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Introducing The Bulgari Diva’s Dream Peacock Diamonds

The three Diva’s Dream watches dispatched by Bulgari for LVMH Watch Week all seek the peacock for motivation. However, they express that motivation in an unexpected way, changing the accentuation on the concrete versus the abstract.

The Diva’s Dream Peacock Dischi is the most concrete in that it fuses the winged creature genuinely – the whole dial, aside from the gemstones, is composed of peacock quill marquetry. There is, nonetheless, no endeavor made to outline the winged creature. In the Diva’s Dream Tourbillon Lumière, the peacock starts to rise up out of the shrubbery of reflection, however it’s actually present truly too – the watch additionally utilizes plume marquetry, yet less significantly, and more as a feature of a gathering of various plan components. In the Diva’s Dream Peacock Diamonds, we have the most strict portrayal of the winged creature – a genuine image of a peacock, as a smaller than expected, Art Deco-impacted painting.


Left to right, Diva’s Dream Peacock Diamonds, Diva’s Dream Peacock Tourbillon Lumière, and Diva’s Dream Peacock Dischi.

The Diva’s Dream Peacock Diamonds is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s by a long shot the most luxuriously bejeweled of the three watches, with a full 18k rose-gold wristband with scalloped links.

Although the wristband transmits Imperial Roman quality, it’s there – in spite of the way that performance it’d be a scene-stealer – in a supporting job. The equivalent is valid for the development, the Bulgari type BVL 191. I need to give Bulgari credit here for utilizing a self-winding development; most different brands would have utilized quartz. The subject of whether the utilization of quartz in a high gems watch is realistic, or a type of loftiness, is an inquiry for one more day (however, actually, I’ve generally favored mechanical – it adds to the watch’s integrity).

The dial combines jewel setting, mother-of-pearl decorate, and, for the outline of the peacock, little artistic creation. The smaller than usual likewise fuses a goldsmithing procedure called champlevé. Champlevé is as a rule considered as a plating method – a metal substrate, normally gold, has melancholies engraved in it, which are then loaded up with glassy veneer and terminated. It’s not by and large combined with small scale painting, albeit the impact is satisfying, with unpretentious degrees of shading in each segment.

One flawless detail, which is not entirely obvious from the start, is the contour of the internal piece of the peacock that encompasses the posts for the hour and moment hands – it’s a progression of crests and valleys, which add extra profundity to the dial; I figure a ton of different companies may very well have done it as a solitary smooth edge, which would unquestionably have been less complex technically.

Two Divas: Diamonds and Dischi.

Whether intentionally or not, Bulgari has created three surprising watches, yet in addition a sort of three panel painting outlining three unique ways to deal with deciphering a subject. While I have a top pick (the Dischi, full exposure) I think they cooperate very well as a gathering, and I’m certain there will be Bulgari customers who will arrange each of the three. Taken together, they structure a surprisingly refined, just as lavishly alluring, gathering of watches, and whichever you like – the exacting, the representative, or the theoretical – you’ll have something that addresses an uncommonly significant degree of plan insight and commitment to make, in the realm of high gems timepieces.

The Bulgari Diva’s Dream Peacock Diamonds: case, 37mm 18k rose-gold, hauls set with splendid cut jewels; 18k rose-gold bezel set with round splendid cut precious stones; 18k rose-gold crown set with a cabochon-cut tourmaline (~0,19 ct); straightforward caseback to show the development; water impervious to 30m; white mother-of-pearl dial set with round splendid cut precious stones and adorned with a hand-painted peacock brightening theme made of 14 unique tones. Development, type BVL 191 with programmed winding, hours and minutes, 42-hour power hold. 18k rose-gold arm band set with round splendid cut precious stones and collapsing clasp. All out jewels, 1,452 (~7,56 cts). Cost, $99,000; accessible at this point. Discover more at Bulgari.com.

LVMH Watch Week is a yearly dispatch occasion for the LVMH watch brands. Some of a year ago’s inclusion on HODINKEE can be found here and here. Although LVMH Luxury Ventures as of late turned into a minority financial backer in HODINKEE, we keep up complete publication independence.

Introducing The Bulgari Diva's Dream Peacock Tourbillon Lumière
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