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Introducing The F. P. Journe Astronomic Blue For Only Watch 2019

Introducing The F. P. Journe Astronomic Blue For Only Watch 2019

Snappy Take

The 2019 release of Only Watch has been reported, alongside a huge number of watches delivered by producers who are supporting the closeout. For the uninitiated, Only Watch is a biennial foundation sell off, held to help the Monegasque Association Against Muscular Dystrophy, and specifically examination into better treatments and ideally, a remedy for the most serious structure, which is Duchenne strong dystrophy. Solid dystrophy is an inherent problem, wherein muscle tissue progressively debilitates over the long run because of a powerlessness to frame proteins important for sound muscles. Only Watch was helped to establish by Luc Pettavino, whose child Paul died from complications of Duchenne solid dystrophy in 2016, at the age of 21. The current year’s sale will happen, not in Monaco, but instead, at Christie’s Geneva, and the donated watches will be shown as a component of a world visit, coordinated by Christie’s, which will dispatch in Monaco at the Monaco Yacht Show.

François-Paul Journe has been a predictable ally of Only Watch. In the 2015 version of the closeout, Journe created the F. P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain Bleu , with a tantalum case (tantalum is an uncommon, hard metal – among hafnium and tungsten on the intermittent table, in case you’re intrigued) which has the benefits of being intense, profoundly erosion safe, and which likewise has an unordinary blue-dark gloss. As Cara Barrett referenced in our 2015 inclusion, Journe had utilized the metal previously, in the Chronomètre Blue Byblos Limited release. The Tourbillon Souverain Bleu wound up being one of the top performing parcels at Only Watch 2015, hammering for CHF 550,000 from a purchaser in the room, and was followed by a considerably more fabulous outcome in 2017. For that release of Only Watch, Journe created a split seconds chronograph (again in a tantalum case) which went for CHF 1.15 million, making it perhaps the most costly watches at any point made by an autonomous watch brand or maker.

The Tourbillon Souveraine Bleu, Only Watch 2015

The utilization of tantalum, just as the acquaintance of new-with Journe complications, is an overall topic for F. P. Journe at Only Watch, who appears to respect the occasion – at least on the strength of the 2017 contribution – as a chance to help a beneficial aim, yet additionally to present new specialized innovations too, which not just generates impressively more buzz than, say, another dial treatment, yet additionally makes for a more considerable and fascinating sale. The new watch is exceptionally complex. The case, as was valid for Journe’s last two Only Watch pieces, is tantalum, 44mm x 13.75mm; it’s hand-wound, and has indications on both the front and back of the watch. On the front, there are two separate dials; on the left, sidereal time is shown (sidereal time – in a real sense, “star” time – is the time figured from the development of stars rather than the Sun, and is around four minutes more limited than a sun powered day). On the right, two hands show the hours in two separate time regions; there is a focal moment hand. 

Journe Split-Seconds Chronograph, tantalum case, Only Watch 2017

The watch additionally has a combined day/night, dawn/nightfall complication, in an area at 12:00; the amount of time the Sun is noticeable (relating to dawn and dusk) is controlled by shutters at each side of the opening. This is a relatively uncommon strategy for showing the dawn/dusk times; verifiably, it was regularly utilized in tickers (longcase and shelf timekeepers) and it was likewise utilized by Patek Philippe in its Star Caliber 2000 pocket watch (we had the option to see a model of the latter, at Patek Philippe’s processing plant in Geneva, back in 2013 ). Running (deadbeat) seconds are shown in a little area contiguous the sidereal time dial, and in the same position however nearby the dial for the hours, is a moonphase show; the power hold is at 6:00. 

The Astronomic Blue, Only Watch 2019

On the back, there is a perfectly positioned hand for the Equation of Time (the quantity of minutes’ distinction give or take between mean sunlight based time and genuine sun oriented time) alongside a combination of a yearly schedule, and indication of the situation of the Sun in the Zodiac (both indicated by a pointer carried on a fringe track around the caseback). The view from the back likewise shows a remontoir d’egalité (a consistent power gadget which is something of a signature for Journe) just as a one-minute tourbillon, the Equation of Time cam itself, and a radial regulator at the upper right adjoining the long stretch of December – this parts with the way that on top of all the other things, the watch is additionally a moment repeater.

Remarkably, everything indications can be set by the crown; there are no pushers or correctors for the situation flanks (which appears to be incomprehensible given the quantity of indications, however so sayeth François-Paul). Gracious, and oui, bien sûr, the development is made of 18 karat rose gold.

Starting Thoughts

It abandons saying that such a thing will have genuine F. P. Journe authorities and fans totally salivating. This isn’t without reason. François-Paul Journe’s watchmaking has would in general stir solid emotions among the relative rare sorts of people who can gather at this level, and who have the particular tastes to which his watches claim and the Astronomic Blue is presumably going to be no exemption. Journe’s way to deal with complicated watchmaking has as a lot to do with an insightful and elegant integration of all the information introduced, as it does with mechanical complexity as such, and regardless of the quantity of complications it contains, the Astronomic Blue figures out how to keep away from that most genuine expected entanglement of complicated watches – what George Daniels depicted as their propensity to look like gas meters.

Indeed, the methodology Journe has taken to the plan of the Astronomic Blue is one in which adjusted plan and clarity are basic components – the watch is in a split second unmistakable as a F. P. Journe watch and it is at the same time, to anybody used to checking the time, immediately obvious that this is another plan. One of Journe’s great gifts is his capacity to create a wide scope of watches which all utilization a common plan language, yet which figure out how to accomplish an individual personality in every iteration. The utilization of galactic indications on the rear of the watch really gives the watch greater interest as an item to examine (at one’s relaxation in one of the few libraries in one of one’s few chateaus, one envisions, given the probably cost of the watch) and is a reverberation of the propensity producers of exceptionally complex pocket watches had in hundreds of years past, to utilize both the recto and verso of the watch in light of a legitimate concern for intelligibility (something which creators of such watches, including Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin , obviously keep on doing right up ’til the present time). The estimate for the watch given by Only Watch is $300,000 to $600,000 despite the fact that I figure nobody would be astonished to see a one of a kind piece from Journe, at this degree of complexity and attractive quality, go for a considerable amount more.

The Basics

Brand: F.P. Journe

Model: Astronomic Blue

Diameter: 44mm

Thickness: 13.75mm

Case Material: Tantalum

Dial Color: Blue chrome

Strap/Bracelet: Orange alligator with tantalum pin buckle

The Movement

Caliber: Prototype type 1619 in rose gold

Functions: Hours in double cross zones; minutes; moonphase; sidereal time; day/night indication; dawn/nightfall indication; power save; yearly schedule with Zodiac indication; Equation of Time

Power Reserve: 42 hours

Winding: Manual

Additional Details: One minute tourbillon with remontoire d’egalité and deadbeat seconds.

Estimating & Availability

Price: Estimated at $300,000 – $600,000

Availability: On the square at Only Watch in Geneva, November 9, 2019

Limited Edition: Unique piece. 

See more at OnlyWatch.com.

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