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In-Depth How The ‘CasiOak’ Came To Be

Editor’s note: This article includes a watch currently available in the HODINKEE Shop .

Iconic plans have large amounts of the universe of extravagance watches, and the octagonal theme – as put on the map by the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and your local stop sign – has driven various late hits. The crush G-Shock GA-2100, which costs around a hundred bucks, has procured the epithet “CasiOak” after its octagonal shape. The epithet started with Steven Davila on the Scottish Watches Facebook Group. Was the likeness deliberate? How about we find out.


First, a speedy update on the watch. The GA-2100 arrangement was acquainted in 2019 with advance the exceptionally unique G-Shock DW5000 while keeping its DNA unblemished. It required very nearly two years to create. Furthermore, to respond to the central issue: No. Junichi Izumi, the item chief of the watch at Casio Hanemura Technology Center, says the watch drew no impact from its celebrated predecessors.

Junichi Izumi, the item supervisor at Casio Hanemura Technology Center.

“I was really astonished when I heard the criticism,” he says. “Indeed, we began the venture very far away from the extravagance sport watches. The G-Shock began with the first DW5000 in 1983, and the AW500, the principal simple hand-prepared model, turned out in 1989. The subject for the last was to eliminate all superfluous components from the watch, and after approximately 30 years, the more slender and meaner GA-2100 was brought into the world with present day innovation inside. From an item idea viewpoint, we needed to make an ana-digi form of the DW5000.”

Ryo Amikura, G-Design Room at Casio Hanemura Technology Center.

Meanwhile, Ryo Amikura of G-Design Room (who was liable for the plan) made a reasonable point about the octagonal plan decision: “Really, an octagon has been a notorious shape for the G-Shock too. The octagonal bezel previously showed up on the first DW5000, and we have utilized the theme ordinarily from that point forward. We created in excess of twenty 3D-printed models to decide the equilibrium of the octagon for the GA-2100. We were likewise entrusted to make a more slender and more compact G-Shock, and keeping up its three-dimensional plan while holding the general thickness under control was a challenge.”

The octagonal bezel of the GA2100 after various trials.

The carbon case empowered the slimmer profile while keeping up the stun resistance.

From the client’s perspective, a slimmer model in the realm of G-Shock sounds charming, most definitely, however the inward criticism at Casio wasn’t exactly good. The group had the hardest time thinking outside the box of the “G-Shock should be rough and additional striking” mantra.

“G-Shock’s standard value point is the $100 to $120 territory, and that ought to be open for the adolescent portion,” Izumi says. “Nonetheless, when we met the segment, we discovered that the customary ethos of the G-Shock probably won’t be completely impacting them. They consider a to be as a piece of their style, and they need to wear it in agreement with their entire outfit. They don’t need the watch to stand apart only for standing out.”

3D-printed prototypes.

Many shades of red.

Initially, we were met with a solid opposition inside, some actually say ‘I don’t have a clue why it turned out to be a particularly hit’ to this day.

– Junichi Izumi

As Izumi intended, teenagers make up a fair level of the genuine buying segment, and many are purchasing the GA-2100 as their first G-Shock. Today, Casio sells more G-Shock abroad than in Japan in income, and the new model is doing very well in North America and Europe – markets that are generally not especially active.

“To be straightforward, I’m diminished the watch is selling admirably,” he says. “Our methodology for the GA-2100 was completely unique in relation to the regular G-Shock models, and at first, we were met with a solid opposition inside, some actually say ‘I don’t have the foggiest idea why it turned out to be a particularly hit’ right up ’til the present time. I think the watch stood out enough to be noticed for the correct reasons, however I do admit the planning for this undertaking wasn’t the simplest thing ever, and I should express gratitude toward Amikura for conveying the strong design.”

The red adaptation uses nine distinct tones of red to keep up legibility.

GA-2100 arrangement is spearheading the new outskirts for the G-Shock.

Only the red model highlights the shading coordinated gum buckle.

In a way, the watch is a perfect representation of how a really extraordinary item can arise out of limitations and constraints in the innovative cycle. “I didn’t especially feel my options were limited,” Amikura says. “The facts confirm that with the models in a greater cost section, you’d have the option to do things like complex and multifaceted completions, however there are a lot of things you can manage absent a lot of additional expense like investigating shapes and colors.”

“I needed to make a G-Shock that resounds with the more youthful crowd and their potential needs”

– Junichi Izumi

It’s actual, however, that the GA-2100 didn’t go for the regular G-Shock-esque methodology in plan, and rather picked the way that was nearer to the plan ethos of making extravagance watches. “One thing this watch plainly varies from other G-Shock models is that we decided to leave clear spaces on the dial,” Amikura says. “It is continually enticing to round it out with plan components, yet for this watch, we zeroed in on the simple showcase and kept the computerized LCD show, which may be viewed as the character of G-Shock, to indisputably the base.”

Izumi’s decision. The new full-metal models began with this one.

Amikura’s decision. He lean towards perky out of control colors.

Creating a fresh out of the plastic new watch by dropping your own customary methodology is something the Swiss watch industry did when confronting  extinction in the Quartz Crisis. What’s more, that raised the wristwatch from a simple time-advising instrument to something that has a social worth. The GA-2100 could do similarly for Casio.

“I need this watch to become another staple of the G-Shock family,” Izumi says. “The G-Shock is known for its heartiness and the obstruction against effect, and I need the GA-2100 to be the watch that continues to give you a significant impression.”

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