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Introducing The Fortis Flieger F-41 Automatic and the F-39 Automatic, Including A Japan-Only Special Edition

Introducing The Fortis Flieger F-41 Automatic and the F-39 Automatic, Including A Japan-Only Special Edition

Speedy Take

The as of late presented F-43 Bicompax denoted another course for Fortis under the initiative of Jupp Philipp, who assumed control over the company in 2018. Presently, the Flieger F-41, F-39, and F-39-J models are being added to the Fortis Flieger family. F represents flieger, and the – 41 and – 39 assignments relate with case size. The – J suffix in the F-39-J indicates an extraordinary release that is restricted to 50 pieces and sold distinctly in Japan. I don’t know it’s totally purposeful, however there’s an undeniable equal between the terminology of the new flieger watches and the USAF’s Tri-Service aircraft assignment framework . Different forces follow different naming shows; examine Britain’s here . 

The F-41 Automatic

So this implies we have two completely new case sizes in the developing family of Fortis Fliegers. Presently, we have a 43mm (Bicompax), 41mm (Automatic), and what will definitely be a group satisfying 39mm (Automatic) example. 

The F-39 Automatic

This new threesome of time-just watches outwardly follows the plan language presented with the F-43 Bicompax. The Synchroline and Brixtrack advances are as yet present too. Familiar flieger configuration signals, similar to the triangle flanked by dabs at 12 o’clock and a strong seconds track, are additionally present in these three new models. The standard F-43 Automatic and F-39 Automatic utilize the Berlac Fluor Orange motif of the B-43 Bicompax, yet the F-39-J models leaves from this motif; all things being equal, it utilizes a dull blue sunray-finished dial with blade molded dark framed hour and moment turns in white. The second hand is both white and red – the shades of Japan’s public flag, conversationally known as Hinomaru, and that of the Japanese Ground and Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The F-39-J Japan restricted version of 50 examples

Starting Thoughts

Our community is size-fixated, and rightfully so. Attire that fits ineffectively can be uncomfortable, and the equivalent is valid with a watch. It’s critical to purchase the correct size for you. Recently, I compared finding the right-sized watch to snatching the correct size wrench for fixing a jolt. If watches are apparatuses, at that point we need the correct instrument for the job. 

Fortis knows this. 

And similarly a flight plan should be filed before take off to help moderate any danger, Fortis has presented a whole scope of case sizes with hardly a pause in between to preemptively satisfy the lover interest for a scope of sizes. If you’re not into the Flieger arrangement for visual reasons, that is a certain something, yet it’s harder to say the watch is too enormous or little with such a choice available. 

Fortis has verifiably provided the Russian Space Program similarly Omega has provided NASA with watches. The Official Cosmonauts Chronograph, which was presented in 1994 and flew on various missions, was 38mm. Profoundly, the F-39 offers an incredible arrangement, measurement savvy, with that watch. The upsized B-42 supplanted the Official Cosmonauts Chronograph in 2003. The new responsibility for, and the company’s ability to evaluate new estimating and plan thoughts, looks good for the Fortis-ROSCOSMOS relationship to become significantly more meaningful and interesting. 

It’s additionally imperative to take note of that while chronographs are normally connected with pilot’s watches, the first B-Uhr, short for Beobachtungs-uhren watch, was a period just plan. The B-Uhr configuration is the place where “flieger watches” come from, obviously, it’s come to define any pilot’s watch related with Germany. Or then again, in current occasions, a multi-sized, Swiss-made pilot’s watch that references mid-century German plan is additionally a “flieger.” And an energizing one at that. 

If you fancy the plan of the B-43, at that point you’ll doubtlessly appreciate the plan of these new deliveries, and now, you’ll have the option to find the model that fits you the best size-wise. What this delivery likewise does, in any case, is commute home the possibility that Fortis implies business as far as re-lighting the brand and connecting with watch devotees on one of the fronts that implies such a huge amount to us: case size. Also, I find the Japan-just version especially intriguing. Different companies in a similar function-forward class as Fortis likewise produce various Japan-just versions, and that goes for Omega too, with the Speedmaster. The F-39-J starts a trend that I’m eager to see the direction of. 

We began with the F-43 this previous August and went to the F-41 and F-39 today. Does that mean the B-arrangement is up for development next? The freshest B-42 Official Cosmonauts Chronograph was dispatched this past May. From the positive response to the B-43 and the convenient presentation of these F-41 and F-39 watches, it would seem that Fortis is fixing up for take-off with enthusiasts. 

The Basics

Brand: Fortis

Model: F-41, F-39, F-39-J

Reference Number: F.422.0008(F-41 on arm band) F.422.0009 (F-41 on pilot tie) F.422.0005 (F-39 on wristband) F.422.0006 (F-39 on pilot tie) F.422.0007 (Japan-just F-39 restricted edition) 

Diameter: 39mm (F-39 and F-30-J), 41mm (F-41)

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Dial Color: Black

Indexes: Proprietary “Brixtrack”

Lume: Yes

Water Resistance: 200m

Strap/Bracelet: All three models are accessible with the assertion block wristband and fine change slide catch in treated steel just as with the dark Aviator Strap, hand produced using feasible assets in Germany.

The Movement

Caliber: Fortis UW-30 (utilized taking all things together three models introduced)

Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, date

Power Reserve: 38 hours

Winding: Automatic

Jewels: 26 jewels

Evaluating & Availability

Price: 2,300 CHF (F-41 and F-39 on wristband) 1,850 CHF (F-41 and F-39 on pilot tie). Japan evaluating just accessible in Japan.

Availability: Authorized dealers

Limited Edition: Japan-just version restricted to 50 examples

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