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Introducing The Citizen Super Titanium Armor Series

Introducing The Citizen Super Titanium Armor Series

Fast Take

Announced to check the 50th commemoration of the world’s first titanium wristwatch, Citizen has as of late dispatched its new Super Titanium Armor arrangement. Addressing a further advancement in the brand’s sun based fueled titanium watches, the Armor arrangement is comprised of a 41mm time and date model and a couple of 44mm chronographs (with or without gold accents). With incorporated wristbands and Teutonic lines intended to conjure the look and feel of defensive layer plates, each of the three models are made of Citizen’s own “Super Titanium,” which is titanium that has been blessed to receive the brand’s Duratect surface-solidifying. The objective? A super-light games watch that will not scratch as effectively as those produced using standard titanium. 

Introductory Thoughts

In 1970, Citizen dispatched the first-historically speaking titanium wristwatch with its X-8 chronometer and, in the course of recent years, the brand has become intently attached to the possibility of an available and tech-forward titanium watch. Adhering to that content, the Armor line’s Super Titanium is supposedly half more scratch-safe than hardened steel while keeping up the material’s trademark light wrist presence because of titanium being some 40% lighter than steel.

The Duratect surface treatment additionally empowers Citizen to change the shade of the metal and to all the more effectively apply a wide scope of completing without forfeiting generally scratch obstruction. Surface-level solidifying will unquestionably improve scratch-opposition (surface solidifying isn’t uncommon, particularly from Citizen). In any case, such solidifying medicines are less compelling in relieving bigger hits and thumps that can penetrate the surface layer of the solidifying. And keeping in mind that dings and imprints are conceivable with any lively watch, in the event that you’ve at any point claimed a titanium watch, you’ll probably concur that it doesn’t take much at all for the material to be shrouded in small hairline scratches – which is such a mileage that solidifying can help alleviate. 

While the Armor line is in reality another reach for Citizen, it’s not the first occasion when we’ve seen the company utilize Super Titanium on a watch, and the material can be found in a modest bunch of watches from the brand, including the stout Promaster 1000M, the Captain America, and the ani-digi exemplary Promaster Skyhawk. Talking explicitly about these models in the Armor line (and my adoration for comparative information), I do wish Citizen could give some assertion concerning the heaviness of each model. (I have requested these specs yet still can’t seem to hear back.)

Interestingly, both the three-hander and the chronograph highlight pivoting bezels, with the previous contribution a jump style unidirectional passed timing bezel, and the last a bezel that turns to uncover the watch’s crown and pushers. While not shown “open” in any of the images given by Citizen, the chronograph’s bezel seems to have a topsy-turvy shape, so you can decide to have the controls either protected or uncovered. This is unquestionably something I’d prefer to see in more prominent detail as it seems to be a cunning plan. See above for a glance at the “shut” position of the bezel alongside a side view showing the crown and pushers. 

Admittedly, the $650 44mm chronograph models are likely a lot for my wrist, yet I think the $550 three-hander AW1660-51H – with its precise great looks, somewhat geek vibe, and coordinated wristband – resembles a solid incentive for an advanced Eco-Drive that should confront whatever has been scratching the entirety of your other watches. 

The Basics

Brand: Citizen

Model: Super Titanium Armor

Reference Number: AW1660-51H (time and date), CA7050-57H (chronograph), CA7058-55E (chronograph with gold dial accents)

Diameter: 41mm (time and date), 44mm (chronograph)

Case Material: Duratect-treated Super Titanium

Dial Color: Grey

Indexes: Applied

Lume: On hands

Water Resistance: 100 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Integrated Super Titanium bracelet

The Movement

Caliber: J810 (time and date), B642 (chronograph)

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date (time and date); hours, minutes, sub-seconds, 1/fifth of a subsequent chronograph show, hour long counter, date (chronograph)

Additional Details: Quartz with Eco-Drive sun based powering

Evaluating & Availability

Price: $550 (time and date), $650 (chronograph)  

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