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Introducing The Genus GNS1.2 TD In Damascene Titanium

It’s a cliché that you can’t impart new habits when old ones are so deeply ingrained, and in horology, there aren’t such a large number of canines more established than the traditional combination of hands and numerals to tell the time. Novel time-telling showcases are uncommon – there are things like the meandering hours show, obviously, and infrequent exotica like the bras en l’air ( in a real sense, arms noticeable all around ) watches in which a vivified figure sitting in the dial focuses to the hours with one hand and the minutes with the other; there are the different minor departure from the subject of an advanced presentation. Notwithstanding, Genus, which got its beginning simply a year ago, has figured out how to do as such, and the authors, Sébastien Billières and Catherine Henry, would proceed to see their creation granted the Mechanical Exception prize at the 2019 GPHG . The center of the Genus time-telling framework is the snake-like game plan of what Genus calls its “genera.” These are precious stone molded components which circle two sub-dials once each hour, and which demonstrate the number of several minutes past the hour it is. The hour can be perused off the pointer to one side, which demonstrates the hour by means of a turning transporter which makes one full transformation like clockwork; the quantity of minutes which have passed in every ten-minute span is appeared on a circle at the right, which pivots once every ten minutes.


Genus has utilized the improving capability of Super-LumiNova in its watches (we appear to be seeing increasingly more of this over the most recent couple of years as it becomes progressively evident that the material has phenomenal long haul actual dependability), and the lights-out show the watch puts on is generally immersing, and delineates the somewhat mesmerizing movement of the genera as they circle around the sub-dials.

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This most recent adaptation of the watch utilizes a similar development as the principal, which is the type 160W-1.2. This is a genuinely huge development – in the pocket watch range at 38mm x 7.7mm, obviously, the time-telling framework isn’t one that would profit by any endeavor to fit it into a more modest case, and the case for the GNS1.2 TD is 43mm x 13.3mm. The case is really the news this time – while past forms have been in valuable metals, the GNS1.2 TD is in damascene titanium (the TD represents Titane Damassé).

The GNS 1.2 TD can be requested with three minor departure from the “genera;” appeared here is the diamond set version.

The term “damascene” seems like it should have its sources in alleged Damascus steel, or wootz steel, in which various layers of the steel have diverse glasslike structures, which delivers an outwardly striking grouped impact (correspondingly, the hamon, or temper line, of Japanese swords is the consequence of controlling the rate at which various layers of steel cool when the blade is tempered). Nonetheless, damascening is somewhat unique in that it includes welding together various layers of either comparable amalgams, or various metals all together; the term is really gotten from damask silk (albeit “damask” thusly comes from Damascus, which was a significant exchanging point for the material along the Silk Road). In Japan, the method is called mokume-gane (independent watchmaker Kees Englebarts makes mokume-gane dialed watches in tiny numbers, particularly in the customary design), and it was initially evolved in 17th century Japan by metalsmith Denbei Shoami, as a method of making beautiful fittings for swords (counting tsuba, or sword monitors). For the GNS1.2 TD, Genus’ case-creator welds together unique titanium composites, which turn blue at different temperatures.

There are different ways you can get the layers of metal to bond in such a work. The most customary technique, and the one that Genus is by all accounts utilizing dependent on the press material, is purported fluid stage holding, in which the material is warmed to a sufficiently high level to incompletely liquify the limit layers, welding them together. You can patch layers together, yet this will in general present pollutants and air pockets, and you can likewise pressure-weld the layers together. Fluid stage holding with titanium would be a sensitive technique; typically titanium is welded in a dormant gas environment to keep away from tainting with air gasses, and to bond the layers for the Genus GNS1.2 TD case together, temperatures of 1200-1400º Celsius should be reached. When the last block has been made, it’s exposed to a last warmth treatment that decides the profundity of dye (Genus says that customers can, in the event that they wish, be available for this stage and decide the particular level of immersion they need in the last product).

The end-product, showing the joined impact delivered by the diverse titanium alloys.

The impact is very sensational; the layered amalgams produce a clear cornflower blue, substituting with a lighter, nearly powder-blue shading. I have seen heat-blued titanium utilized somewhere else in watchmaking, however I don’t remember truly seeing a damascene titanium case previously (one considers something a first in watchmaking at one’s danger, yet it’s another one on me).

Genus additionally offers three choices as far as the presence of the genera. They can be had either jeweled (see above), or you can have them in either a vertical or slanted orientation.

Genus has been a most loved free brand of mine since they dispatched in 2019; I think it takes a ton of guts to make something like this under any conditions in watchmaking and, while nobody might have anticipated the headwinds we are encountering now, in 2019, it was as yet an unsafe endeavor, no doubt. I think one about the things that requests to me such a great amount about their watches is that they are not such a watches you make without, most importantly, a remarkable vision, and second, a colossal measure of assurance; I am certain that the originators, similar to some other business people, have no issue with deals (as a companion of mine likes to say – when he initially began, his father advised him, “Presently, recollect child, nobody at any point left business taking a profit.”)

But this stuff is very difficult to do by any means, and considerably harder to progress admirably. I additionally give Genus a ton of acknowledgment for attempting to guarantee their clients really get a working watch. Presently, you may figure this should be guaranteed, and you would be totally option to say as much, however top of the line superwatches and abnormal complications frequently invest more energy having disappointed proprietors and watchmakers thinking about why they won’t go, as they do being worn and delighted in. I trust Genus and its originators, this fairly terrible year regardless, keep on expanding on their initial achievement, and to discover the crowd that I think their watches so lavishly deserve.

The Basics

Brand: Genus
Model: GNS1.2 TD

Diameter: 43mm
Thickness: 13.3mm
Case Material: Damascene titanium
Indexes: Separate signs for quite a long time, ten-minute stretches, and definite minutes
Lume: Super-LumiNova
Water Resistance: 3 bar/30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: Navy blue calfskin with moved edges (crocodile accessible on solicitation) with damascene titanium pin buckle

The Movement

Movement: Caliber 160W-1.2

 Functions: Hours, ten-minute stretches demonstrated by circling components, precise minutes on minutes plate at 3:00
Diameter: 38mm
Thickness: 7.7mm
Power Reserve: 50 hours
Winding: Manual
Frequency: 18,000 vph
Jewels: 26
Additional Details: Hand got done with cleaned angles and flanks, reflect cleaned steelwork

Evaluating & Availability

Price: $154,000

Availability: Available now

Limited Edition: No, anyway extremely restricted yearly production

For more, visit genuswatches.swiss .

Forging singular segments of titanium alloy

Heating the last block of layered titanium alloys

Final blueing of the completed block

Heat blueing the crown

The completed case, uncovering the various layers of alloy

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