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Interview The Japanese Streetwear Icon Who Just Teamed Up With Bulgari

Late a year ago, Bulgari delivered a major, cool watch – yet except if you’re the sort of individual who hangs out in Harajuku, you most likely didn’t have any acquaintance with it. The watch is a Japan-selective watch in a joint effort with streetwear brand Fragment Design, driven by Hiroshi Fujiwara. In view of the notorious Bulgari, the Fragment x Bulgari highlights a sandblasted treated steel case and exceptional bezel engraved with “Bulgari” at the top and “FRGMT” at the base. The profound dark dial sans lists conveys a gigantic presence.


A uncommon sight of a Bulgari on NATO. Indeed, even Fujiwara was astounded the brand affirmed the spec.

Bulgari and Hiroshi Fujiwara have recently teamed up on sacks and embellishments, yet this was their first watch project. “At first, I didn’t feel I could add a lot to the Bulgari brand, which is generally perceived for their very good quality adornments,” Fujiwara says. “In any case, that changed when I really began to converse with them. I felt that Bulgari was hoping to experiment that they have never done. I believe I’m known among even more a road style crowd. Rather than pulling that group to the brand, I considered growing the opportunities for the Bulgari fans and individuals who are keen on the brand.”

The challenge was to push Bulgari enough to have an effect, yet regard the brand’s legacy. “They let me see a wide range of chronicles,” Fujiwara says. “I really needed to do an advanced piece too. I discovered that they’ve really done it with the 45-year-old Bulgari Roma arrangement. That one looked magnificent. I think my age, particularly those rich people in the (Japanese monetary) ‘bubble’ time all had Bulgari on their wrists. I needed to change that impression of the line, and I think I had the option to pull that off. The ‘bubbliness’ is presently gone.”

Hiroshi Fujiwara

A observe so stripped-down, it’s in any event, missing some vowels

The appeal of this watch uncovers itself when you handle one. The matte gunmetal finish gives it a military vibe, with a combination of round and hollow case and straight carries. A manly move for a brand that, in the relatively recent past, was essentially known as a ladies’ jeweler.

“I probed the dial, for example adding lume,” Fujiwara says. “There were heaps of thoughts like overlooking the arrangement characterizing inscriptions from the bezel or utilizing a red sapphire gem, for instance. In any case I eliminated fundamentally everything, as I felt that just looked delightful. ”

The Bulgari worn by the planner himself.

Bulgari took Fujiwara’s recommendations, and added a portion. “In the event that you look carefully, you’ll see the actual edge of the bezel is cleaned,” Fujiwara says. “That is one of the thoughts that their plan group slid in. That adds an inconspicuous feeling of extravagance back into the piece. That is very Bulgari, and I believed that was the correct equilibrium once I saw the example. Then again, I should say I was astonished they let me put the watch on a NATO tie. I thought Bulgari was a brand who’d never use something like nylon. That put further accentuation on the rough and manly feel to the piece, and you could even say it has a mechanical quality to it.”

Fujiwara is a watch aficionado himself. However, even with a design foundation, he doesn’t organize his watches and his garments. “I very like the arbitrariness of not doing it,” he says. “You know, a watch that no one notification could be a too uncommon piece, for instance. It’s amusing to wear something to that effect with an easygoing and plain outfit. Watches are an extreme type of individual diversion, including that unbalance-ability.”

Fujiwara is additionally known for doing a wide assortment of coordinated efforts. Also, this one wasn’t really so self-evident: “It was a new domain for me, yet something intriguing could happen thus. That is the means by which we got moving. An unusual coordinated effort can be more enjoyable than something you know well.”

You may even say the improbability is the thing that prompted these striking outcomes. “I think I had the option to infuse something interesting to the watch,” he says. “Something that Bulgari without anyone else wouldn’t have considered. That is the reason we do collaborations.”

The Fragment x “Bulgari” Japan Limited Edition SAP103443

Case: Sandblasted hardened steel (water impervious to 50m). Development: BVL 191 Solotempo mechanical in-house programmed type (thickness: 3.8mm, distance across: 25.6mm, 28,800 vph, 42-hour power hold). Hours, minutes, seconds, and date. Dark and dim NATO lash with sandblasted treated steel equipment; all-dark substitution NATO tie included. Restricted release of 250. 500,000 JPY.

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