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Introducing The Czapek & Cie Sursum Corda

Introducing The Czapek & Cie Sursum Corda

Brisk Take

The Czapek & Cie Sursum Corda is an exceptional piece intended to praise the 175th year commemoration of the Czapek & Cie brand name. The watch imbues haute horology, new plan and an inspiring soul into an anything other than basic time-just watch. With a production type development, an immense assortment of completing methods, and a multi-etymological etching circumnavigating the dial, the brand has iterated on their lead plan and, in this manner, has delivered a genuinely novel watch with striking looks and a fascinating story behind it.

Starting Thoughts

Czapek & Cie is a generally youthful brand, however one with genuine name cred. The actual brand traces all the way back to the center of the nineteenth century when Czech-conceived Polish watchmaker, Franciszek Czapek collaborated with in all honesty Antoni Norbert de Patek which in the long run prompted the development of Patek, Czapek & Cie. Czapek proceeded to become the watchmaker for Napoleon III, acquiring further prestige, while the historical backdrop of his previous accomplice is notable to all. Likewise with many watch companies of old, the brand dropped out of presence and the name lay torpid until around 2012 when the name rights were bought, and the brand was freed once again from ancient times. The advanced cycle of Czapek & Cie has been creating some genuine watches, committing to quality assembling developments to pay tribute to its namesake. 

The name Sursum Corda means “lift up your hearts.” It is a maxim that CEO Xavier de Roquemaurel says has helped the brand through the difficulties experienced in resuscitating Czapek and represents their guiding principle of boldness and tirelessness. They said that, given the setting of 2020, it delineates the main message they need to impart to the watch gathering community. With the Sursum Corda, the brand has made a piece extraordinary resulting from coordinated effort at both the development and completing level. The development inside this watch, the type SXH1, was created in association with Chronode in Le Locle. The base plate of the dial was cased by Precinox in La-Chaux-de-Fonds, the cloisonné world guide by Donze Cadrans, and the hand-etching of the external ring by ace etcher Michele Rothen from a plan by Adrian Buchmann. The little seconds subdial, engravings ring, and hour ring were fabricated by Metalem. 

The instance of the watch is indistinguishable from that of the Quai des Bergues – the brand’s leader model – and, similar as that watch, is done in white gold (for additional on the Quai des Bergues, look at this involved ). Additionally, this watch bears a similar development. The SXH1 is a hand-twisted development with a seven-day power hold, because of the twofold barrel development inside.

The Sursum Corda is in no way, shape or form a world-clock, truth be told a long way from it. However, it includes a point by point portrayal of a world guide in cloisonné finish at the focal point of the dial. The landmasses are shown in a blue/dim completion and afterward delicately impacted to represent the territory. Every landmass is then contained inside 0.1 mm slight dividers of white-gold boundaries against the waterways which are done in turquoise. Moving further outward is a brushed white gold ring containing the Sursum Corda engraving in five dialects: Latin, English, French, Italian, and German. The external hour ring of the dial highlights hand-engraved waves, which make a velvet impact from the utilization of laser impacting, cutting, and delicate sand blasting.

The watch is on the huge side at 42.5mm, however apparently the land of the actual dial has made it conceivable to utilize the assortment of completing and configuration highlighted immediately. From a sheer tasteful viewpoint, the watch actually seems decipherable and adjusted because of the way that it just represents the time with no other complication. The little seconds subdial is particularly situated somewhere in the range of seven and eight o’clock on the dial with a decent fly of shading coming from the red hand. The numerals for the hours have a thin and exemplary appearance and remove nothing from the other plan decisions. The skeletonized, rhodium-plated steel hour and moment hands correspondingly work well for their motivation and give sufficient freedom to see the world guide below. 

Czapek & Cie likewise follows the saying “we gather uncommon individuals,” and that is not any more obvious than on this piece, which assumed control longer than a year to create. The watch includes an open caseback to see the enhanced development and comes on a dim blue croc strap.

The Basics

Brand: Czapek & Cie

Model: Sursum Corda

Reference Number: Piece Unique

Diameter: 42.5mm

Case Material:  White Gold

Dial Color: Gray and blue – world guide at the focal point of the dial in cloisonné lacquer/engravings ring in brushed white gold/hours external ring with hand-engraved waves/laser impacting, cutting, and delicate sand impacting to make ‘velvet’ effect

Indexes: Arabic numerals

Lume: No

Water Resistance: 30 meters

Strap/Bracelet: Dark blue calfskin strap

The Movement

Caliber: SXH1

Functions: House, Minutes, Seconds

Diameter: 32mm

Thickness: 4.75mm

Power Reserve: Seven days

Winding: Hand-wound

Frequency: 3 Hz

Additional Details: Double open wrenches, sandblasted spans, blue screws, inclining, last anglage ‘main’

Evaluating & Availability

Price: 60,000 CHF

Availability: Unique

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