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HODINKEE Radio Episode 34: Yves Béhar

Radio Episode 34: Yves Béhar

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Whether you know it or not, there’s a very decent possibility you’ve experienced something planned by Yves Béhar. This could be the Herman Miller Sayl seat you sit taking all things together day, the Samsung Frame TV that holds tight your divider at home, or the Movado Edge watch tied to your wrist at the present time. The Swiss-conceived, California-based creator established his firm Fuseproject back in 1999 and he’s gone through the most recent 20 years intensely affecting how worldwide brands and little new companies the same make items with integrity.

Just this previous week I got the opportunity to plunk down with Yves at the fuseproject central command in San Francisco. From the second he strolled into the room, I got such a laid back, surfer fella vibe. It’s promptly incapacitating. Certainly, he’s a rockstar originator, yet there’s none of that reckless demeanor to go with it. At the point when he discusses manageability and searching for better approaches to tackle old issues, you need to lean in nearer so you don’t miss an expression of it.

He additionally experienced childhood in Switzerland during the 1970s and ’80s, the stature of the Quartz Crisis. The battles the watch business was experiencing essentially affected him, and he thinks back affectionately when Swatch was viewed as an agitator and perhaps a backstabber to their compatriots. Try not to stress, we get into the entirety of that.

We likewise cover everything from the distinction among plan and style, how he finds undiscovered potential in regular things, and how his mom’s position at Patek Philippe gave him some additional understanding into how the conventional Swiss watch industry functions. Regardless of whether you’re a plan geek, a watch geek, or, all things considered, any sort of geek so far as that is concerned, you will like this one.

We trust you appreciate Episode 34 of HODINKEE Radio. Look at the show notes beneath and let us understand your opinion in the comments.

Wrist Check

After a possibility meeting at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Yves collaborated with Movado to make a cutting edge translation of the brand’s notorious Museum Watch. The consequence of this joint effort is the Movado Edge, which utilizes present day fabricating methods to make a one-piece aluminum dial that has bended edges, processed wave-formed markers to take note of the hour, and a straightforward cleaned surface to review the Sun at 12 o’clock (a la the first Museum Watch). Most days, Yves wears either the all dark time-just Edge or the dark and red Edge Chronograph you see here. You’ll need to tune in to the full scene to get Yves’ musings on the stuff to reexamine a particularly unmistakable, truly significant watch.

Show Notes


The Frame by Samsung

Happiest Baby Snoo Smart Sleeper

“See Better to Learn Better” Project

Movado Edge

Yves at The Aspen Ideas Festival

SFMOMA Presents The Sea Ranch

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