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Introducing The Frederique Constant Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture

Introducing The Frederique Constant Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture

Fast Take

While the Frederique Constant Highlife watches you see here feel like an entirely different assortment, they’re quite of a redo of the company’s Highlife line, which initially turned out in 1999, well before yours really was into watches. I review particularly that once I did begin focusing on mechanical watches, in around 2004 or somewhere in the vicinity, one of the main marques I ran over that appeared to be addressing the mid 20s me was Frederique Constant. I actually feel like I’m continually searching for esteem when I see watches, yet in those days, as a new college alumni, my drive to discover bargains was a touch more critical, and it’s in this setting that I originally educated of Frederique Constant. 

I came to consider FC to be a go-to mark for more youthful watch fans, for example, myself who were keen on exemplary plans combined with an incentive for money. That carries me to what we need to present today. At dispatch, there are three parts of the redid Highlife assortment: Heartbeat models, known for their somewhat open dials (beginning at $1,995); COSC-evaluated chronometer models (beginning at $1,895); and in-house ceaseless schedules (beginning at $9,095). While I think each about these branches is all around priced, it’s the unending schedule – which doesn’t utilize another development, mind you, however it is the best-executed Frederique Constant never-ending to date – that most energized me when I previously found out about it.

The new Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture draws on the recognizable FC-775, which we originally saw in 2016 with the Slimline Perpetual. The development is a programmed ceaseless schedule type planned and fabricated at the Frederique Constant Geneva make. At the point when Stephen went involved with the Slimline Perpetual Calendar back in 2016, he announced it the best spending plan never-ending schedule accessible at that point , and I’m slanted to concur with his evaluation. Appearing at a price of $8,795, it assisted with reshaping assumptions about how an interminable schedule could be priced, and it got a huge load of consideration, here on HODINKEE, yet all around the watch-cherishing web. As a completely exemplary dress watch plan, the Slimline Perpetual was in accordance with a plan ethos I had come to relate to Frederique Constant. Furthermore, regardless of whether I didn’t think the watch was awesome – its 42mm distance across felt somewhat enormous to me, particularly thinking about the general compactness of the presentations, prompting a lot of negative space – its worth prop was extremely, hard to contend with. 

With the Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, Frederique Constant’s unending schedule arrangement is fanning out with a plan that shows up decisively pointed toward satiating watch gatherers’ cravings for Genta-esque game extravagance watches on incorporated wristbands while conveying that old fashioned FC esteem prop.

The new Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture is accessible in three models at its presentation, and each comes in a 41mm tonneau-molded case that brings to mind a class of steel sport watches that started during the 1970s and keeps on holding the consideration of watch authorities right up ’til today. One adaptation comes in a two-tone steel-and-rose-gold-plated case with a coordinating arm band, another comes on the whole steel with an exquisite blue dial, and the third form combines a steel case with a crocodile lash. For each situation, the dial includes a globe design, and the sub-dials are beautified with a touch of snailing. All forms come with an additional elastic tie that figures to add a pretty energetic measurement to the line, and changing the ties and wristbands should handily be possible without tools.

Introductory Thoughts

Frederique Constant’s selling point is by all accounts worked around esteem and conveying proprietorship encounters that may not in any case be accessible. I think it used to be substantially more common for watch gatherers to begin little, with a section level time-just or time-and-date model from a revered old brand. On the off chance that the watch bug touch and one’s income permitted, one may progress up the stepping stool of prestige, and complications were saved as the reward prize for authorities who could bear the cost of them. In any case, if there is one thing that I’ve seen in my time covering watches, it’s been the democratization of mechanical watchmaking, including high complications. Indeed, even as many top-level brands have seen prices develop in the course of the most recent couple of a long time at a speed quicker than swelling, various upstart brands arranged toward esteem have likewise sprung up, making comfortable new tractions for collectors.

In providing an alternative that scratches both the steel-sport-watch-with-incorporated arm band and the unending schedule tingles, Frederique Constant will undoubtedly attract comparisons to super watches that cost commonly more and that will, in all likelihood, keep on being considerably more hard to get at retail than the upgraded Highlife. I don’t think I need to name these brands or these models; they’re celebrated and few enough, and there’s a decent possibility you’ve probably as of now considered them by this point in any case. Also, I don’t think the new Highlife is immediate competition for them. The hardened steel sport watch with ceaseless schedule and coordinated arm band has discovered another path to drive in, and an entire bundle more watch sweethearts will be ready to get in the driver’s seat. I imagine that is cool.

Comparing these watches with the previous FC Slimline Perpetual, I need to say that I like the new Highlife form a lot more. The proportions of the dials feel more agreeable to me, and I believe that needs to do both with the decrease on the off chance that size to 41mm and with the utilization of the enormous applied markers with lume. In a portion of the provided pictures, I’ve seen that the globe theme seems subtler than in others, and I need to say, I appreciate the plan more during the ones where it’s not all that simple to get that design. That makes them keep thinking about whether it probably won’t have been an additional frivolity that would have been exceptional forgotten about. The new Highlife is one of a developing number of watches that I’d prefer to get a nearby in-person look at.

The Basics

Brand: Frederique Constant
Model: Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture
Reference Number: FC-775V4NH2B: Stainless steel and rose-gold plated with coordinating wristband; FC-775N4NH6B; hardened steel on steel arm band with blue dial; FC-775S4NH6: Stainless steel with silver dial croc strap

Diameter: 41mm

Thickness: 12.65mm
Case Material: Stainless steel or two-tone tempered steel and rose-gold plate
Dial Color: Blue or silver-colored
Indexes: Applied
Lume: Yes
Water Resistance: 50 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Varies by model, yet on the whole cases, an additional elastic lash is provided

The Movement

Caliber: FC-775
Functions: Hours, minutes, day, date, month, period of the moon, jump year indicator
Power Reserve: 38 hours
Winding: Automatic
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewels: 26

Pricing & Availability

Price: FC-775V4NH2B: $9,495; FC-775N4NH6B: $9,295: FC-775S4NH6: $9,095
Availability: Now

For more, visit Frederique Constant.

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