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In-Depth A Side-By-Side Look At The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 And Oyster Perpetual 39

In-Depth A Side-By-Side Look At The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 And Oyster Perpetual 39

I’m not going to beat around the bush here or attempt to play the two sides: When the freshest cluster of Rolex discharges came out, I was gutted to see that the Oyster Perpetual 39 had been eliminated from the assortment. It was my #1 present day Rolex, without a doubt, and the watch I recommended to first time “decent watch” purchasers more than some other. Come to consider it, it’s one of the watches I recommended to any watch purchaser more than some other. It’s a Rolex completely: It’s an awesome size that works for practically any wrist, and the white dial gave it an uncommon something that set it apart from the greater part of Rolex’s dark dialed sport watches. What’s more, they murdered it. With no notification and no pomp. The King is dead.

What supplanted the OP 39 is the new OP 41 . Rather than offering Oyster Perpetuals in 28, 31, 34, 36, and 39mm, there is presently a 5mm bounce between the 36mm and the 41mm. I end up cherishing the OP 36 and believe it’s essentially the ideal size for my wrist, however that leaves a huge gap directly in prime watch-size an area for the OP.

The Oyster Perpetual 41 with the new silver dial.

When individuals began blowing a gasket online once again the Submariner acquiring one millimeter on paper, we were among the commentators who brought up that the genuine size distinction is short of what one millimeter, yet that the adjusting accomplished for the spec sheets made a dream of a greater change. With the Oyster Perpetuals, there’s no such numerical quibble to look to. The OP 41 is generously bigger than the OP 39 and worth considering as an absolutely new watch, not a little change to a current one. 

With that as a main priority, I needed to get an OP 39 and an OP 41 close by to do a legitimate next to each other comparison and to check whether I was perhaps having a smaller than usual watch emergency over nothing.

The Newest OP

First off, how about we give this watch a reasonable possibility on its own benefits. It is as yet an Oyster Perpetual, which implies that it’s an overbuilt, over-designed interpretation of a fundamental three-hand wristwatch in the Rolex style. The case is hearty like a tank yet richly cleaned in the perfect manners, the Oyster wristband is both comfortable and solid, and you have Rolex’s particular combination of value and exactness in everything from the highest point of the gem straight through to the brushing on the caseback. Thus, in spite of my reservations, this is as yet a beautiful phenomenal watch from the outset glance. 

And that early impression truly holds up. The watch feels incredible in the hand and on the wrist, and I figure Rolex worked really hard with the new dial arrangement and refreshed colorways for the OP 41. The twofold markers at three, six, and nine are vastly improved adjusted than on past twofold marker emphasess (old OP 36, I’m taking a gander at you), and from the silver-and-gold to the brilliant turquoise, the shading alternatives are copious and on-point. One fascinating note is that Rolex decided not to offer the sweets pink dial in the 41mm size, probably in light of the fact that they expect the pink bids for the most part to female clients, and the 41 requests generally to male clients. Conceivable statistical surveying aside, that is some lovely obsolete reasoning, so I’m trusting the line gets refreshed sooner or later (yet I will not hold my breath).

The new dials are a tremendous piece of what the OP 41 has to bring to the table. There are two new “fundamental” dial choices, one another silver sunburst get done with gold hands and markers and the other another dark that additionally has an inconspicuous sunburst finish to it. The silver basically replaces the white dial found on the OP 39, yet more on that in a moment. There are likewise more splendid alternatives, including the new turquoise, coral red, yellow, green, and sunburst blue that appeared across the OP assortment this year . We’ll have more coming on these brilliant new dial tones soon, yet I believe they’re quite extraordinary no matter how you look at it and have just convinced myself into and not to purchase both yellow and coral OPs in the course of the most recent couple of weeks. We’ll see where I at long last end up there… .

Underneath the surface, Rolex put another age development in the OP 41, the type 3230. This is a similar development you’ll discover in the new no-date Submariner, and it’s a force to be reckoned with. It has a Chronergy escapement for better accuracy and life span, it has a 70-hour power hold, and it conveys both COSC and Rolex accreditations for execution. It’s fundamentally all that you need in an advanced development implied for every day wear. 

The OP 39 Effect

On its own, the Oyster Perpetual 41 addresses an awesome expansion to Rolex’s line-up. I don’t actually have anything awful to say about the actual watch. In light of the responses of companions and colleagues who have paid them and shown them off on Instagram, there are as of now heaps of upbeat clients in practically every side of the globe, as well. It’s hard to contend with that. 

But then we have the Oyster Perpetual 39 to consider. The OP 41 isn’t only another watch, it’s another watch that replaces a darling watch that had an excessively short disagreement the Rolex index. Does that shading my view of the OP 41? Of course it does. 

Quick disclaimer here: Rolex has not the slightest bit recommended that the OP 41 is a “substitution” for my long lost OP 39. Taking everything into account, the OP 41 is another watch and the OP 39 has been taken out from the index. Zero clarifications have been given, and the two aren’t straightforwardly associated with each other by any stretch of the imagination. I say this for the most part to cover my own rear end here, however I additionally believe it’s a point of view worth coasting. Setups change, we draw our own conclusions.

OK, back to business. Next to each other with the OP 39 is the place where I begin to feel a piece clashed about the OP 41. Indeed, it’s an incredible watch, yet to my psyche, it is anything but an enhancement for the 39 even a very surprising thing. Also, I don’t think I lean toward it. 

When it comes to the widths of the two watches, you get what Rolex says you get –  there is a 2mm contrast between the two, and you can see it just by taking a gander at the watches one next to the other. However, that is not by any means the only estimation that is important, particularly when you’re taking a gander at watches with the somewhat tonneau shape that Rolex uses. The drag to-carry estimations are basic, as well, and at 47.35mm, the OP 41 is certainly bigger than the OP 39, which estimates 44.06mm through and through. That is in excess of a 3mm contrast as far as how the watch sits on the wrist. Thickness, then again, is certainly not an immense worry, as the thing that matters is a small portion of a millimeter, with both coming in around the 12mm imprint. Honestly, both of these watches are very wearable, and I like the extents of both too, yet one is unequivocally bigger than the other, and that is likely going to be what represents the moment of truth your relationship with the OP 41.

Digging somewhat more profound, you’ll notice that the dial engineering is distinctive also. While I do like the plan and format of the new OP 41, I can’t resist the urge to incline toward the OP 39 when you put the two one next to the other. The completely even procession of 11 markers around the external edge of the dial, the downplayed minutes track, and the marginally pearlescent completion of the white dial all give the watch a neatness and clearness that is unrivaled. To my eye, the OP 39 with the white dial is the most simply refined type of “Rolex” that you could get. It was one ideal unit of excellent watch. While the OP 41 is, inarguably, a better watch because of that new development, it’s not as pleasing a watch to me.

On The Wrist

Ultimately, the main thing however is the means by which the watch performs on the wrist. What’s more, in that division, the OP 41 is quite extraordinary. Indeed, it’s bigger than I’d like for myself, however you definitely realize that. I’m not going to dwell on that point any further. On the off chance that a 41mm watch with a lively, regular feel is the thing that you’re after, Rolex has something truly incredible for you here. The watch feels significantly slimmer than the other OP models because of the more noteworthy measurement to-thickness proportion, and even with a smidgen of haul overhang, it’s still bounty comfortable because of the smooth association between the case and bracelet. 

When it comes to the distinctive shading choices, I believe that the milder tones like the silver and the turquoise work somewhat in a way that is better than the harsher tones. There’s simply such a lot of dial with this watch that an excessive amount of red or yellow (or even dark) winds up being somewhat overwhelming. With the OP, I need to appreciate the entire bundle, the amicability, more than any one detail. The traces of gold on the silver dial give it a warm, nearly champagne impression that helps me to remember a pleasantly matured vintage Datejust in an extraordinary way.

In the name of horological science, I figured I’d attempt the OP 39 on as well, following removing the OP 41. It seemed like removing a couple of new seat made shoes and tossing on a comfy pair of tennis shoes. Both are extraordinary, yet one simply wears a lot simpler. On the off chance that you need more on the OP 39, unquestionably go look at this story I composed when the white-dial form came out , however I’ll say it once again for great measure: I love this watch, and it’s damn close to consummate on the wrist.

Last Thoughts

I don’t need any individual who’s made it this far to misjudge what I’m saying here, so I’ll put it as gruffly as could be expected: The Oyster Perpetual 41 is a fabulous watch that puts Rolex’s best resources forward in a generally reasonable bundle with assorted dial alternatives to suit loads of various tastes. That is not questionable here. The rub is that Rolex ended up eliminating a fundamentally the same as and adored watch in the Oyster Perpetual 39, which projects somewhat of a shadow over the new drop. 

If you were an aficionado of the Oyster Perpetual 39, there’s no utilization crying over suspended watches. You have a couple of decisions. You could locate a used OP39 (white-dialed renditions are exchanged for north of $8,000 online nowadays), or you could pick between the OP 36 and OP 41. In case you’re hell bent on a white dial, you must chase and dish out that additional money, yet in case you’re not, I’d enthusiastically recommend taking a stab at both the OP 41 and OP 36 to find which bearing suits you better.

While it very well may be one of the less-discussed watches in Rolex’s arrangement of permanent symbols, I think the Oyster Perpetual merits its put on the horological Mt. Rushmore. As I said before, it’s one ideal unit of Rolex watch, paring down the brand’s most fundamental characteristics – controlled plan, over-designed subtleties, and execution driven developments –  into a straightforward watch that is ideal for almost any setting.

No matter what size works for you, the Oyster Perpetual was, is, and will keep on being quite a watch. 

For more on the Oyster Perpetual 41, visit Rolex online .

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