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Introducing The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection SBGW262 (Live Pics & Pricing)

Introducing The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection SBGW262 (Live Pics & Pricing)

It was just a year ago that Grand Seiko declared a line of thin, hand-wound mechanical dress watches that appeared what has since become one of my number one new case shapes from any watchmaker. These early models incorporated the SBGK002, the SBGK004, the SBGK006, and a model that Stephen went through seven days with, the SBGK005.

Beyond the wonderful, slim, retro-motivated case shape that appeared to skirt the line between a customary round dress case and a tonneau, the new Elegance “Thin” watches shared a couple of things for all intents and purpose. Generally evident among them was the utilization of the new 9S63 physically twisted development with little seconds and force hold, and in select cases, delightful veneer dials including maki-e complements. Today, we have the most up to date advancement in the Grand Seiko Elegance story, the physically twisted SBGW262. It also comes in a thin and circumspect 39mm by 11.6mm case. However, in contrast to the previously mentioned watches from a year ago, at the core of this most current watch is the type 9S64, with shows for the hours, the minutes, and the seconds from the focal axis. 

As with the extraordinary larger part of Grand Seiko watches, the SBGW262 has a method of bringing you into its dial. Its a well known fact that Grand Seiko has come to be seen by a large number watch aficionados as one of the chief specialists of insightful dial plan and execution. Fabulous Seiko has acquired this standing utilizing strategies common to customary watchmaking focuses – note the flawless hand-cleaning of this current watch’s handset, for instance. In any case, they additionally accomplish it with the use of particularly Japanese métiers and specialties. It’s these unique subtleties that numerous Grand Seiko aficionados, myself notwithstanding, have come to view as a component of what makes Grand Seiko truly extraordinary. In the SBGW262, you see that distinction in the dark urushi enamel dial with enormous profundity and raised maki-e complements. The hour markers that you see here are made of powdered platinum, and the numerals at the cardinal positions are made from powdered 24-karat gold. We saw comparable dials in the two rose-gold models that came out a year ago, the SBGK002 and the SBGK004, however the utilization of two extra maki-e numerals in the SBGW262 makes for a dial that is all the more expensive to produce.

Finishing surfaces with urushi enamel, a characteristic substance got from the polish tree, is a type of craftsmanship that can be found in various conventional Japanese items including little boxes for adornments, furniture, and even miso soup bowls. Not all urushi veneer is of equivalent quality, however. Homegrown Japanese polish records for a little level of the enamel utilized in Japan. For the SBGW262, Grand Seiko has utilized the absolute best urushi veneer it could discover. The dials of the SBGW262 come from finish taken from trees filled in and around the town of Joboji, not a long way from Mount Iwate, the mountain whose impressive presence rules the view from Grand Seiko’s Shizukuishi Watch Studio. To make the dials, the polish is blended in with iron to give it the ebony shading that you see above and underneath. What’s more, the files and numerals are additionally created in a high quality manner. They have been developed on the dial from powdered metal utilizing the maki-e technique, which deciphers as “sprinkled picture.”

From the first occasion when I saw Grand Seiko’s new dress watch case, it struck me as a wonderful plan, and my first nature was to arrange it as a tonneau shape in the vein of certain watch cases well known during the 1970s. Yet, after looking nearer, I came to understand that my underlying impression was, all things considered, only a impression, and one that neglected to completely catch this plan. Looking beneath at the raised, cleaned bezel and the descending slanting hauls, one can see that this is an unpredictably planned case that appears to blend components of a conventional round dress watch with that of a tonneau. 

One of the reactions here and there made of Grand Seiko mechanical watches, even those charged as dressy, is that they are somewhat thick comparative with their distance across. I end up claiming another watch in the Grand Seiko Elegance Collection, the 39.5mm x 13.7mm SBGM221, and I concur that this analysis seems to hold some water. I’ve not actually discovered my watch to wear large, however. A lot despite what might be expected, I’d say that my SBGM221 has a presence that permits it to be worn as an easygoing every day driver or as a dress watch – hell, I got hitched wearing this watch, but on the other hand it’s one of only a handful few watches that I’ll regularly go after in the fall and winter, blending it with pants and a sweater. 

The watch that we’re discussing today is considerably more of an unadulterated dress watch. The SBGW262 – and besides, the entirety of the hand-wound watches that utilization the thin new case shape – give a solid reaction to the thickness scrutinize. It’s a watch that will embrace a medium-sized wrist like mine in a wonderful manner, and the shortfall of a rotor further fortifies its dependability on wrist. In the event that there was ever an unambiguously dressy Grand Seiko that directed conventional Japanese art in a manner that shows what makes Grand Seiko unique, I figure it very well may be the yellow gold SBGW262.

At the core of this reference, and noticeable through its sapphire back, is a development that we have known for quite a while. The proven 9S64 powers such exemplary Grand Seiko hand-twisted models as the SBGW231. This 9S64 comes with a sufficient 72 hours (or three days) of force save, which I believe is basic given the way that this is a watch that you will be twisting by hand. Having three days of force save implies that the SBGW262 could be a fine every day dress watch worn to the workplace, eliminated for the end of the week, and afterward brought back out on Monday morning without waiting be reset. Grand Seiko rates the cal. 9S64 as exact to inside +5/ – 3 seconds out of every day when static. Absolutely episodically, I’d bring up that I’ve encountered stunningly better execution from the Grand Seiko mechanical GMT that I own and wear consistently, just as from a portion of different models that I’ve gotten an opportunity to wear for expanded times of time.

The nonappearance of a date show additionally implies that, regardless of whether the SBGW262 is called up just for uncommon unique events, setting the time should be possible in only a couple seconds. While I think Grand Seiko is really one of absolute best with regards to insightfully coordinating a date window, commonly outlining it so that it exists agreeably among the remainder of the dial furniture, this dateless urushi enamel dial with maki-e complements benefits particularly from “going stag,” in the event that you will. 

This year points the 60th commemoration of Grand (Seiko itself is, obviously, a lot more established), and however the SBGW262 isn’t one of the authority restricted edition models delivered to check this pivotal commemoration, I think it stands apart as an engaging union of legitimate Japanese specialty and top of the line watchmaking, just as a token of exactly how far this brand has come since its 1960 founding.

The Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW262. 39mm x 11.6mm yellow gold case water impervious to 30 meters. Dark urushi veneer dial with markers and  numerals produced using raised maki-e in platinum or 24-karat gold powder. Physically twisted Grand Seiko Cal. 9S64 running at 28,800 vph (4Hz) with 72 hours of force save, evaluated to +5/ – 3 seconds when static. Dark crocodile calfskin tie with gold pin clasp. Retail cost: $30,000.

For more, visit Grand Seiko.

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