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Introducing HODINKEE Insurance, The Hassle-Free Way To Insure Your Watches

Introducing Insurance, The Hassle-Free Way To Insure Your Watches

HODINKEE has come far since its initiation. We are continually endeavoring to make this community we love better, regardless of whether it is through honor winning publication inclusion across different stages or presenting to you the absolute best current and vintage watches by means of the HODINKEE Shop. Our objective remaining parts to make individuals fall head over heels in love for watches and to bring you items and administrations that make our diversion better. 

And that last piece is particularly significant. All that we do, we do in the soul of serving the watch community so our common energy is more available and fun. It is the reason we are truly eager to impart something to you that we have been chipping away at for the last three years. 

Today, we bring you HODINKEE Insurance , the least demanding and most comprehensive approach to protect your watches.

Anyone who has at any point gotten themselves a decent watch and afterward attempted to add it to an insurance strategy will know exactly how large a problem it normally is. You need receipts or an examination, a heap of photographs, some of the time a legal official needs to get included, and that doesn’t address the time and persistence needed to get a watch appropriately secured. What’s more, we should not get into how unwieldy it gets when we’re discussing vintage watches. Honestly, it sucks, and it is one of the greatest problem areas we have gotten with the community over the years. 

It doesn’t need to be that way. So we chose to take care of it. 

It was the input from the community that started this thought and set it into movement almost three years back. Insurance isn’t simple in the background, yet we needed to make it as simple as feasible for those of us who simply need true serenity with regards to wearing and appreciating watches. So we found an extraordinary endorsing accomplice in Chubb, one of the world’s chiefs in property insurance, and afterward set our specialists and originators to work, talking with incalculable gatherers en route to discover what could make the insurance experience better for them. We’re very glad for what we’ve come up with.

Quicker & Better

The first issue we realized we expected to address was making it simpler to pursue insurance. There is no explanation you need to round out many pages of structures to secure your adored Submariner. We’ve pared down the sign-up interaction however much we could. Essentially reveal to us a smidgen about yourself and what you need to guarantee. That is it. At that point snap a picture of your watch (which you can do directly on your telephone in the HODINKEE App) and information its reasonable worth. As a rule, you’ll get a statement in only a couple seconds, join, and your approach kicks in immediately. It’s that simple. 

It’s considerably simpler in case you’re as of now an individual from the HODINKEE Community and are now dealing with your assortment in your profile. You can add observes straightforwardly to HODINKEE Insurance from your virtual assortment, wiping out considerably more strides of the process.

So what happens whenever you have an arrangement? Imagine a scenario in which you need to add another vessel that you at last picked. What’s more, what might be said about eliminating that old piece you needed to offer to make the vessel occur? You can add and eliminate watches from your arrangement whenever, again directly from the application or computer. On the off chance that your top notch winds up dropping, we discount you the equilibrium, so you never need to stress over overpaying.

Genuine Protection

From the start, one of the keys to making HODINKEE Insurance a triumph was finding the correct insurance accomplice, and we knew rapidly that Chubb was the ideal accomplice for us. They’ve been in the property and authority insurance space longer than some watch produces have been making watches. 

In expansion to their cases division being accessible day in and day out in the event that you do endure a misfortune, HODINKEE Insurance and Chubb will offer venture security, which implies every one of your watches is ensured up to 150% of its guaranteed esteem, up to the absolute estimation of your approach. So if that vintage Speedmaster bounces in cost after a significant sale, you don’t have to stress over refreshing your strategy. It’s ensured at its new market esteem, right away.

Beyond this, there is no deductible with HODINKEE Insurance, and you are shrouded on the off chance that anything happens to your watch anyplace in the world. 

We’re likewise supporting this with extra assistance straightforwardly from the HODINKEE group. We’ve presently got our own authorized insurance specialists who will be accessible to address any inquiries you may have. Like I said, we generally envisioned this as being insurance by watch gatherers, for watch authorities, so you can have a discussion with somebody who really understands what a Calatrava is and why you need to keep yours safe. 


HODINKEE Insurance is accessible at this moment and is available to anybody with a United States address (sorry to everybody in our global community – we’re chipping away at it!). Customary insurance is a migraine, however it doesn’t need to be that way. HODINKEE Insurance is here to help, and we can hardly wait to hear your opinion about it.

Please let us understand your opinion about HODINKEE Insurance down in the comments underneath. We need to make this the best insurance on the planet for watch gatherers, and we plan on developing and advancing what we can offer over time. 

Click here to look at it and get a quote!

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