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Introducing The G-Shock GWF-A1000, New For 2020 (Live Pics & Pricing)

Snappy Take

The Frogman was made for jumpers as the name recommends, and it is an extraordinary model in the G-Shock arrangement including additional extreme ISO-ensured 200m water obstruction. The main Frogman appeared in 1993, and it has become one of the columns for the religion achievement of G-Shock. This additionally was the first-since forever G-Shock to get its very own authority moniker, and the arrangement has included bleeding edge advancements and new development procedures over the years.


The GWF-A1000 Frogman is the principal simple model in the arrangement, and it includes an enormous white handset against a dim dial, flaunting its boss intelligibility. The watch utilizes a shiny new carbon monocoque case with one-piece development (i.e., no removable case back), which shaves 22 grams of weight from its archetype (GWF-D1000). The world time, tide chart, and plunge time capacities are shown with simple hands, and you’ll utilize the crown on the correct side of the case to work them. Going simple acquainted a crown with the arrangement interestingly, and that empowers more instinctive handling.



Early introduction

You may not understand that this is undoubtedly a Frogman from the outset. Almost unaltered hilter kilter case plan with advanced presentations characterized the arrangement for more than 25 years. I without a doubt, felt an abnormal newness when I saw the watch, to be honest.

The Frogman is really the lone watch in the whole G-Shock arrangement that Casio authoritatively calls a jumper’s watch. Albeit all G-Shock models are evaluated for 20 ATM water opposition, the Frogman is the lone ISO-ensured jumper in the setup. With the last emphasis, GWF-D1000, the Frogman acquired a profundity check (triple sensor), which could show plunging profundity in 10cm augmentations. I believe that was a fitting capacity on a computerized watch, and the watch, which joined contributions from marine salvage experts, could compete head-on with jumper computers. From the list of capabilities perspective, the GWF-D1000 was Casio’s definitive Frogman.

On the other hand, when you simply check the time out there as a wristwatch, a simple dial is clearly the best quality level, at any rate for mechanical pieces. Albeit the Frogman is a quartz watch, I think this new model enters the domain of jumper’s watches in the traditional sense. On the off chance that you consider this piece Casio’s new quest for a “G-Shock jumper’s watch” rather than an expansion of the current Frogman line, this simple interface bodes well. With this model, the Frogman jumps out of its grounded marking of more than 20 years to venture out becoming a jumper’s watch as a wristwatch.

Now, I accept there was another purpose behind Casio to push their simple watch improvement. Since the time the introduction of the Gravitymaster GPW-1000 of every 2014, the company has been caught up with growing very good quality models of every class with a combination of their grounded sun powered nuclear timekeeping and a simple presentation. The brand has delivered leader looks for land, ocean, and sky, like Gravitymaster and Mudmaster, and notwithstanding being generally new assortments, they are acquiring prominence among G-Shock fans.

For the company, the final test was the “ocean” perspective. Obviously, there is the Gulfmaster, which emerged from the endeavors I portrayed above, yet when you consider “ocean” in the G-Shock setup, the Frogman takes the superb spot. I believe that fusing simple hands to this model was something Casio had been wanting to accomplish lately. Truly, making an ISO-guaranteed 200m jumper is certainly not a simple undertaking. Putting a powerful engine to drive those enormous simple hands on top of every one of those sensors, Bluetooth, and LED backdrop illumination more likely than not been a genuine challenge.

I believe Casio’s genuine mechanical strength lies in their mix and scaling down mastery. With wristwatches, you are continually managing size requirements, and there is a limit to the highlights you can add regardless of how splendid they are. Furthermore, thus, it is continually energizing to see a high-spec watch in a little bundle, and Casio got that going with the Frogman — it’s a thoroughly discrete discussion if this watch can be considered small, however. Casio likewise figured out how to hold the cost under $1,000 notwithstanding the expansion of a carbon case and simple presentation, and that is a genuine incentive compared to its archetype (albeit the profundity measure has been excluded). Luckily for us, the computerized Frogman isn’t away for acceptable presently. I think we actually have the opportunity to compare and choose this watch and its advanced counterpart.

All in all, this new Frogman is a reasonable and unequivocal advancement of the arrangement, and it is in reality the Sea King of G-Shock.

Frogmen Over The Years

1993 – DW-6300-1A

1995 – DW-8200-1A

1999 – DW-9900-1A

1999 – MRG-1100-2

2001 – GW-200-2JF

2001 – GW-201NT-1_JF_DR

2004 – GW-200CF-7JF

2008 – GW-225E-7_JF_DR

2009 – GW-200Z-1_JF

2009 – GWF-1000-1_JF_DF

2012 – GF-8230A-4JR

2016 – GWF-D1000-1_JF

The Basics

Brand: G-SHOCK
Model: Frogman
Reference Number: GWF-A1000

Diameter: 56.7 x 53.3mm
Thickness: 19.7mm
Case Material: Carbon monocoque + metal ring
Dial Color: Black
Indexes: Bar
Lume: Yes, with splendid LED backlight
Water Resistance: 200m
Strap/Bracelet: Fluoroelastomer strap

The Movement

Caliber: Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6 nuclear timekeeping, Bluetooth versatile connectivity.
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, world time, stopwatch, tide graph.
Additional Details: Automatically checks and realigns hands, plunge log up to 30 dives.

Estimating & Availability

Price: $800
Availability: Now available.
Limited Edition: No, ordinary production.

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