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Introducing The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Introducing The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Fast Take

The A-12 was the principal plane produced using titanium when it lifted off in 1962. Titanium was scant in the United States, so the CIA set up a progression of sham companies to source all the crude material from Russia, the main master on titanium fabricating at that point. Working with titanium was probably the biggest test in the improvement of the plane, however it paid off. The replacement to the A-12, named the SR-71, is as yet the quickest realized plane to at any point elegance the skies. Titanium producing rehearses were at the core of one of the public authority’s generally mysterious, shadowy projects at that point. The utilization of this metal was the biggest contributing variable to creating the most developed airplane of the time. The accomplishment wouldn’t be conceivable if not for the utilization of titanium – it has the most elevated solidarity to-thickness proportion of any metal on the planet. 

In 1970, simply a short eight years after the A-12’s lady flight, Citizen delivered the X-8 Chronometer, a watch designed from titanium with an immaculateness of 99.6%. 

Today, 50 years after the X-8, Citizen is presenting the Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. The particular material utilized in the watch, called Super Titanium, is additionally being utilized in the HAKUTO-R lunar investigation program, an activity by Japanese startup iSpace which has immediately arisen as one of Japan’s driving private space investigation firms. The material will be used in the lunar lander and lunar meanderer right now being worked on by iSpace in association with Citizen. 

The Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch expands on the tradition of Satellite Wave GPS F100 from 2014 and the Satellite Wave GPS F900 from 2015. The watch can get signals from satellites circling the earth to guarantee precision through adjusting. It takes a limit of three seconds to get and peruse the sign from a network of satellites anyplace on the planet. The innovation pressed into these watches is huge even past the particular horological application. 

Beginning Thoughts

The arrival of the Satellite Wave GPS F950 is Citizen helping us to remember their extraordinary specialized ability. Occasionally, the company makes a watch that recommends that with regards to forefront innovation, Citizen is glad to give any other person a run for their cash. Recall the world’s most precise watch ? 

Explorers frequently depend on Satellite telephones to communicate when they’re in regions of the world a long way from cell gathering. The Satellite Wave innovation works similarly. Most gadgets that we use to set our watches depend on regular types of communication. Without cell administration, even your telephone, which depends on cell pinnacles to permit clients to see to the most precise time, would experience difficulty showing the exact time. Citizen’s workaround is communicating straightforwardly with satellites rather than cell towers. It resembles removing the center man. That is impressive. 

Then think about the incorporation of Citizen’s Eco-Drive innovation, which utilizes any wellspring of light – be it inside or outside – to control the watch. In addition to the fact that this eliminates the requirement for a battery and thusly forestall a force disappointment, however it can likewise be utilized in conditions where normal sun oriented controlled watches wouldn’t work. Indeed, even a spotlight could charge the watch if it’s needed. 

Then there’s the point of convergence of the watch, the festival of 50 years of working with perhaps the most testing materials: titanium. The Satellite Wave GPS F950 is delivered in Super Titanium, which fluctuates from customary titanium in that it’s blessed to receive an exclusive surface-solidifying innovation, Duratect. Citizen likewise guarantees there are restrictive titanium-handling advances required too. This implies that the watch is half more scratch-safe than hardened steel and 40% lighter. For this situation, the material external matches the innovation inside. 

Super Titanium will likewise be utilized in the mission of extending the human environment to the moon. The HAKUTO-R program, a completely private endeavor by iSpace, starts with a dispatch of a lunar landing make in 2021, if things go as per plan. At that point, in 2023, a lunar meanderer will be sent. Both the arrival make and the wanderer will incorporate components formed from Super Titanium. In the event that lone it were a monitored flight – the group would have the ideal watch to match. 

The Basics

Brand: Citizen

Model: Satellite Wave GPS F950 Titanium 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Reference Number: CC4025-82E

Diameter: 47.5mm

Thickness: 14.71mm

Case Material: Super Titanium

Dial Color: Black

Indexes: Present

Lume: Present on hands

Water Resistance: 30m

Strap/Bracelet: Bracelet produced using Super Titanium

The Movement

Caliber: Cal.F950

Functions: Hours, Minutes, World Time, Chronograph, Countdown, Flyback, Power Reserve Indicator

Power Reserve: Solar Charging

Winding: Solar

Additional Details: Satellite synchronization capable

Valuing & Availability

Price: $5,000

Availability: December 2020 at Citizenwatch.com .

Limited Edition: Yes, chronic number etching present. Limited to 550 pieces. 

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