that arrives at 46.5mm haul to-drag, and only 11.85mm from the caseback to the highest point of the domed gem. In white or dark, the lacquered dial is totally unsigned and offers iridescent medicines (printed, however intended to seem like a painted application) and your decision of one or the other a “Wide Arrow” handset (with the Omega-style hour hand, underneath left) or the more basic “Alpha” hands (beneath right). The case is brushed, with (welcome) bored drags and the bezel is done with a cleaned feature and a brushed face. 

The gem is made of mineral glass, the crown screws down, the case back is strong steel, and water obstruction is a strong 100m/330ft. Haul width is 20mm and the consideration of penetrated drags is one more knowing and insightful touch that guarantees any proprietor can be comfortable evolving lashes. From the extents to the insignificant dial plan and components like the bored carries, the W.W.W. shows that it was made with in vogue devotees in mind. 

Given the value point, it’s in every case hard to think about what you’ll get for a development. Fortunately, Serica went with the Swiss play and are conveying the W.W.W. with either an ETA 2801-2 or a Sellita SW210-1 (which is Sellita’s variant of the 2801-2). They are very much like developments; both are physically twisted with hours, minutes, focal seconds, and little else. Basic, dependable, and appropriate in a vintage-roused field watch this way. Offering a force save of ~42 hours and guaranteeing an appropriate no-date insight, both of the two developments (which are not offered as alternatives – each watch will be prepared dependent on accessible stockpile) appears to be a solid fit for the application and a strong decision for the asking price. 

While I have suggested the estimating, I do consider what you may be speculating at the cost tag for the Serica W.W.W. (try not to peer down). Any estimates? It’s steel, 37.7mm wide, slender, hand-wound, running a Swiss development, you can pick your dial tone (as long as it’s dark or white), and it comes several lashes, for $540. Not bad. 

Even with a little setting – like how a Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical beginnings around $590 for a model with a comparable development or that a similar cash could net you a fantastic Seiko SRP jumper a few extra ties – I believe that the Serica W.W.W hits a sweet spot for both execution and cost. Compared to the Hamilton, the W.W.W. is dressier, somewhat less purposeful, yet even more flexible. Versus the SRP? You likely either as of now have (or have had) a SRP jumper, or you definitely realize you lean toward a more modest watch. What about 37.7mm?

I’ve dedicated a not limited quantity of time and exertion delving into the universe of watches beneath $5,000 and I generally get energized when I discover something great that is well under $1,000. At the point when I previously got into this pastime, everything I did was live for the following $80 Casio, $300 Seiko, or $600 Bathys (or addition some other OG independent jump neighboring brand) to show up via the post office. Notwithstanding the death of almost 10 years, I may in any case have a WatchRecon ready set up for “SKX779” (the correct one will discover me), and the Serica W.W.W. inspires an emotional response in contribution a snappy and relaxed presence that never appears to be unpopular or too bold. 

Tastes change however there is a great deal to be said for nuance, effortlessness, and calm tastefulness. On a comparative note, some old propensities fanatic, however perhaps that is on the grounds that they’re valuable around. It’s not costly or extravagant, but rather the W.W.W. feels exceptional and fun. On the off chance that you like an exemplary mid-century take on a tough watch that tidies up all around ok for an appropriate supper, the Serica W.W.W. jam that British appeal while adding a knowing scramble of sprezzatura

For more data, visit Serica on the web.

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