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Introducing The Breitling Chronomat 36mm And 32mm Models

Introducing The Breitling Chronomat 36mm And 32mm Models

Snappy Take

The Breitling Chronomat line got a major re-boot last April, when the company launched an entire range of new models in an upgrade that manages to look both nearer to vintage watch plans, and at the same time, more current than the standard Chronomat line – an exhaustive yet deferential modification, which included more prudent rider tabs, and a truly comfortable, and fantastic looking, rouleaux bracelet. At launch, the new Chronomat assortment comprised of a range of 42mm chronometer-rated chronographs, and this week, Breitling announced that it would launch two smaller time-and-date models as well. These are called, just, the Chronomat 36mm and 32mm models, and Breitling’s marketing them as ladies’ watches.

The 36mm and 32mm models will be offered in a very wide range of dial tones and metals, with diamond indexes alone on certain models, and diamond indexes and diamond-set bezels on others. Full-gold adaptations are available as well, and also blended gold and steel models. There are a total of ten new 36mm watches, all using the Breitling Caliber B10 (ETA 2892 base, chronometer-rated by the COSC), and costs range from $4,860 to $25,650 for the full gold-on-gold model. The 32mm models are fueled by the Breitling Caliber 11 Superquartz development (thermocompensated), and costs range from $3,800 to $20,500 for the full-gold model. Case measurements for the 36mm models are 36mm x 10.01mm and for the 32mm models, 32mm x 8.54mm.

36mm model, steel with diamond-set bezel and diamond indexes.

32mm model, in gold and steel, with diamond indexes and bezel.

36mm model, gold and steel, with diamond indexes and bezel.

Initial Thoughts

Breitling has a long-standing and merited reputation as a maker of technical aviation watches and chronographs, however there has been, as of late, somewhat of a gap in its assortments, regarding smaller-sized, daily-wearable, time-and-date watches, which these new additions to the Chronomat assortment fill pleasantly. On the qualities of the initial press images (all these images were given by Breitling, and it’s marvelous to see a brand take such care with its item photography – it is surprising how frequently we get announcements of watches that cost thousands of dollars on which pennies appear to have been spent on photographs; a helpless economy in case you’re trying to market an extravagance item, if you were to ask me.) The watches look as in the event that they should be appealing face to face – they share the rouleaux bracelet introduced in April for the chronograph models, as well as the (in)famous rider tabs on the bezels, as well as the onion crown. They’re recognizably Chronomats, yet these plans manage to be both distinctive and to look as in the event that they will age well overall; I question that these are watches that will look dated ten or (at least twenty) years down the road.

Chronomat 36mm, green dial.

Breitling has assembled a stalwart threesome of women for the launch video (which is live on Breitling.com at this moment ) – Charlize Theron, ballet dancer Misty Copeland, who was elevated to principal dancer at ABT in 2015 (becoming the primary African-American dancer to hold the rank in ABT’s set of experiences), and Chinese actor Yao Chen (whose work may not be as familiar to American or European audiences, yet who’s a superstar in the Far East; she was named quite possibly the most influential 100 individuals on the planet, by Time, in 2014). It’s as blue-chip a gathering of wide-appeal brand ambassadors as you could want (I haven’t seen Yao Chen’s work, however Theron is one of our great actors, obviously, and on the off chance that you are not a balletomane, watching one of Copeland’s performances will transform you into one), yet I also think that a portion of these watches have the potential to become enthusiast favorites as well as appeal to a broader audience.

The hued dial 36mm models, for example, have a great deal of enthusiast appeal at an incredibly reasonable cost, and the utilization of chronometer-grade ETA calibers means servicing those watches as it were has the potential to offer less headaches than you may find in servicing watches with less easily available parts. Personally, I wouldn’t see any problems with getting my gloves on the steel model with a blue or green dial, as well as the two-tone models; they look pretty darned sharp in the images, and Breitling’s been leaning quite hard into overdelivering on general form quality (I’m a major fan of the rouleaux bracelets, which are really determinedly made, and incredibly comfortable). 

Chronomat 36mm, white dial with diamond markers.

The watches are all available online and at Breitling physical points of sale as well, aside from the strong gold models which are shop only. 

The Basics

Brand: Breitling
Model: Chronomat 36mm and Chronomat 32mm

Dimensions: 36mm x 10.01mm/32mm x 8.54mm
Case Material: Steel; two-tone steel and red gold; red gold; a few models with diamond-set bezels
Dial Color: White, copper, blue, green for the 36mm models; white and green just for the 32mm models
Indexes: Applied, with lume; a few models with additional diamond markers
Lume: Super-LumiNova on hands, indexes
Water Resistance: Both models, 100 meters, with non-screw-down, twofold gasket crowns
Strap/Bracelet: Rouleaux link bracelets, in steel, steel and red gold, or strong red gold

The Movements

Caliber: 36mm models, Breitling caliber 10 COSC ensured (base ETA 2892); 32mm models, Breitling caliber 77, thermocompensated SuperQuartz
Functions: Time and date with focus seconds
Power Reserve: Automatic caliber 10, 42 hours, running at 28,800 vph in 31 jewels

Pricing & Availability

Price: 36mm models: steel, $4,860; steel and diamond indexes, $5,650; steel and gold, $8,200; steel with diamond indexes and diamond bezel, $8,650; steel and gold with gold bezel, diamond indexes, and diamond-set bezel, $11,750; full-gold case and bracelet, $26,650. 32mm models: steel, $3,800; steel with diamond indexes, $4,325; steel and gold, $6,700; steel with diamond indexes and bezel, $7,175; steel and gold with diamond indexes and gold diamond-set bezel, $9,825; full-gold case and bracelet, $20,500.
Availability: Online and at Breitling shops and retailers

See the whole Chronomat assortment at Breitling.com . All costs were given by Breitling at the hour of publication and subject to change; check Breitling.com for current pricing.

An earlier form of this story incorrectly stated, in the headline and in two places in the body duplicate, that the 36mm models were 38mm in diameter. The story has been updated.

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