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Introducing An Update To HODINKEE Community Profiles (With Lots Of New Features)

Introducing An Update To Community Profiles (With Lots Of New Features)

If you have a HODINKEE profile, you may have seen that a couple of updates as of late turned out in our community segment. For those that haven’t joined previously, having a HODINKEE profile awards admittance to various instruments that improve the by and large HODINKEE experience. Your own client profile permits you to comment on publication articles, basically show your watch assortment, and interface with other community individuals. We dispatched the first, specially assembled community framework almost four years prior , and from that point forward, a huge number of watch darlings have formally joined the HODINKEE family. 

You would now be able to like and comment on, and cooperate with, the watch assortments of other community members.

Thanks to the energetic endeavors of our in-house architects and originators –  the same group that most as of late presented to you the HODINKEE App for Android – investing energy in HODINKEE is currently beyond anyone’s imagination. In the middle of getting up to speed with the most recent watch news, looking at the latest updates to the HODINKEE Shop, and gorging the current week’s scene of My Watch Story , you would now be able to work out your own watch assortment online with more profundity than any other time. In the event that there’s one thing we think about watch authorities, it’s that you’re unfathomably conscientious people, and having your whole assortment coordinated and showed in one spot can have gigantic advantages while pondering your next potential acquisition. 

Each singular watch in your HODINKEE profile can be set for public or private viewing.

Over 55 subtleties can be rounded out for each watch added to your own collection.

The most recent update to the HODINKEE App for iOS and Android streamlines the HODINKEE portable experience. 

Here’s the way it works: Sign in to your HODINKEE profile and explore to the username dropdown tab on the upper right corner of your screen. At that point head over to the profile area, where you’ll discover your watch assortment. Presently, for some of you, this region may be clear, yet on the off chance that you’ve at any point explored different avenues regarding the assortment include in its past arrangement, or bought a watch from the HODINKEE Shop, you should see some recognizable watches pop up. 

We’ve smoothed out the way toward transferring a picture of a watch to your assortment, which implies farewell to the tedious advance of messaging an image of a watch to yourself, from your telephone to your computer. You would now be able to transfer straightforwardly from the HODINKEE application, or you can utilize your cell phone to check a QR code from your PC or PC and transfer any picture momentarily. You can even have a connection messaged to your telephone, where you’re then ready to transfer images straightforwardly to your record. Pretty cool, right?

Uploading a picture of a watch to your HODINKEE account has never been easier. 

Any watch you wind up setting on your profile can be set up for public or private review, which permits you to either impart your watches to the world or save them for your eyes as it were. When setting up each watch, you have the choice to round out various pages of item depictions that range from a watch’s carry to-drag estimation to its complications; altogether, there are more than 55 discretionary subtleties for every individual watch. Recording these subtleties precisely is an essential part of the watch gathering diversion, and doing as such in your HODINKEE profile should make dealing with a watch assortment more congenial than any other time in recent memory. That implies saying goodbye to the long accounting pages of specialized data that you’ve kept up for quite a long time –  we realize you have them, since we’ve utilized them too. 

Want to monitor your HODINKEE Shop buy history? Indeed, presently you can, across the board place, as your HODINKEE profile will naturally refresh to incorporate any watch you purchase from the HODINKEE Shop. Subtleties and possession data on these watches will promptly populate in your profile, which means no additional means are necessary. 

If you choose to disclose your watch assortment, other community individuals would now be able to like and leave comments on every one of your individual watches. These comments can be empowered, shut, or crippled on a for each watch premise, and all comments left on your watches are directed by you – the watch’s proprietor – solely. See a watch you like on another person’s profile? You would now be able to save it to your own list of things to get for future consideration. 

Additionally, the comments you leave on publication articles, or, then again, on other individuals’ watch assortments, have been upgraded and will presently appear on your part profile. Profile settings have additionally been reformatted to guarantee usability. What’s more, simply in the event that you’ve unintentionally pursued different HODINKEE Shop accounts previously, you would now be able to connect them all together in a solitary community account. 

We’ve additionally advanced the portable HODINKEE experience with the furthest down the line update to the HODINKEE iOS and Android applications, which implies you would now be able to encounter the majority of the above subtleties, regardless of whether at home or on-the-go. 

We need HODINKEE to be at the focal point of your watch gathering side interest, which is the reason we’ve attempted to make it simpler than at any other time to appreciate consistently. Obviously, how you draw in with and fabricate your own HODINKEE profile is completely up to you, however everything necessary is an email to join –  so why not give it a shot? Begin today, here . 

Questions? We have answers. Recommendations? We’d love to hear them. You can connect with us by contacting community@hodinkee.com , or clicking here

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