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HODINKEE Radio Episode 32: Matt Hranek

Radio Episode 32: Matt Hranek

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A part of individuals think they know who Matt Hranek is, yet not many individuals can really nail him down. In the event that you follow his Instagram account , Matt is by all accounts wherever without a moment’s delay. He’s in LA hanging out at the Tower Bar; he’s in Bordeaux flame broiling up steaks for companions; he’s in New York shooting photos and chipping away at his next book. The insane part however is that he truly is doing these things, piling up those preferred customer credits and infrequently taking a break from his jetset, media-production way of life. Most as of late Matt filled in as the men’s style proofreader at Condé Nast Traveler and he just dispatched his own personal magazine, WM Brown . Like I said: he’s an occupied guy.

I’ve known Matt for quite a while – we really used to be neighbors in Brooklyn – yet it was an uncommon treat to plunk down with him and HODINKEE senior essayist James Stacey to put any misinformation to rest about what his identity is, the place where he comes from, and why he does what he does. Matt’s a person who can truly recount a story, regardless of whether that is through photography, unfiltered blog entries, or a completely composed magazine include, so allowing him to recount his own story was certainly the most ideal approach here. I just needed to pose inquiries and escape the way.

Matt being Matt, he obviously whipped out a container of pre-blended Negronis the second he showed up to the studio. Completing the experience was a new orange cut into the ideal mixed drink trims with the folding knife gliding around at the lower part of his sack. A couple of modest bunches of ice, some befuddled espresso cups, and we were high-tailing it. On the off chance that you hear 3D squares ringing as we talk – indeed, presently you know why.

We trust you appreciate Episode 32 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes underneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

While Matt is unquestionably an individual who likes decent things, he’s none to valuable about any of them. This Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date is an ideal epitome of that disposition as well. Calling this watch “tropical” doesn’t exactly do it equity – the dial, which was once apparently dark, has blurred to a coppery sunburst design that is almost white in the middle by the hands. I’ve never seen another model very like it and recently it’s been Matt’s go-to look for going around the globe.

Show Notes


Matt’s custom Negronis




The WM Brown Project


Task Gravlax

Kill Zone Granola


Game Bird Pie




B Shop-In-Shop at Bergdorf Goodman


The Fashion And Watches Of Concorso D’Eleganza 2018


Vesper Lynd & James Bond at Lake Como


A Man And His Watch


Talking Watches With Mario Andretti


Chanel Guillotine by Tom Sachs


Where to get The WM Brown Magazine


Breaking Away  Trailer


Torchy’s Tacos


Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph 43


Genuine Detective (Season 3)


An Inhabitant Of Carcosa

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