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Introducing The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection 'Slim' Hand-Wound Limited Editions

Introducing The Grand Seiko Elegance Collection ‘Slim’ Hand-Wound Limited Editions

Brisk Take

The Elegance Collection is a gathering of watches from Grand Seiko which make them thing in common – they all slant marginally dressy, with nary a GS Dive watch nor, so far as that is concerned, even a steel wristband among them. The eight watches in the current Elegance Collection incorporate both hand-wound and programmed developments, which check in at about 11.6mm thick for the hand-wound models, and a more-commonplace for-Grand-Seiko thirteen and change for the programmed models (13.10mm for SBGR261 , which is a date-and-time-just model, and somewhat thicker for GMT and Spring Drive GMT models). Excellent Seiko has recently declared the expansion of four new watches to the Elegance Collection. Two watches highlight Japanese urushi lacquer dials, which are brightened with the procedure known as maki-e, and every one of the four are additionally dispatch vehicles for the first hand-wound Grand Seiko development in quite a while. This is the type 9S63, which takes the essential plate design of the current 9S64 and adds a running little seconds at 9:00, just as a force hold sign at 3:00.

Urushi lacquerware is an old, extremely customary enlivening craftsmanship, even by Japanese norms. The procedure includes gathering the sap of the Japanese veneer tree (a types of toxic substance oak; finish laborers will in general build up some insusceptibility to the bothering oils in the sap from delayed openness) which is matured, and afterward applied in meager layers to make an assortment of structures. Finish dries to an exceptionally hard, waterproof and profoundly glossy surface and it very well may be utilized to embellish a wide scope of items, utilizing an extremely complex jargon of procedures. The particular procedure utilized for the new Elegance urushi watches is called maki-e; this is a strategy wherein gold or silver powder is utilized as an extra embellishing component (wellspring pens enhanced with maki-e lacquer are sought after among composing instrument collectors). 

At dispatch, the watches will be accessible in two rose gold maki-e dial models, and one “Mount Iwate” design dial model in steel; there will likewise be a gold model with a straightforward white dial – the last is the lone model of the four which is definitely not a restricted release. Each of the four watches have similar measurements: 39mm in breadth, and 11.6mm thick.

The two maki-e dial polish models.

Introductory Thoughts

The expanding number of restricted release watches from Grand Seiko, utilizing both mechanical and Spring Drive developments, is important for a bigger proceed onward the piece of Grand Seiko to unmistakably separate itself as a genuine extravagance item, from different kinds of watchmaking at Seiko. Fabulous Seiko declared that it would work as a different element from Seiko in 2017, and from that point forward, various new models, including extraordinary and restricted releases for explicit business sectors, have given Grand Seiko aficionados a more prominent and more noteworthy number of models to browse, compared to the moderately little choice accessible even only a couple years ago.

Gold and steel models, with applied markers. The yellow gold model will become part of the perpetual assortment and is certainly not a restricted edition.

The just worry that this has raised among the Grand Seiko fan base, is that as the decisions increment and the firm moves its picture increasingly upmarket, that sooner or later Grand Seiko will somewhat lose its allure as a company that offers an unrivaled cost incentive. Joyfully, this appears hitherto to not be the situation, and the way that quartz Grand Seiko models are as yet accessible beginning at $2,200 (and under $4,000 for mechanical automatics and Spring Drive watches) is a consoling sign to Grand Seiko aficionados just as forthcoming proprietors, that the center character of Grand Seiko remains intact.

While the gold urushi and plain dial models are testing the higher finish of the Grand Seiko value section, the steel model is under $8,000, which for the quality present, in the completion and nature of the case and hands, the hand-made make-e dial, and nature of the development, is as yet something of a deal as well. 

The Basics

Brand: Grand Seiko
Model: Elegance Collection, new “Thin” watch debut
Reference Number: SBGK002 (rose gold, red polish dial) SBGK004 (rose gold, dark finish dial) SBGK006 (yellow gold, white dial) SBGK005 (treated steel, blue enamel dial)

Diameter: 39mm
Thickness: 11.6mm
Case Material: Rose gold, yellow gold, or steel
Dials: Two in maki-e Japanese finish (rose gold) one white dial (yellow gold) and one “Mount Iwate” design dial with applied markers (steel)
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Strap/Bracelet: All provided with coordinating crocodile straps

The new hand-twisted, little seconds type 9S63.

The Movement

Caliber: Grand Seiko type 9S63
Functions: Hours, minutes, little seconds, power reserve
Power Reserve: 72 hours
Winding: Manual
Frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vph)
Jewels: 33
Additional Details: Internal control, +5/ – 3 seconds/day

Evaluating & Availability

Price: maki-e dial models in gold, $29,000; yellow gold model, $19,000; in steel with “Mount Iwate” design dial, $7,400
Limited Edition: 150 of each maki-e model, and 1,500 of the steel model. The restricted releases will be accessible in March, with the yellow gold model joining the lasting assortment in July.

For more snap here.

An prior rendition of this story erroneously depicted the dial of the steel model as urushi polish; the steel model indeed has a non-enamel dial with an example like that of the veneer models, which Grand Seiko says, was propelled by ” … Mt. Iwate, the mountain that rules the horizon over the Shizukuishi Watch Studio.”

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